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D K Market

+1 425-277-5055
720 Lind Ave SW, Renton, WA 98057 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 07:00 PM


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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I absolutely ❤️ this place. Amazing selection of Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Mexican, and of course, Asian foods. There are also baked breads from India, Afghanistan, and Russia. I was pretty impressed.
There is also an incredible selection of instant noodles and snacks.
I come back every week or every other week at the latest. The prices are worth coming back. For sure.
I find interesting products at this place. It’s more of an adventure looking at the products they sell. I did get Moroccan shakshuka in a bottle there. I got some canned goods whose brands aren’t familiar to me. Can’t wait to try them.
On the outside, this place looks totally sketch, but on the inside it holds a plethora of greater Asian and European goods!
As you enter, there is a small section with an assortment of products. Further in, you'll find huge sections of beverages, rice, canned goods from all over, spices, teas, noodles etc. While there is a genuine lack of Japanese foods with how big the store is, everything else is covered. I saw goods from India, China, Thailand, Russia, Korea, Greece, Italy etc. It's definitely a diamond in the rough. It's a also a good place to get gluten free flours, halal and kosher items as well.
The spice king restaurant by the entrance also has some pretty good mango lassi.
I had the opportunity to to visit this locally Asian/Ethnic type food grocer. Everything from Pita breads, snacks and candy. Very good prices, affordable produce like mushrooms, green beans, bok-choy, apples and so much more. Today I spent less then $70 dollars for 3 large sack's of groceries. Also large selection of very affordable household items from kitchen pots to incense. We just love this local run grocer, in the Renton area, and on a major bus line the Rapid Ride Metro F line. Check out this place. It is great!????????????????????????????
Huge store, Lots of good selections, decent prices ,good fresh produce,good customer service, lots of parking, good location .
But it is like a warehouse style. Not like an upscale whole food market, or metropolitan. And because of this you will be able to save some $$$.
It is a multi culture , and multi ethnicity market. From Far East lands ,to European continent ,and what ever is in between
you will find food ,and groceries for that heritage.
You will be pleased with their selection, and the level of their cleanliness, and the level of the freshness of their produce , and their reasonable prices.
I highly recommend this place .
Also there is a small Indian restaurant , and a hair saloon near by.
This is the haven for any type of grocery you'll ever need! They have such a wide variety of different cultures foods and ingredients. I also love the warehouse layout since it reminds of Costco. Just make sure you bring a jacket or blanket since it's always a little chilly inside - which makes sense since there's a lot of produce everywhere. I love this place since I can always buy new snacks and they have plenty of ramen to try out too :)
Great place for cheap fresh vegetables. They really have such a large selection of dry goods, canned and bottled goods ranging for Eastern European, to Middle Eastern, to Asian and Indian. You have to go in at least once and take a good 30-45 min to decide if it’s the place for you.
Parking is always a little hard but there are spots around the building if you’re ok with a short walk. Lines can take a few minutes since everyone has full carts checking out.
Dirty and unhygienic . The freezer containing the meat the door was broken . Weird smell in the store . No respect for hygiene or cleanliness

Quick Facts About D K Market

D K Market place, based on the comments provided, has several strengths and weaknesses.
1. Wide Selection: One of the major strengths of D K Market place is its diverse selection of Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Asian, Indian, and other international foods. Customers appreciate the variety and the opportunity to explore and try new products.
2. Affordable Prices: The affordability of the products is another strength. Many customers mention that the prices are worth coming back for and that they can find affordable produce and groceries, as well as household items.
3. Cultural Experience: Customers enjoy the adventure of exploring the products and finding interesting and unique items from different cultures. This adds to the overall experience of shopping at D K Market place.
4. Fresh Produce: The store is praised for its good selection of fresh produce. Customers mention finding affordable and good quality vegetables and fruits.
5. Customer Service: Several customers mention the good customer service at D K Market place. This is a positive attribute that can contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
6. Convenient Location: The market's location, particularly being on a major bus line, is considered a positive aspect. Easy accessibility and availability of parking are mentioned as strengths.
1. Warehouse Style: Some customers mention that the store has a warehouse style and does not resemble an upscale grocery store or a metropolitan market. This could be seen as a weakness for customers who prefer a more upscale shopping environment.
2. Hygiene and Cleanliness: One comment highlights concerns about hygiene and cleanliness, mentioning a broken freezer door and a weird smell. This is a significant weakness that should be addressed, as it can negatively impact the shopping experience and deter potential customers.
3. Parking and Crowded Lines: Customers mention that parking can be challenging and that the lines can take a few minutes due to the number of customers. This can be seen as a weakness for those who value convenience and efficient service.
Despite these weaknesses, the strengths of D K Market place outweigh them. The wide selection of international foods, affordable prices, cultural experience, and good customer service contribute to its popularity among customers. However, it is crucial for the management to address the hygiene and cleanliness concerns to maintain customer satisfaction and ensure a positive shopping experience.

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