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Quick Facts About T Q Nail

T Q Nail Place, based on the comments provided, seems to have several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. One of the main strengths mentioned is the professionalism and talent of the nail technicians, particularly Justin. Customers consistently expressed their amazement at the quality of their nails and praised Justin's skills. This highlights the expertise and talent of the staff at T Q Nail Place, which is an important strength for any nail salon.
In addition to the talent of the nail technicians, the comments also mention the kindness and friendliness of the staff. Many customers feel welcomed and comfortable during their visits, which contributes to a positive overall experience. The friendly service and customer care demonstrated by the staff is another strength that ensures customers feel valued and satisfied.
The cleanliness of the salon is another strength mentioned in the comments. Customers appreciate the cleanliness of the salon, which is an important factor in maintaining a hygienic environment for nail services. A clean and sanitary salon is crucial for the well-being of the customers and is essential for a reputable nail place.
The availability of appointments and the ability to handle walk-ins is also considered a strength. While one customer mentioned a wait time, it is clear that most customers appreciate the convenience of being able to book appointments or walk in and still receive quality service. This flexibility is a positive aspect for customers who lead busy lives and need flexibility when it comes to nail care.
The skill and attention to detail exhibited by the nail technicians are additional strengths of T Q Nail Place. Customers mentioned that the technicians take the time to have conversations with them while still being thorough in their work. This indicates that the nail technicians prioritize both quality customer service and precise nail care, enhancing the overall customer experience.
Moreover, the positive word-of-mouth recommendations given by several customers also highlight the strength of T Q Nail Place. It shows that the salon has a loyal customer base who are satisfied with the services provided. Referrals from existing customers are valuable for any business as they generate new customers and help to establish a positive reputation.
Despite the strengths mentioned, there are also some weaknesses highlighted in the comments. One customer mentioned a negative experience where their nails were ripped off and ended up being damaged and painful. This indicates a lack of proper technique and care during the nail removal process, which is a significant weakness for a nail salon. This incident also raises concerns about the professionalism and attention to detail of the staff member involved.
Another customer complained about the staff being unfriendly, strict, and unprofessional. The lack of friendliness and unprofessional behavior of the staff, such as being on their phone during the appointment, not paying attention to the customer, and refusing to provide alcohol to prevent infection, is a clear weakness. This type of behavior can greatly impact the overall customer experience and lead to dissatisfaction.
While these negative experiences are a cause for concern, it is important to note that they were mentioned in a relatively small number of comments compared to the overwhelmingly positive feedback. However, it is crucial for T Q Nail Place to address these weaknesses and ensure that all staff members uphold professionalism, friendliness, and adhere to proper nail care techniques.
In conclusion, T Q Nail Place appears to have several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. The talent and professionalism of the nail technicians, along with the friendly service and clean environment, are key strengths that attract and retain customers. However, there are some weaknesses, including incidents of poor technique and unprofessional behavior, that need to be addressed in order to maintain and improve the overall customer experience. By addressing these weaknesses and continuing to emphasize their strengths, T Q Nail Place can further establish itself as a reputable and reliable nail salon.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This is the first time I have had acrylic nails in 20 years. I was so impressed and amazed at how professional and unbelievably talented Justin was. My nails have never looked so amazing. He is extremely kind and gentle and I would recommend this business to everyone. Very clean and friendly place. I cant wait to go back!
I have been going to this establishment for all my nail care needs for 3+ years and have had nothing but great, friendly service and amazing nails. I recommend this nail company to a lot of my friends and the nails I get done look absolutely amazing. Their customer service and care is spot on as well. My mother and sister in law go here and see Justin, just like I do. 5 stars for me. I refuse to go anywhere else.
Ive been going to justin for months and he is so professional, friendly, focused, thorough, and truly cares about the outcome of your nails! He has conversations with me while being very thorough. Best nail tech ive ever had and i have recommended him to so many people and everyone is very pleased. Hight recommend????????❤️❤️
I’ve been going to this salon for a few months and everyone is very kind. Sometimes there is a bit of a wait so it’s always good to have an appointment and arrive early. Tina usually does my nails and she does an amazing job. Awesome nail art too!
I had appointment to remove nails, the woman that helped me just ripped them off. Something I could have done myself, even I would have done better. So now my nails are destroyed and hurt. Also she cut my skin in the process. I asked for alcohol to put on it so I would not get an infection. She said later and wiped it off with her bare skin finger with no gloves. While all this was happening she was on her phone the entire time being rude and paying no attention to me. The staff here is very unfriendly, you can ask no questions, very strict, very unprofessional, if you ask for any extra they get upset with you. Very unhappy with my visit and will not be going back.
Annie did an amazing job with my nails. She was extremely nice and I would definitely recommend her to anyone! I have a specific color I like to get, so I ordered it online and she was able to use it during my appointment.
I've been going to TQ Nails for approximately 9 weeks. I love them. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. Justin does my nails and he is amazing. I never leave disappointed. I give him free reign on colors and nail shape- he never let's me down. Their prices are amazing and my fills last 3 weeks and still look great. Happy to have stumbled upon this shop.
hidden gem. Super clean. we’ve had various technicians and they all do a great job. We had a nail break before a dance and they fit us in right away.

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