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The Sports Barber is a barber shop that receives mixed reviews from customers. While many people appreciate the friendly atmosphere, reasonable prices, and short wait times, there are also several complaints about the quality of the haircuts provided, particularly when the owner is the one cutting the hair. To fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of The Sports Barber, let's examine these comments in more detail.
One common positive aspect mentioned by customers is the friendly nature of the staff. Many people appreciate the good customer service and the welcoming atmosphere of the shop. The fact that the barbers are friendly and fast is a strength, particularly for those who have young children. One customer specifically mentioned that Mike, one of the barbers, is amazing with children and provides a great haircut for their 5-year-old son. This shows that The Sports Barber is capable of catering to different age groups and providing a positive customer experience.
Another positive aspect is the pricing. Several customers mention that the prices at The Sports Barber are good, indicating that they offer reasonable rates for their services. This is an important strength, as affordability is a key factor for many customers when choosing a barber shop.
Short wait times are also mentioned as a positive attribute of The Sports Barber. Customers appreciate the fact that they can usually get a haircut without having to wait for too long. This is another strength, as it demonstrates efficiency and effective time management by the barbers.
However, there are several weaknesses that have been mentioned by customers, particularly related to the inconsistency in the quality of haircuts provided. One customer wanted a flat top haircut but ended up with a "rumble strip" style instead. They expressed disappointment and mentioned that the owner is consistently responsible for messing up their hair. Another customer mentioned that they had two poorly done haircuts at The Sports Barber, with one side of their hair cut further down than the other. These instances show a lack of consistency and attention to detail in the work of the barbers at the shop. This inconsistency is a significant weakness, as customers expect quality results when they pay for a haircut.
Furthermore, the fact that a customer called multiple times to confirm their ability to get a haircut and arrived before closing time, only to be turned away because the barber was done after the current customer, is another weakness. This indicates a lack of communication and possibly poor time management on the part of the staff. It can be frustrating for customers who make an effort to schedule their appointments and ensure they will be accommodated.
On a more positive note, some customers mention specific barbers who consistently provide good haircuts. One customer mentions that Mike has been cutting their son's hair for four years and does a great job. This highlights the talent and skill of certain individual barbers at The Sports Barber, indicating that some of the staff members are indeed capable of delivering satisfactory results.
Additionally, there is mention of the shop's involvement in the community and supporting war heroes. This community involvement can be seen as a strength, as it helps to build a positive reputation and further endears the shop to its customers.
In conclusion, The Sports Barber has a friendly atmosphere, affordable prices, and short wait times, which are all positive attributes. However, there are consistent complaints about the quality of the haircuts provided, particularly when the owner is the one cutting the hair. Inconsistency, lack of attention to detail, and poor time management are significant weaknesses of the shop highlighted by customers. The positive reputation of specific barbers and the shop's community involvement demonstrate that there are talented individuals working at The Sports Barber. Overall, the shop has some strengths but needs improvement in terms of consistency and customer satisfaction.

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People are nice, price is good, and there usually isn’t a wait. That being said I want in for a flat top and got a rumble strip. I’ll be the first one to admit it’s not an easy hair cut, I knew it wasn’t good when I was only in the chair for 10 minutes.
The lady is pretty good at cutting hair but owner just messes me up every time. It’s such a disappointment, and really saddens me that the lady always is cutting hair when I arrive and the guy isn’t because he’s dog water at cutting hair
My son is 5 , Mike does amazing with him and hes really fast ,and friendly !
Took my 5 year old son here an he made him look AMAZING . We will most definitely be going back
I went there once and was cut by the woman who works there and was very unhappy. Giving the place the benefit of the doubt I went in again this week. This time like cut my hair. It was very rushed and my face was horrible! Every line can be seen amd one side comes further down my head than the other. This being said I will not be back in here as 2 of 2 haircuts were poorly done. If your not comfortable with what I ask just tell me and I will go elsewhere!
Great place to get your haircut. Been going to the sports barber for over 5 years. This place pretty much brought the straight razor fade to zanesville. The hot towel feels great. It also doesn't hurt having a war hero cutting your hair either. This place also gives back to the community. It's why I choose to support it.
Mike has been cutting my son's hair for 4 years now. He is 6. At 2, Mike is the only one he'd sit still for. My son loves Mike and he does a great job.
I called multiple times to make sure I could get in. Asked when they close as they are posted to be open 10-6. Was told better get here before 5. Leave work early to make it. Walk in at at 440pm get told sorry I'm done after this guy. Was excited, but will have to wait until I can actually get a haircut to review properly.



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  • Identifies as veteran-owned
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