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Tiger Wok

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1 Bridgnorth Rd, Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 8AA United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Tiger Wok

Tiger Wok restaurant has many strengths that are evident in the comments provided. One of the main strengths is the authentic Chinese food that they offer. Multiple commenters mention that the food was amazing, fresh, and tasty. The meat is described as tender and the fried rice is said to be freshly made. This indicates that the quality of the food is high and consistently good.
In addition to the food, the owner of Tiger Wok is praised for his excellent customer service skills. He is described as a lovely, hospitable man who goes above and beyond to make his customers feel welcome and satisfied. He is willing to fulfill special requests, as shown by setting up candles and plaques about love for a couple celebrating their anniversary. This personal touch adds to the overall dining experience and creates a positive impression of the restaurant.
The restaurant itself is also mentioned as a strength. It is described as a quiet and quaint place with lovely Chinese decorations. This ambiance adds to the overall experience and creates a pleasant atmosphere for dining. The owner's personality is also highlighted, with commenters mentioning his humor and character. This adds to the uniqueness and charm of Tiger Wok.
Another strength mentioned is the restaurant's friendliness and accommodation of dietary preferences. One commenter mentions that Tiger Wok is a great place for vegans and vegetarians, indicating that they offer options for those with specific dietary needs. This inclusivity adds to the restaurant's appeal and shows that they can cater to a variety of customers.
Despite these strengths, there are also a couple of weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One commenter mentions that the restaurant was cold inside. While this is a minor issue, it can still impact the overall dining experience and make customers uncomfortable. However, this issue is quickly overlooked by the complimentary bags of Chinese green tea, which shows that the restaurant tries to compensate for any shortcomings.
The most significant weakness mentioned in the comments is an incident involving ants in the food. While this incident occurred three years ago, it is still worth noting as it reflects a lapse in food quality and hygiene standards. The restaurant did not handle the situation appropriately, as the plate was taken into the kitchen without apology and the customer was charged for the meal. This incident shows a lack of professionalism and may have impacted the customer's trust and confidence in the restaurant.
Overall, Tiger Wok has strong points such as the delicious food, excellent customer service, and cozy ambiance. However, they also have weaknesses in terms of temperature control and addressing customer complaints. It is important for the restaurant to address these weaknesses to ensure that they continue to provide a positive dining experience for their customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Found this place through trip advisor looking for an authentic Chinese restaurant and by the reviews that had been made decided to go. The restaurant itself is a quiet and quaint place full of lovely chinese decorations. The owner is a lovely hospitable man who clearly shows that no request is too much. We called in advance to book the table and he had set up candles and plaques about love which was a lovely touch. The food was absolutely amazing, meat was so tender, and the fried rice was freshly done and tasty. We will definitely be ordering from here from now on, if not visiting more and recommending to everyone to visit for an experience
Steve is a wonderful gentleman, you can tell just how passionate about his resteraunt he is as it shows through his amazing customer service skills and delicious food.
Everything is always so fresh. So tasty. Spot on! We wouldn't go anywhere else, Tiger wok it's a 10/10 from us :)
Very friendly. Excellent food. Only thing I can moan about is that it was cold inside. That was soon over looked by the free 20 bags of Chinese green tea.
I will recommend this lovely place of great food and love to all my friends.
Great place for vegans and vegetarians too
Tiger wok is a food gem at your doorstep. Quirky, cozy and with an excellent menu, I'm only reserving the fifth star for my next visit (I'm all up to become a regular!) and because my Pad Thai was a bit overcooked for my taste.
UPDATE: on my second and last visit, 3 years ago, there were ants in my food. I told the waiter, not wanting to make a scene. He took the plate into the kitchen, without apologizing or anything. AND THEY CHARGED ME FOR IT! Sorry but never again. I guess it was a short spell.
Hats off to the owners. So friendly and honest. The service was really good and very personal. We celebrated our wedding anniversary and they personalised it just for us. The food was very fresh and tasty. I would rather pay more for this service than a standard takeaway. Will defo return. Thanks again....Sunny
Nice guy great food and a family run buisness the wife and son do a good job in the kitchen they do there best to please we have been there regular now and every time had great service and been entertained by Steve and his humour we have notice someone that gave him a negative report after his meal which we found hard to be leave that in 15 years years of serving Wolverhampton people and having a good reputation all I can say to that you always have one that finds fault it would be nice to be perfect but may be he had a bad day . From our foursome that are pleased and use you keep up the good work and we will keep giving you are support . Cheers from us all ????
Steve the owner is absolutely nuts, but a great host, chef and such a character. Food has always been customised to my tastes, and he remembers me by name every time, even when calling. Would recommend takeaway, as it is a little cramped in the restaurant.
Lovely food. Nice that food not too salty. Owner and place is quirky. Been more than once and would go back. Had take aways from there also.

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