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The Plaice To Eat

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1 Farndale Square, Redcar TS10 5HQ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About The Plaice To Eat

The Plaice To Eat place has several strengths based on the comments above. Firstly, many customers praise the quality of the food, particularly the fish and chips. It is described as "good quality" and "amazing," with one customer even rating it as "1000/10." The positive feedback indicates that the food is tasty and enjoyable to eat.
Another strength mentioned by multiple customers is the friendly staff. The girls behind the counter are always described as friendly, and the owner is said to keep a close eye on the food to ensure it is right. The friendly and attentive service helps to enhance the restaurant's reputation and creates a positive dining experience for customers.
Delivery service is another area of strength for The Plaice To Eat place. Customers commend the speed of the deliveries, with one comment even suggesting that the owner must "run into himself" on the way back due to the quickness. Reliable and fast delivery service is crucial for customer satisfaction, as it allows customers to enjoy their meal conveniently in the comfort of their own home.
Additionally, the affordable prices of the food are mentioned as a positive aspect of The Plaice To Eat place. One customer mentions that they had a full meal for less than a fiver, indicating that the prices are reasonable and offer value for money. Affordable prices can attract a larger customer base and ensure that the restaurant remains competitive within the local area.
However, there are also weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One customer mentions that the batter lacked crispness and was "quite sad." This feedback suggests that the consistency of the batter may be inconsistent, which could negatively impact the overall quality of the food. While this comment may only represent one customer's opinion, it is still important to address and improve upon any weaknesses in the food.
Another weakness mentioned is the limited capacity of the restaurant, with only two people allowed inside at a time. While this may not be a problem for some customers, it could potentially inconvenience others who prefer to dine in or have a larger group. To mitigate this weakness, it is suggested to phone in orders or offer delivery options for a wider range of customers.
Despite these weaknesses, The Plaice To Eat place still receives mostly positive feedback. Many customers highlight the friendly staff, good quality food, and affordable prices as reasons to return and recommend the restaurant. By addressing the weaknesses mentioned, such as improving the consistency of the batter and considering options to accommodate more customers, The Plaice To Eat place has the potential to further enhance its reputation as the best chippy in the area.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Had my tea from here not long ago (corned beef pattie, chips & a pineapple ring) and got to say it's my new favourite chippy, everything was really tasty and all for a great price (less than a fiver).
Best Chippy in the area. Girls behind counter always friendly, The owner keeps a very close eye to make sure the food is right, this feeds back and enhances his reputation, which is a good one. Deliveries are always quick, so quick I think he must run into himself on his way back some days.
Good quality fish and chips friendly staff
absolutely amazing, staff is friendly, food is amazing.
Been ordering from here for ages. 1000/10.
Not great but OK, batter lacked crispness and was quite sad. Mushy peas were good though.
A really friendly, customer focussed little traditional local chippy. Staff are lovely, good quality food at decent prices. The chips are really some of the best I ever had - just the way I like them.
Lovely fish n chips and patties oh and curry sauce, only 2 in the shop at one time.....why not phone your order in and collect or they do deliver....

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