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Two Cousins

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1860 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Two Cousins

Two Cousins place, based on the comments provided, has several strengths and weaknesses. This analysis will examine these aspects in detail.
Starting with the strengths, the first comment highlights the wide variety of products available at Two Cousins place. The customer expresses excitement about the extensive range of items in the store and appreciates being able to find everything they needed. This suggests that the store offers a comprehensive selection of products, catering to a diverse range of customer needs.
Another strength mentioned in a comment is the excellent customer service provided by the staff at Two Cousins place. The customer describes the cashier as patient and understanding when they faced some issues with their payment. This positive interaction demonstrates that the staff at Two Cousins place are friendly, accommodating, and willing to assist customers with any problems they encounter.
Continuing with the strengths, one comment mentions that the store is a one-stop-shop, offering a wide range of beauty supplies, from products to accessories to clothing. This indicates that Two Cousins place aims to fulfill various beauty supply needs, providing customers with convenience and a comprehensive shopping experience.
Furthermore, a customer who has been loyal for over 15 years emphasizes their satisfaction with the product prices and services at Two Cousins place. This indicates that the store consistently offers competitive pricing and maintains high-quality products. The customer's loyalty also implies that Two Cousins place has managed to establish trust and maintain customer satisfaction over a long period of time.
Moving on to the weaknesses, a comment points out that the store did not have a specific product that the customer was looking for. Although the comment notes that the store had similar items, the absence of the desired product might disappoint customers who have specific needs or preferences. This suggests that Two Cousins place may have occasional gaps in their inventory, which could limit customer choices.
Another comment highlights a negative experience at Two Cousins place. The customer describes an incident where they were repeatedly searched and required to walk through detectors even after showing their receipt. This suggests that the store has overly strict security measures, potentially creating an uncomfortable and frustrating shopping experience for customers. Such incidents can tarnish the store's reputation and discourage customers from returning.
In conclusion, Two Cousins place possesses several strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. The store's strengths include a wide variety of products, excellent customer service, being a one-stop-shop for beauty supplies, competitive pricing, and long-term customer satisfaction. However, there are also weaknesses, such as occasional gaps in inventory and overly strict security measures that can negatively impact the customer experience. Despite these weaknesses, it is evident that Two Cousins place has managed to build a loyal customer base through its strengths and can still be an appealing shopping destination for customers in the Pittsburgh area.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I live over by the airport and drove over here. They have so much! I wanted to run around the store and look at everything. I got what I needed and checked out. The guy at the register was nice and patient. In my excitement of looking at everything, I forgot to transfer money to the card I was using. He was patient as I moved it over and tried again. I'll definitely come back.
I have been a customer for over 15 years! This is a one stop shop! I'm never disappointed in product price or service! I buy all of my hair products for my children and myself here. They have every beauty supply need from products to accessories to clothing! I just love coming to this store and the staff is very kind! I recommend a visit you will not be disappointed
I went for a certain product, they didn't have it. Close but not it
Nice place for hair supplies
Best place for buying hair! My wife and step daughters get everything from there!
Excellent products, no one following you around, made shopping great
I came in to the store to purchase hair items , I pay for all my products . I leave and the sensors goes off . I was searched fro about 5 minutes when I showed them my receipt they searched my bag and had me walk through the detectors a couple of times . Worst experience ever
Friendly and Helpful. This is my favorite beauty supply in the Pittsburgh area the whole staff is ways so genuinely nice! And I love the supply of hair they have. I'll happily drive from the East End or North Side to visit them or their sister store on the Southside.

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