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Zydeco's Cajun Restaurant

+1 504-393-0510
7010 LA-23, Belle Chasse, LA 70037 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The boiled seafood platter is huge. It can feed 2 people easily. Crabs and shrimps are fresh. The seasoning is great but a little salty for my taste. The waitress is very friendly and attentive.
We really wanted to try their famous oyster dishes but sadly they didn't have any left after Christmas.
So on a work trip to the area and decided to stop in for a dinner. Staff were warm and welcoming - seated and our server stopped in to get a drink and appetizer order... Had unsweet tea and got the fried pickles. For the rest ordered a cup of gumbo and the catfish po'boy. All in all very satisfied and thanks to Hailey for the service!
First time visiting Louisiana, and this is my first restaurant. My partnered ordered the Dungeoness crab platter and I ordered the Soft shell platter. First time eating soft shell and I enjoyed it, it’s flavorful and crunchy and the fries and salad were good as well. The Dungeoness crab was not spicy and the flavor was very subtle, the flavoring could be better in my opinion but it’s still enjoyable nonetheless . That platter is huge and very filling, easily can feed two people. Would come again next time I visit.
Excellent!!! Zydeco is a unique place to go over the bridge in new Orleans. The seafood pasta was the bomb. The bayou rolls and fried crawfish was awesome. This is a must go to place in new Orleans
During our vacation we visited 4 seafood restaurants to find out if there were any differences in Crawfish. This was our fourth we visit.
All 4 restaurants are set up pretty much the same way.
And here we have the winner of our Crawfish Challenge!
Zydeco serves great crawfish with good customer service.
We liked it here so much that we stayed here several times during our vacation.
The Crawfish have a good spice level and are easy to peel.
I also had oysters here and they were the best I've had so far.
Our ranking is
1. Zydeco
2. Salvo
3 Cajun Daiquiri & Cafe
4. Big EZ seafood
Excellent service, excellent neighborhood restaurant. Good people enjoying good seafood. Just ordered a pound each of the shrimp and crawfish. Love the seasoning, right amount of heat.
The food is always good, love the 3 seafood pasta, delicious. ???? I had it again, my husband had the softshell crab and the pasta pontchatrain, my son had the bourbon street salmon.
I haven’t been to this restaurant in over two years but, I was very disappointed in my recent order. I ordered the bayou balls and was shocked at the size of them. They were literally the width of one finger or almost the width of French fries. My prior experiences were good but, yesterday was completely different.

Quick Facts About Zydeco's Cajun Restaurant

Zydeco's Cajun Restaurant has several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, one customer mentions that the boiled seafood platter is huge and can easily feed two people. This demonstrates that the portion sizes at Zydeco's are generous, offering value for money. Additionally, the freshness of the crabs and shrimps is praised, indicating that Zydeco's sources high-quality seafood. Another customer appreciates the friendly and attentive service from the waitress, highlighting the restaurant's strong customer service.
Furthermore, Zydeco's is known for its oyster dishes, which attract customers. Although there was a comment stating that the restaurant ran out of oysters on one occasion, this suggests that the oyster dishes are in high demand and highly regarded by customers.
The positive comments also emphasize the delicious flavors of the food at Zydeco's. The seasoning is praised, indicating that the dishes are well-spiced and flavorful. A customer mentions loving the spice level of the crawfish and commends the restaurant for its excellent seasoning. This positive feedback supports the restaurant's strength in delivering flavorful and well-seasoned dishes.
Zydeco's also receives compliments for its unique and enjoyable dining experience. One customer describes the restaurant as a "unique place to go over the bridge in New Orleans." This indicates that Zydeco's offers a distinct atmosphere or ambiance that sets it apart from other restaurants. Additionally, another customer describes the seafood pasta as "the bomb," suggesting that Zydeco's successfully delivers dishes that stand out and leave a positive impression on customers.
The restaurant also performs well in the context of a crawfish challenge. One customer states that Zydeco's was the winner of their crawfish challenge, praising the quality of the crawfish and the good customer service. This shows that Zydeco's excels in terms of its crawfish offerings and maintains high standards in customer service.
Additionally, Zydeco's receives positive remarks about its neighborhood restaurant vibes and the friendly atmosphere. One customer describes it as an excellent neighborhood restaurant where good people enjoy good seafood. This suggests that Zydeco's creates a welcoming and enjoyable environment for its customers.
However, there are a few weaknesses that can be derived from the comments. One customer expresses disappointment in the size of the bayou balls, stating that they were much smaller than expected. This comment suggests that the portion sizes may not always be consistent or may occasionally fall short of expectations.
Overall, Zydeco's Cajun Restaurant has several strengths, including generous portion sizes, fresh seafood, friendly service, delicious flavors, a unique dining experience, success in a crawfish challenge, and a positive neighborhood restaurant atmosphere. While there are some potential weaknesses, such as occasional inconsistencies in portion sizes, the overall feedback suggests that Zydeco's offers a strong dining experience for seafood lovers.

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