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Riverdale Shopping Center

4027 Riverdale Rd, Ogden, UT 84405 United States of America
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  • In-store shopping
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

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My husband took me here for my Birthday the service was amazing! Definitely call ahead and make a reservation! I love the neverending pasta! Be aware of the fine print! Meat is an additional 4.99! If you sign up for your Birthday you can get a FREE dessert!
Had a great time at Petco. Easily found the things that I came for. They have a reasonable variety at several price points, helpful employees and generally a clean store. This Ogden location is particularly fun & comfortable to shop in. I even adopted my pet from here ????
Only came here once on my way back from the airport. I liked it. No complaints, but I ahvent experienced much of it.
I liked all the places here it's good atmosphere to shop in and it keeps you warm from the outside air
I love shopping here they have lots of great businesses on site. Really a great place to shop for a variety of different things.
Place was good. Didn't have plastic folders so we will order them. Commerce is still trying to recoup after COVID 19.
Difficult to get through. Whoever planned this place, really didn't get a good education, nor has any common sense. I feel bad for any elderly that go into this shopping area. It confuses a person. The main roads are extremely busy, constantly, thus, makes it difficult to get in & out.
The layout is SO bad, tight, and chaotic.
Need more clothing options but I'm hard to shop for due to my height

Quick Facts About Riverdale Shopping Center

Riverdale Shopping Center, located in Ogden, has a mixture of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One of the strengths highlighted by the comments is the excellent service at the shopping center. One visitor mentioned that the service was amazing when celebrating her birthday, and another appreciated the helpful employees at Petco. Good customer service is crucial for a positive shopping experience, as it ensures customers feel valued and supported.
Another strength is the variety of businesses available at the shopping center. Several comments mentioned the diverse range of shops and the opportunity to shop for a variety of different things. This appeals to different customer preferences and needs, making it a destination for a wide range of shoppers.
The clean and comfortable environment of the shopping center is also seen as a strength. The comment about the Petco location being fun and comfortable to shop in indicates that the overall atmosphere of the center is pleasant and enjoyable. This can enhance the overall shopping experience and encourage customers to spend more time exploring the different businesses within the center.
Despite these strengths, there are some weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One weakness is the confusion and difficulty navigating through the shopping center. One commenter felt that the layout of the center was poorly planned, making it tight, chaotic, and difficult to navigate, especially for elderly individuals. This can lead to frustration and potentially deter certain customers from returning to the shopping center.
Another weakness mentioned is the limited clothing options. One customer expressed a desire for more clothing options, particularly for individuals with specific needs such as height. This indicates that the shopping center may not cater to the preferences and requirements of all customers, potentially limiting its appeal to certain demographics.
Additionally, the comment about the commerce of the shopping center still trying to recoup after COVID-19 highlights a weakness in terms of the impact of the pandemic. Many businesses have been adversely affected by the pandemic, and it appears that the shopping center is still facing challenges in recovering from this impact. This can impact the overall vitality and attractiveness of the center.
In summary, Riverdale Shopping Center in Ogden has strengths such as excellent service, a variety of businesses, and a clean and comfortable environment. However, there are weaknesses in terms of confusing layout, limited clothing options, and the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. By addressing these weaknesses, the shopping center has the potential to improve the overall shopping experience for customers and attract a wider range of shoppers.

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