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The Buddy Cup

Proirswood Shopping Centre, Unit 8, Clonshaugh Ave, Clonshagh, Dublin 17 Ireland
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 03:00 PM

Quick Facts About The Buddy Cup

The Buddy Cup place has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Let's analyze them in detail.
Starting with the strengths, one recurring positive aspect mentioned by multiple commenters is the quality of the coffee. Several individuals praised the taste and flavor of the coffee, specifically mentioning the hot chocolate as well. This indicates that The Buddy Cup offers a delicious and enjoyable coffee experience for its customers.
Furthermore, the staff is consistently praised for being efficient, friendly, and pleasant. This is an important factor as it contributes to the overall customer experience. The positive feedback on the head barista suggests that there is knowledgeable and helpful staff present who can guide customers in choosing different types of coffee.
Another strength of The Buddy Cup is the variety of treats available. Customers mentioned cookies and other snacks that are delicious and enjoyable. The fact that the hot chocolate theme changes weekly also adds an element of excitement and novelty for customers.
Additionally, it is worth noting that some commenters appreciate the owner's effort in opening the business during challenging times. This indicates resilience and dedication, which can be seen as a strength for the establishment.
Moving on to the weaknesses, the most significant one is the issue of hygiene and cleanliness. One commenter specifically mentioned the filthy steam wand on the coffee machine, which is a cause for concern. If proper hygiene and cleanliness standards are not maintained, it raises doubts about the overall sanitation of the place. This cleanliness issue may negatively impact the reputation and trustworthiness of The Buddy Cup.
Another criticism relates to the quality of the food. One customer mentioned that the lotus hot chocolate had bits floating in it that made it undrinkable. This suggests that there might be issues with the preparation and presentation of the drinks. Additionally, the cookie trays being stone cold and tough indicates a lack of attention to detail and proper serving standards. Providing cutlery for customers to eat their treats would also be expected, and the absence of this is seen as a negative.
One commenter raised concerns about the owner's credibility and authenticity. They expressed doubt about the quality of the coffee and accused the owner of using used coffee grounds as a tanning product. These allegations, although subjective and unsubstantiated, can still influence potential customers and cast doubt on the product and the establishment.
Finally, there is a divisive comment regarding mask-wearing and COVID-19 precautions. While one person defends the lack of mask-wearing, there may be customers who value a safe and compliant environment. The lack of consistent rules or enforcement of mask-wearing protocols may deter some individuals who prioritize health and safety.
In conclusion, The Buddy Cup place has strengths in terms of the quality of coffee, friendly staff, and a variety of treats. However, it also has weaknesses, specifically related to hygiene and cleanliness, food quality, and concerns regarding the owner's credibility. The absence of consistent COVID-19 precautions could also be seen as a weakness for those who prioritize health and safety. These weaknesses need to be addressed in order to improve the overall customer experience and maintain a positive reputation.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Came a long distance to try this buddy cup. Coming from a fellow barista I immediately wouldn’t allow myself or my boyfriend to drink a coffee from here. The hygiene and cleanliness was disgraceful. The steam wand on the coffee machine was filthy, it was completely brown.. I was honestly shocked. The dirt of the container from what I could see from where I was standing was just awful. There’s definitely no health and safety standards here. I’m absolutely gutted because I tried the buddy cup in the Ilac and I loved it. Very disappointed!
Blonde girl northside made me such a nice coffee I worked as barista like everyone else in the reviews and was lovely ty
Could not recommend enough, really nice coffee, hot chocolate and treats of course. Staff are really nice in the busiest of times. Head barista is really pleasant and helpful in recommending different types of coffee. Seeing Conor come down to the children and young people's level when serving them is lovely. All round nothing but good experiences.
Have been here a couple of times since it opened, staff are very efficient and friendly. Hot chocolate tastes amazing, my daughter loves the fact there is a different hot chocolate theme each week. Cookies are so tasty too.
Got the lotus hot chocolate ,the bits that float around in it made it undrinkable, every mouthful had a load of soggy biscuit would have been better without the added biscuit to the milk before frothed.The cookie trays were stone cold and were extremely tough, no cutlery was given to eat it. You had to use your hands in which it was too messy to do as they are topped with Sauce. Not great overall and not worth the hype.
Highly recommend! Gorgeous coffees / gorgeous snacks ,
don't listen to the negative comments posted by other on reviews, 100s of people of everyday "the buddy cup" is open plus most returning customers.. negative comments by people who probably never even being there..
fair play to owner opening in these though times. Will definitely be back.
I can’t give a Minus Star review but if I could I certainly would . The Coffee is like sewer water I think the owner keeps the used grounds as a tanning product don’t be influenced by the social media aspect the lad would eat a flip flop and tell you it’s amazing avoid at all costs save your money on a Genuine Irish Business
Such nice coffee and treats! Very friendly staff, no one cares about masks it’s been 7897188 years if you want to wear one ok if I don’t it’s my choice so stay away if you’re that scared, I think people hate how ‘disobedient’ others are by not wearing a mask cos if they were so afraid they’d stay at home lol :) you getting a coffee is not essential so there’s no need for u to be there if you’re that afraid Of a 99.7% survival rate flu lol :) its outdoors aswell so please get over it if you think a mask is saving your life????

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Service options
  • Drive-through
  • Takeaway
  • Dine-in
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Coffee
  • Good for kids
  • Casual
  • Cosy


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Monday 08:00 AM - 03:00 PM
Tuesday 08:00 AM - 03:00 PM
Wednesday 08:00 AM - 03:00 PM
Thursday 08:00 AM - 03:00 PM
Friday 08:00 AM - 03:00 PM
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