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Super Fresh

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Tahoe Village Shopping Center, 4604 E Ponce de Leon Ave, Clarkston, GA 30021 United States of America
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  • In-store shopping
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  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Great produce
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

It’s not Kroger or Walmart but still good. It’s never really crowded and has majority of things you need especially in a pinch and can’t get to the store. They have a nice deal on meat for people on a budget 5 for $19.99. If your $ tight but kids hungry 5 packs of meat will save y’all for a week. They’re snacks high so hit Family $$ check date on milk and freezer stuff but overall solid store.
These people stole my baby formulas, I purchase it and they kept it . Don’t shop here . I have already contacted the state n my local Wic off . They sell spoil item here. I will be contacting the health department of Georgia as well to inform them of there unsanitary place of business . How can you sell my formulas knowing I purchase it .
They got mad wen the employee told the truth that he brought back the formula in from my cart . They have lied about not getting my formula . God don’t like ugly .
Please do not shop here take your money else were . That will be honest and value your money .
They are thieves and they sell spoiled food
Good spot for inexpensive grocery staples! Got a lot of great food for dinner for a great price. Definitely not the place to go if you prefer specific brand names or specialty products, but good for general stuff like produce, meats, dairy, etc.
It's now Fresh Food Town.
Stinks bad in this store. Only some of the 5/20 items are good. Most of the shelves are empty. I wouldn't dare purchase any of their vegetables. Their prices are high as hell for no reason at all. Only 2 or 3 employees and only 1 line open.
People here are always nice and friendly. Store is always neat and clean well stocked.
People please be aware of what you eat. I have lived in this community for 3 years and in that 3 years I've had to return a total of 4 items due to them being expired or the item not smelling good. After the 3rd time I started checking all the expiration dates, when I noticed something similar with all the items they sell. It seems that they receive food thats about to expire. Not only that, but their meat quality is horrible too. I bought a bag of chicken, that was part of the 5 for 20 deal, once I got home i put the bag in my refrigerator. After only 1 day in the refrigerator the chicken started to smell really bad. This wasn't my first time experiencing bad meat from them. I say all of this because if this super market was not in a area full of immigrants, I truly don't believe that they would be open for business.
This particular grocery store is one of my favorite due to the fact that it's not so advertised nor too crowded. It reminds me of the grocery store that my mom and I shopped at when I was a child.

Quick Facts About Super Fresh

Super Fresh Place, now known as Fresh Food Town, is a grocery store that has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. In this analysis, we will delve into the comments provided by customers to understand the store's positive aspects and areas for improvement.
One strength highlighted by a customer is that Super Fresh Place is never really crowded. This suggests that the store provides a peaceful shopping experience without the hassle of long lines or overcrowding. Additionally, the customer mentions that the store has a majority of the things needed, especially in a pinch when one cannot make it to a larger supermarket. This indicates that Super Fresh Place caters to the basic grocery needs of its customers.
Another strength noted by a customer is their deals on meat for people on a budget. The 5 for $19.99 offer on meat is highlighted as a money-saving option for families. This suggests that Super Fresh Place provides affordable options for those seeking to stretch their budget without compromising the nutritional needs of their household. The customer even states that these meat packs can last a family for a whole week, which further emphasizes the cost-saving advantage of shopping at Super Fresh Place.
On the other hand, there are several weaknesses that are also mentioned by customers. One customer alleges that their baby formulas were stolen by the store. This accusation suggests a serious issue with store management and security. If true, this would be an alarming breach of trust and customer satisfaction. Another customer claims that Super Fresh Place sells spoiled items, which can not only be a health hazard but also reflects poorly on the store's quality control procedures.
Furthermore, it is mentioned that Super Fresh Place has lied about not receiving the customer's formula. This accusation further undermines their credibility and raises concerns about the professionalism and honesty of the store's employees. Another customer voices their dissatisfaction with the store's prices, claiming they are high without any justified reason. This indicates that Super Fresh Place may not offer competitive pricing, which could be a deterrent for price-conscious shoppers.
Additionally, some customers express concerns about the quality of food and products sold at Super Fresh Place. One customer experienced expired items and unpleasant smells in the products they purchased. The customer even suspects that the store intentionally sells soon-to-expire food. This raises a significant quality control issue and suggests that Super Fresh Place may not prioritize the freshness and quality of its products, particularly its meat. Another customer implies that if Super Fresh Place were not in an area with a large immigrant population, they believe the store would not be able to maintain its business. This accusation of discriminatory practices is deeply concerning and may impact the store's reputation within the community.
However, amidst the negative feedback, positive aspects of Super Fresh Place are also highlighted. One customer praises the store for offering inexpensive grocery staples and providing great food for dinner at a reasonable price. This suggests that Super Fresh Place can be a good option for customers looking for affordable options for general grocery needs. Additionally, a customer commends the store for its friendly and helpful staff, as well as its well-stocked and clean environment. This indicates that Super Fresh Place excels in customer service and cleanliness, ensuring a positive shopping experience for its customers.
Lastly, a customer expresses sentimental attachment to Super Fresh Place due to its reminiscent resemblance to the grocery store they frequented with their mom during their childhood. This nostalgic connection suggests that Super Fresh Place may evoke positive emotions and nostalgic memories for some customers, which can contribute to customer loyalty and repeat business.
In conclusion, Super Fresh Place, now known as Fresh Food Town, has both strengths and weaknesses. While it may offer a peaceful shopping experience, affordable meat options for those on a budget, and a nostalgic charm for certain customers, there are serious concerns raised about stolen items, spoiled food, high prices, and discriminatory practices. It is essential for Super Fresh Place to address these weaknesses and prioritize customer satisfaction, quality control, and fair business practices.

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