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Will Rogers Archway Oasis

I-44, Vinita, OK 74301 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

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Fiel stop
Don’t do it!
Haven’t been here for a couple of decades. I remember loving this place when we were kids. The McDonald’s over the highway, the cool atmosphere, how busy it always was, the gift shop. But now, regret. It was filthy. Really really filthy. No tables were wiped down, bathrooms were disgusting, trash was everywhere. And they weren’t busy. I grabbed a disinfectant bottle and paper towels (someone just left out?) and wiped everything down just so we could eat. Very sad.
Stopped here to sleep over night while traveling. Didn’t buy anything but used the restrooms both upstairs and downstairs, the upstairs bathrooms were spectacular. However, the downstairs bathroom was terrible and needs a good cleaning. A regular hourly check on the bathroom would be a good idea, nobody likes using the stalls that are trashed. Outside right by the front door it smelled horrible, not sure what it was but I’m assuming it was coming from the dumpster but it lingered all over all night long. I do recommend it as it is a beautiful stop, and lots of cool things to see. I looked around the gift shop and the lady working was super nice and they had all sorts of neat things in there to see. The whole store (aside from the downstairs bathroom) looked wonderful and the people were friendly. Plenty of parking and space to stretch your legs and get some rest. They have a McDonald’s, subway, and gas station all right here which is nice and convenient. There was also a beautiful view of the highway which was super cool to see.
A unique place to stop. It has a gas station and convenient store on the bottom. You can go either up the stairs or the elevator to the 2nd floor. The second floor has a McDonald's, Subway, and a Will Roger's Gift Shop. Also, the second floor is above the turnpike so you can watch the cars pass under you as eat. Clean bathrooms on both floors.
I really great part of Americana history. And I just love watching the big trucks speed underneath you. Cute little souvenir shop with a very nice lady that has worked there for years. Also a McDonald's and a Subway upstairs.
Very nice rest area to and relax. They have a combination of wooden chairs and couches for comfort. Gift shop with Oklahoma goodies and pleasant staff.
First time here. Love it! Very interesting place. Free clean restroom. They were out of a lot of bottles drinks. (Soda,tea,& etc.)
There is Subway, a McDonalds and gift shop. We had breakfast biscuits and pancakes. I liked my biscuit, but the.hashbrowns we're not good.

Quick Facts About Will Rogers Archway Oasis

The Will Rogers Archway Oasis has a unique and interesting atmosphere, with a combination of gas station, convenience store, and gift shop on the bottom floor. Visitors can choose to go up the stairs or take an elevator to the second floor, where they can find popular food chains like McDonald’s and Subway, as well as the Will Rogers Gift Shop. One of the notable strengths of this place is the clean and spacious restrooms available on both floors.
The comment that mentions loving the place as a child highlights the nostalgia and positive experiences that some people associate with the Will Rogers Archway Oasis. The McDonald's over the highway and the busy atmosphere may have been appealing in the past. Additionally, the variety of cool things to see in the gift shop and the friendly staff are mentioned as positive aspects.
Another positive comment praises the cleanliness and beauty of the upstairs restrooms. This indicates that there are areas of the facility that are well-maintained and provide a pleasant experience for visitors. The helpful and friendly lady working in the gift shop is also noted as a positive aspect.
The comment about the Will Rogers Archway Oasis being a great part of Americana history highlights its significance and appeal to individuals interested in history and nostalgia. The experience of watching big trucks speed underneath is mentioned as a unique and enjoyable aspect of this place.
The availability of comfortable seating options, such as wooden chairs and couches, is another strength mentioned in a comment. This shows that the Will Rogers Archway Oasis provides a space for visitors to relax and rest during their journey.
One positive aspect of the place mentioned in a comment is the free and clean restrooms. This is likely to be appreciated by travelers who are looking for a clean and convenient place to freshen up or use the facilities.
However, there are several weaknesses mentioned in the comments that need to be addressed. One common issue mentioned is the cleanliness of the facility. Multiple comments highlight the filthiness, unclean tables, and disgusting state of the bathrooms. This indicates a lack of proper cleaning and maintenance, which can greatly affect the overall experience of visitors.
Furthermore, the comment about the horrible smell outside the front door suggests a problem with garbage disposal. If the smell is indeed coming from the dumpster, it is important for the management to address this issue as it can negatively impact the impression visitors have of the facility.
In terms of the dining options, one comment mentions that the Will Rogers Archway Oasis was out of a lot of bottled drinks. This indicates a lack of proper stocking and inventory management, which can be frustrating for visitors who expect a variety of options.
Another comment mentions that the hashbrowns were not good, indicating a weakness in the quality of the food served at the establishment. This can greatly impact the dining experience and overall customer satisfaction.
In conclusion, the Will Rogers Archway Oasis has the potential to be a great place for travelers to stop and rest, offering unique experiences and a variety of amenities. However, the cleanliness issues, garbage smell, and inadequacies in stocking and food quality need to be addressed in order to provide a consistently positive experience for visitors and to improve the overall reputation of the establishment.

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