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The Hundred Acres

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Hart Pl, Bicester OX26 4FR United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About The Hundred Acres

The Hundred Acres Place, a local estate pub, has undergone a facelift under new management and is striving to attract families and become a community hub. The strengths and weaknesses of the pub can be analyzed based on the comments provided.
1. Location: Being tucked away in the estate adjacent to the local shopping hub can be seen as a strength. It provides easy access for local residents and those living or working in the vicinity. The proximity to the shopping hub can be beneficial in attracting customers who might be looking for a drink or place to relax after a long day of shopping.
2. Friendly Staff: Multiple comments highlight the friendliness and politeness of the staff. This is a strength as it can enhance the customer experience and create a welcoming atmosphere. Friendly staff can also help in building a sense of community and loyalty among customers.
3. Dog-friendly: The pub allows dogs, which is appreciated by dog owners in the area. This can be a unique selling point and attract customers who prefer to bring their furry friends along.
4. Flexibility with food: Although the pub doesn't serve food, it allows customers to bring their own food to enjoy while drinking. This flexibility can be seen as a strength, as it caters to the diverse needs and preferences of customers. It also creates an opportunity for customers to try food from nearby establishments, such as the BBQ van and the Chinese restaurant opposite the pub.
5. Price: The comments suggest that the prices at The Hundred Acres Place are reasonable. This can be seen as an advantage, as affordable prices can attract customers and encourage repeat visits.
6. Transformation under new management: The comments indicate that the pub has improved since its new management took over. The facelift and the efforts to make the pub clean and family-friendly are positive changes. This transformation will likely attract new customers and improve the overall reputation of the pub.
1. Limited food options: Although customers are allowed to bring their own food, the absence of an in-house food menu can be viewed as a weakness. This may deter customers who prefer to have a meal while enjoying a drink.
2. Lack of variety: The comments do not mention any specific range of drinks or variety in the pub's offerings. This could be a potential weakness when trying to cater to a diverse customer base with different preferences.
3. Focus on drinkers: The comment, "a place for drinkers," suggests that The Hundred Acres Place may be predominantly catering to those seeking alcohol. While this can be advantageous in attracting a specific customer base, it may limit the appeal of the pub to those looking for alternative social experiences, such as dining or entertainment options.
4. Ambiguity regarding future plans: One comment mentions the possibility of getting a bite to eat in the future, but there is no clarity on the pub's plans or timeline for introducing food. This lack of direction may create uncertainty among potential customers and limit their enthusiasm.
5. Mixed reviews: While most comments are generally positive, some mention that the pub is not the best around. This suggests that there may still be room for improvement in terms of overall quality or offerings. The pub may need to address any specific shortcomings highlighted in these mixed reviews.
In summary, The Hundred Acres Place has its strengths in terms of location, friendly staff, dog-friendliness, flexibility with food, reasonable prices, and the ongoing transformation under new management. However, it also has weaknesses in terms of limited food options, lack of variety, the focus on drinkers, ambiguity regarding future plans, and some mixed reviews. Addressing these weaknesses and building on their strengths can help The Hundred Acres Place to establish itself as a successful community pub.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Estate pub tucked away in the estate adjacent to the local shopping hub. Recently taken over and given a much needed facelift. Busy at times and is a place for drinkers. Called in and had a pint. Staff were friendly and was able to grab a table. Got the impression it was mostly local people in there after a long day at work.
Under new management better, trying to get family's in as u can c even dogs that r behave , go along and try
Excellent Pub, staff are very friendly and polite.
Really friendly local pub. Dog friendly which is great for me. Doesn't serve food but they are happy for you to bring food in and eat there whilst you are drinking which is great. Prices were good too. Definitely going back.
Liz, the new landlady is doing a brilliant job of making the pub a good, clean, family venue. Drinks are a reasonable price and although there is no food available, there is a bbq van next to the pub and the Chinese opposite. Who knows perhaps in the future we may be able to get a bite to eat. She makes children welcome as well. Being a local, Liz is (in my opinion) the perfect person to turn a once bad news pub into a place the locals can be proud of.
Not the best pub around but certainly much better than it used to be liz ( I think the lady’s name is?) is doing a good job and in time will certainly change the pub around. The food is amazing.
Brilliant place excellant service with a smile would recommend it to anyone food is great to

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  • Fast service
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