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Tina's Nails

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129B N Horner Blvd, Sanford, NC 27330 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Tina's Nails

Tina's Nails place seems to have several strengths based on the comments provided. One of the most notable strengths is Tina's personal and personable approach. Many comments mention her friendly and wonderful service, as well as her warm and welcoming atmosphere. This personal touch helps create a positive and enjoyable experience for customers, making them feel valued and important.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is Tina's skill and talent as a nail artist. Multiple comments praise her ability to create beautiful nails that meet customers' desires. She seems to be able to listen to what customers want and also provide guidance and suggestions when needed. This combination of skills results in customers leaving with nails they love.
Additionally, Tina's flexibility and accommodating nature is mentioned. Commenters appreciate her willingness to stay after closing or take walk-in customers without an appointment. This flexibility shows that Tina is willing to go above and beyond to meet her customers' needs and ensure they leave satisfied.
Furthermore, the comments reveal that Tina has built strong relationships with her customers. Many mention feeling like part of a family or developing a friendship with Tina over time. Building these connections with customers can lead to long-term loyalty and repeat business.
Finally, Tina's reputation for trustworthiness and quality is another strength. Commenters mention that they trust Tina and feel confident in her ability to consistently provide excellent results. This level of trust is important for customers who may be hesitant or unsure about trying a new nail salon.
However, there are a few potential weaknesses that can be inferred from the comments. One weakness is that Tina's popularity seems to be causing some delays and wait times. While some commenters mention being relaxed and enjoying the wait due to the atmosphere and music, others may not have the patience for long wait times. This could potentially deter potential customers who are looking for a quick and efficient nail service.
Another weakness that can be inferred is that Tina's schedule may not always be accommodating to all customers' needs. While some appreciate her walk-in availability, others may prefer to have a set appointment time to ensure they can receive the service they desire. This lack of appointment availability may be a drawback for some individuals with busy schedules or who prefer more structure.
In summary, Tina's Nails place has several notable strengths including Tina's personable approach, skill as a nail artist, flexibility, strong customer relationships, and reputation for trust and quality. However, potential weaknesses include potential wait times and limited appointment availability. Overall, the majority of the comments portray Tina's Nails as a highly recommended and beloved nail salon.

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So happy to find this place! Not only did my nails come out beautifully, exactly as I wanted, but what makes this place even more special is the owner Tina! She is so personable, kind & fun, she took her time with me and made sure I had exactly what I wanted. Friendly & wonderful service, welcoming and warm atmosphere along with the most beautiful nails, this place is a gem! I found my nail spot!
Tina is the best! I was doing my own press on tips and gel at home, but needed something fancier for a wedding. Tina’s personality and the relaxing atmosphere in the salon keeps me coming back. From the first visit, she makes sure that you feel welcomed and like part of the family. The first time I went, she was extremely busy so there was a bit of a wait, but the music she plays had me so relaxed just waiting. If you are looking to feel pampered and relaxed while talking to a friend, Tina is your girl.
First time coming and Tina stayed an hour after closing to finish my nails and did absolutely amazing. I’ve never seen a nail artist do what she does. 10/10 recommend her. I’m definitely going back. She’s beyond worth it. She did my nails for me working in a factory and can easily break. I’m in love
Had a wonderful experience today. Called in the morning to see if I could come on my lunch break and she said I could come on in, no appointment needed. She gave me the most beautiful dip manicure with almond shape nails, just like I wanted, and I was done with 15 minutes to spare in my lunch! Kind, talented, and hard working. I will be back.
Absolutely the nicest people you will ever meet! Tina was absolutely wonderful! And my nails look amazing!! They just gained a new customer! And I loved how she interacted with my 2 year old twins!!
Tina always does an amazing job! She listens to what you want but will also help you decide if you’re unsure. Both ways you’ll walk out with beautiful nails. Her walk in schedule is a huge plus! Go see her!
Still very pleased that I stumbled upon Tina's Nails last Thanksgiving. A friendship has blossomed and I couldn't be happier with my nail tech. Tina and her husband are great people and really pay attention to detail and make sure you leave the salon happy with what you pay for. 10/10.
Love love love. I’ve been going to Tina for so long now and her quality is always amazing. She has a heart of gold and leaves my nails so beautiful. The only nail salon I trust.

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