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Tortilla Nottingham Victoria Centre

+44 115 950 2865
Intu Victoria Centre, Nottingham NG1 3QN United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Brilliant place with traditional Mexican food! The burritos are delicious, even nachos with cheese dip were really good! This place has a fantastic vibe and atmosphere! Value for money. Very friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommended for Mexican food lovers!
Ami and Aryan are the greatest manager and team member here in this branch! I absolutely love the place, also their customer service are second to none. I feel so special over here. I would recommended for you all to come here! Great place to socialise, as well as doing your work if you need to catch up! Thank you all for looking after me always! My favourite place for burritos!!! ❤️❤️ ???? ????
Came in with one person who had a dairy allergy and they accommodated it well. La sharna spoke to the supervisor and made sure the allergen was taken care of. They had a delay on tomato rice so Amy asked if we wanted to swap the rice and wait. Usually the length of time we waited would result in bad feedback but the way they handled it deserves a 5 star.
kit and nathaniel were exceptionally helpful when ordering as i’ve never been here before. Their helpfulness made my experience here a delight. definitely will come back again.
Really friendly staff: Nathaniel, Jack and Karen.
Karen made our food. Offered us all the options, didn't mind when we wanted extras and smiled whilst explaining the options.
Jack took our payment and brought our food and drinks to the table because we couldn't carry it.
Nathaniel cleared our table once finished.
All service with a smile and although quiet, they were all busy keeping the venue clean for anyone coming in.
Delicious food too, great value for money!
Amazing service and amazing food! Very friendly staff, will definitely return!
A new experience for us and it turned out brilliantly. Great tortilla, fast, hot and tasty (like me) ????
Served by the very lovely Kit, all the staff here are super friendly and welcoming. I haven’t been in a while so Kit kindly walked me through all the veggie and vegan options as per my dietary requirements and was super helpful!

Quick Facts About Tortilla Nottingham Victoria Centre

Tortilla Nottingham Victoria Centre receives overwhelmingly positive comments, highlighting its strengths as a Mexican restaurant. The strengths can be divided into two categories: food quality and customer service.
Firstly, the comments consistently praise the food, specifically the burritos and nachos with cheese dip. Customers describe the food as delicious and mention that the tortillas are great in terms of taste and texture. This positive feedback indicates that Tortilla Nottingham Victoria Centre is successful in delivering traditional Mexican flavors and satisfying the cravings of Mexican food lovers.
In terms of customer service, the staff at Tortilla Nottingham Victoria Centre consistently receive high praise. Comments mention that the staff members are friendly, helpful, and provide excellent service. Ami and Aryan, the manager and team member respectively, receive special recognition for their outstanding customer service. Customers feel valued and special when dining at Tortilla Nottingham Victoria Centre, which creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere.
The restaurant also demonstrates exceptional flexibility and accommodation. One comment mentions that a customer with a dairy allergy was well-catered for and their allergen concerns were taken care of. This demonstrates that Tortilla Nottingham Victoria Centre is aware of and attentive to customer dietary requirements. Additionally, another comment highlights how the staff offered alternatives and handled delays efficiently and professionally. This level of customer care ensures that even in challenging situations, customers are satisfied and provided with a positive dining experience.
Moreover, the comments emphasize the friendly and welcoming nature of the staff. Names like Nathaniel, Jack, Karen, and Kit are mentioned, indicating that multiple staff members consistently provide excellent service. Customers appreciate the helpfulness of the staff, as they are willing to walk customers through the menu, explain options, and accommodate their needs. The attentive and friendly service contributes to the positive atmosphere and overall dining experience at Tortilla Nottingham Victoria Centre.
Another strength mentioned in the comments is the fantastic vibe and atmosphere of the restaurant. Customers feel comfortable and enjoy socializing in the space. Tortilla Nottingham Victoria Centre is described as a great place to relax, catch up on work, and socialize with friends. This positive atmosphere contributes to customer satisfaction and makes Tortilla Nottingham Victoria Centre a go-to place for Mexican food lovers.
Furthermore, value for money is frequently mentioned in the comments. Customers appreciate that the food at Tortilla Nottingham Victoria Centre is reasonably priced, ensuring that they receive good quality and quantity for their money. This affordability factor enhances customer satisfaction and encourages repeat visits.
While the comments overwhelmingly highlight the strengths of Tortilla Nottingham Victoria Centre, weaknesses are not explicitly mentioned. However, it is important to note that the comments represent a limited sample of customer experiences and may not cover all aspects of dining at the restaurant.
In conclusion, Tortilla Nottingham Victoria Centre excels in providing traditional Mexican food with delicious flavors. The staff consistently offer friendly and helpful customer service, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests. The accommodating nature of the restaurant, in terms of dietary restrictions and delays, contributes to a positive dining experience. Customers also appreciate the reasonable pricing, making Tortilla Nottingham Victoria Centre a great option for Mexican food lovers.

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