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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

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I just got home from grabbing two ranch crispy chicken tacos and other things, the rest of the meal was great. Ate one chicken taco, great, start to eat the second one and realize that it's fish and not chicken.
I personally am not upset, but this is a huge mistake and one that could've been dangerous if I were allergic to seafood.
Do better please ????????
The tenders are pretty nasty! They’re not really MEATY, the texture is of Tyson chicken nuggets with the flavor of Burger Kings nuggets. The fries were pretty bland and not salted, but it’s alright if you eat the tenders and the fries together. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this meal. But it’s tasty if you’re really hungry.
Well I just went to this Del taco for the last time. When I asked the guy in the window for a bunch of napkins he gave me two. I feel like the service at this establishment has gone downhill. It used to be better food the service used to be better too. I just ordered a large fry they didn’t ask me if I wanted to ketchup and they didn’t give me any. I also did not receive a receipt. Honestly I really love Del tacos food but I won’t go back to this facility for at least six months. Do not buy the quesadilla taco. It’s not worth the money and they don’t really put very much cheese in the quesadilla.
Ordered to go, crunchy chicken and strawberry shake. Food is fresh and good. Consistent. Price is very good. Transient can be seen in a parking lot. Facility is not in a top shape but good customer service makes up for it.
As a worker I know it's understaffed, undercleaned, and barely running. 30 min waits for people at 2 am when their is up to 10 door dash's placed and 7 regular customers ordering 20$+. The area manager can't hire or won't hire a GM and it's always short staffed. Sad for this store but great food.
I got two chicken tacos and a veggie burrito. The chicken was so dry and salty, there wasn't any sauce that there usually is. The rice in the burrito was stale and crunchy, the beans were dry. I do not recommend.
The staff is friendly and that's the only reason I'm giving 2 instead of 1 star.
Del Taco is always our go to fast food mexican place. Haven't had a bad experience yet. Sometimes the amount of chicken in a quesadilla can vary from, wow that's alot to not near enough. Other than that the food I've ever ordered there has been perfect.
I was there yesterday around noon at the drive thru, the gal who took my order was awesome and friendly with good customer service skills. Glad to have her there!

Quick Facts About Del Taco

Del Taco is a popular fast food Mexican restaurant chain with a mix of positive and negative reviews. In order to assess its strengths and weaknesses, let's delve into the comments provided by customers.
One strength that consistently emerges is the taste and quality of the food. Several customers mentioned that they enjoyed their meals and found the food to be fresh and good. This indicates that Del Taco has a strong kitchen team that focuses on keeping the food consistent and tasty. Another positive aspect highlighted was the affordable price. Customers appreciate the value for money they receive at Del Taco, making it a great option for those who are on a budget.
However, there were also numerous weaknesses mentioned by customers. One common complaint was regarding wrong orders. For example, one customer mentioned receiving a fish taco instead of a chicken taco. This mistake could have been potentially dangerous if the customer had a seafood allergy. This highlights a weakness in quality control and attention to detail, which is crucial in the food industry to prevent any health hazards.
Another weakness raised repeatedly was the poor customer service. Complaints included instances where staff were unresponsive or inattentive to customer needs. Some customers mentioned not receiving enough napkins or ketchup, indicating a lack of attention to customer requests. Additionally, a lapse in communication was observed when a customer was not asked if they wanted ketchup with their fries. These issues collectively suggest a decline in the overall service quality at the establishment.
Hygiene and cleanliness were also concerns raised by several customers. One comment described the place as understaffed, undercleaned, and barely running. Insufficient staff seemed to lead to long waiting times, which can be frustrating for customers. Maintaining cleanliness and providing prompt service are crucial factors in ensuring customer satisfaction, and Del Taco seems to be falling short in these aspects.
In terms of the food, there were mixed reviews. Some customers enjoyed the taste and quality, while others found certain items to be lacking. One customer mentioned that the tenders were not meaty and had a texture similar to chicken nuggets from other fast food chains. Similarly, another customer found the chicken to be dry and salty with no accompanying sauce. Inconsistency in food quality can be a weakness as it fails to meet customer expectations consistently.
On the positive side, some customers appreciated the friendly staff they encountered at Del Taco. These instances of good customer service, such as the gal who took the order at the drive-thru and provided friendly and efficient service, indicate that there are still employees who prioritize customer satisfaction. Friendly and attentive staff can enhance the overall dining experience and give customers a reason to return.
In conclusion, Del Taco has strengths in terms of taste and affordability, but falls short in areas such as quality control, customer service, and cleanliness. Addressing these weaknesses will be crucial to retaining customers and improving the overall dining experience at Del Taco.

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