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Harvester, Alma Park

+44 1246 540518
Alma Leisure Park, Derby Rd, Chesterfield S40 2EZ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 10:00 PM


Service options
  • Delivery
  • Drive-through
  • Takeaway
  • Dine-in
Health and safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Beer
  • Wine
Dining options
  • Dessert
  • Good for kids
  • Casual
  • Groups
  • Accepts reservations

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The food we ordered was Bird, Surf and Turf and Ultimate Mixed Grill (both medium rare).
The salad was dishes out as per our requests as it wasn't self service. Some other guests were not following government guidelines and were even trying to collect their own salad.
The food was cooked perfectly (thanks Lewis) and came out quickly.
Fern was our waitress and she was very efficient and lovely. She really went the extra mile hence the tip.
I would definitely recommend.
Excellent service from start to finish from Fern! Friendly, polite and nothing was too much trouble. The food was fantastic. Chicken skewers and a classic burger, all piping hot and delicious. Great to see the salad bar back. Will be recommending to everyone!!! Steven
Starters and dessert were delicious. I had a burger which was full of gristle, but my partner had a skewer which was great. Servers were not attentive and we waited a while for the bill.
First visit in a while, made even better with a 50% off main meals voucher. Food was delicious, I had the no chick stack and my son the double Blue burger. It came very quickly. The salad bar is not self serve again yet but the staff member was very nice. The little bread roll was not very soft. Not sure if they were all like that or I was unlucky, this didn't make any difference to my enjoyment though. Everywhere felt clean and welcoming. My only criticism is that the outside feels a bit tired and worn. However it is early March so not a lot available to brighten the place up. All of the staff were welcoming and friendly so left a decent tip.. X
Had a lovely experience at Harvester Alma. The staff are very friendly and the food is just as good. I had brisket and mashed potato and it was devine. We also had the rocky horror sundae which was to die for. For the time we visited it wasn't too busy (5:00pm Thursday) however it started to get busy later on at about 6:00/6:30
Lovely place they was around 16 of us as we came for my sons 3rd birthday this was back in April forgot to write on here aswell as the Facebook page and can't thank the place enough food was amazing and our waiter unfortunately didn't get his name young lad dark hair did a incredible job with us all went above and beyond thank you so much for a fab time will definitely be back ????????????????????
Orders all mixed up. No roast chicken. Asked for ultimate mixed grill but due to new menu there is an ultimate combo. All bbq stuff. They brought me that out instead. Also they had added another dirty Burger and they got that mixed up also bringing out the chicken one. The combo bbq was as dry as anything and the pulled pork was dried out and hardly anything of it. Totally rubbish and definitely not worth the 23 quid for it. Just double check your order. Again reading other reviews staff don't listen. Waited an hour also. Fair enough it was an offer day so busy but if I had turned up an hour late I wouldn't have got my seat. Also table next to us ordered food and was told some items not available. Moved to the area not long ago so change of harvester for me. Won't be returning to this one that's for sure
Absolutely freezing cold... Sat at the table trying to eat in my hat and coat. Told a member of staff and he agreed how cold it was. That was it. The food is greasy form the grill that clearly needs a desperate clean. Wouldn't return here at all. I had to clean my gammon with my napkin before I could attempt to eat it, took my daughters food away from her as so she couldn't eat it (kids menu) as again... Covered in dirty grill grease. Not impressed one bit. Waitress table checked us and left before I could finish my sentence... Please avoid if you want to stay healthy. Either the pneumonia or the dirty food will take its toll.
Edit... Not even an apology from staff when plates were collected.... Customer service 101 guys.....

Quick Facts About Harvester, Alma Park

The Harvester Alma Park Place seems to have a mix of positive and negative comments, providing a balanced view of its strengths and weaknesses. To summarize, the strengths of Harvester Alma Park Place are:
1. Efficient and friendly staff: Multiple comments appreciate the excellent service provided by the staff, particularly mentioning Fern, who went above and beyond for the customers. This indicates that the staff is attentive, polite, and provides a pleasant dining experience.
2. Delicious food: Several customers praise the taste and quality of the food, mentioning specific dishes like the Bird, Surf and Turf, Ultimate Mixed Grill, Chicken Skewers, Classic Burger, Brisket, and Mashed Potato. The positive feedback suggests that the menu offers a variety of flavorful options that are well-prepared.
3. Quick service: Customers express satisfaction with the speed at which their food was served. They mention that their orders were cooked perfectly and came out quickly, indicating efficient kitchen operations and minimal waiting time.
4. Clean and welcoming environment: Several comments mention that the restaurant felt clean and welcoming, providing a comfortable dining atmosphere. This suggests that Harvester Alma Park Place maintains good hygiene standards, ensuring a pleasant environment for customers.
5. Salad bar: One customer is happy to see the salad bar back, indicating that Harvester Alma Park Place offers a self-service salad option. This could be a positive aspect for customers who prefer a wider range of salad options or like to customize their salads.
Now, let's turn to the weaknesses of Harvester Alma Park Place:
1. Inattentive servers: Some customers mention that the servers were not attentive and that they had to wait for the bill. This indicates a lack of promptness and attentiveness, which could potentially lead to a decline in overall service quality.
2. Mixed up orders: Some customers complain that their orders were mixed up, leading to disappointment and dissatisfaction. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and accuracy in taking and delivering orders, resulting in a negative dining experience.
3. Cold temperature and cleanliness issues: One customer complains about the restaurant being extremely cold and the grill being dirty, resulting in greasy and unclean food. This highlights a lack of attention to cleanliness and maintenance, which can negatively impact the overall dining experience and customer health.
4. Limited availability and menu confusion: One customer mentions that some items were not available and there was confusion about the menu. This suggests a lack of proper communication between the staff and customers, potentially leading to disappointment and frustration.
5. Tired and worn outside appearance: One customer comments that the outside of the restaurant feels tired and worn, suggesting a lack of maintenance and aesthetic appeal. This may affect the overall perception of the restaurant and its ability to attract customers.
In conclusion, while Harvester Alma Park Place has strengths such as friendly staff, delicious food, quick service, a clean environment, and the return of the salad bar, it also has weaknesses related to inattentive servers, mixed up orders, cleanliness issues, limited availability, and a tired outside appearance. These weaknesses should be addressed to ensure consistency in providing a positive dining experience for all customers.

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