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The Blue Anchor

+44 1303 812223
Bridge Rd, Ashford TN25 6QQ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Outdoor seating
  • Dine-in
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
  • Alcohol
  • Beer
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  • Wine
  • Casual
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  • Accepts reservations

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The Blue Anchor has one of the best chef's in the south-east. It's not an extensive menu but the food is stunning. Wines are inexpensive with the house red delectable. Best to book.
Lovely little place to visit while we are on holiday for a week
Our first visit to the Blue Anchor having just moved to Brabourne Lees. The welcome was friendly and the beer was good. Food too. We'll be back soon. Thanks.
Nice pub parking not good food nice average price friendly staff
Lovely atmosphere, friendly welcome. Good food, good ale. What not to like! Recommended.
Great food as always ,and good choice of ales on tap ,I have eaten here many times and it's always spot on.
Fish crepe as main cause is stunning.
A lovely meal enjoyed in a lovely village pub we will return
Fantastic food portions could be bigger but that only means I would have liked more. Lacking a little in vegetarian options.

Quick Facts About The Blue Anchor

The Blue Anchor has garnered several positive comments, highlighting its strengths that make it a popular destination in the south-east. One recurring theme is the quality of the food, with one comment stating that it has one of the best chefs in the area. This suggests that the chef is highly skilled and capable of creating stunning dishes, which contributes to the overall positive dining experience. The menu may not be extensive, but the quality of the food compensates for the limited options.
In addition to the food, the comments also praise the affordability of the wines at The Blue Anchor. Specifically, the house red is described as delectable, further enhancing the dining experience. Affordable and delicious wine options can greatly enhance the overall enjoyment of a meal and contribute to a positive review.
Another strength of The Blue Anchor mentioned in the comments is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Visitors commend the staff for their friendliness and comment on the lovely atmosphere of the pub. A welcoming environment can greatly contribute to the overall experience, making guests feel comfortable and ensuring a pleasant visit.
In terms of weaknesses, one comment mentions that the pub parking is not good. This could potentially be a drawback for customers who rely on accessible parking when visiting a location. Limited or inadequate parking facilities may deter some potential customers from choosing The Blue Anchor as their dining destination.
Another comment mentions that the food is nice, but not exceptional, suggesting that the quality of the food could be improved. While the majority of comments praise the food, this feedback offers constructive criticism and suggests that there is room for improvement. It would be beneficial for The Blue Anchor to address this feedback and strive for consistently exceptional food for all guests.
Furthermore, one comment mentions that the portions could be bigger. Although personal preferences vary, this feedback suggests that some guests may feel that the portion sizes could be more generous. Adjusting portion sizes or offering additional options for those with larger appetites could improve customer satisfaction in this regard.
Lastly, one comment suggests that The Blue Anchor is lacking in vegetarian options. With an increasing number of people opting for vegetarian or vegan diets, it is important for restaurants and pubs to cater to these dietary preferences. Expanding the vegetarian options on the menu could attract more customers and ensure that a diverse range of dietary needs is met.
Overall, The Blue Anchor receives positive feedback regarding its high-quality food, affordable wines, friendly atmosphere, and good ale. However, it would benefit from addressing the weaknesses mentioned, such as improving parking facilities, striving for consistently exceptional food, offering larger portions, and expanding vegetarian options to cater to a wider range of dietary preferences. By addressing these weaknesses, The Blue Anchor can further enhance its reputation and attract a broader customer base.


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