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Star Nails & Spa

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717 E Wyandotte Ave, McAlester, OK 74501 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Star Nails & Spa

Star Nails & Spa has received overwhelmingly positive comments from customers, highlighting several key strengths of the salon. These strengths include friendly and welcoming staff, skilled and attentive nail technicians, consistently high-quality outcomes, and a comfortable atmosphere. However, there is also one negative comment that points out a potential weakness in terms of customer satisfaction.
One of the main strengths of Star Nails & Spa is their ability to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Customers mention how the employees are very nice and make them feel comfortable during their visits. This friendliness and welcoming environment can greatly contribute to the overall experience and enjoyment of the customers, making them more likely to return and recommend the salon to others.
Another strength that is frequently mentioned is the high level of attention to detail and skill exhibited by the nail technicians. Customers appreciate the meticulousness with which their nails are done, mentioning that they are even, not too chunky or thin, and perfectly ombréd. This attention to detail is crucial in achieving customer satisfaction and ensuring that the customers are happy with the final result.
The salon's ability to consistently deliver amazing outcomes on nails is another strength that customers have highlighted. Many comments mention how customers are obsessed with the outcome of their nails and that they couldn't be happier. This consistency in delivering high-quality results helps build trust and loyalty among customers, making them more likely to choose Star Nails & Spa over other nail salons in the area.
Additionally, customers appreciate the professionalism and expertise of the nail technicians. The positive comments mention how the technicians provide helpful suggestions and guidance, such as showing multiple shades and options for nail colors or styles. This level of patience, expertise, and willingness to understand and meet customer preferences is a valuable strength that contributes to a positive customer experience.
Furthermore, customers mention feeling welcomed and comfortable at Star Nails & Spa. This is crucial in maintaining customer loyalty and creating a positive salon experience. When customers feel welcome and comfortable, they are more likely to relax and enjoy their visit, leading to a more positive overall experience and increasing the likelihood of repeat visits.
Despite these strengths, there is one comment that indicates a potential weakness in terms of customer satisfaction. The customer mentions being denied a request for a tulip design on their nails because they were not using gel polish. This interaction left the customer feeling disappointed and dissatisfied with the salon. This suggests that Star Nails & Spa could potentially benefit from improving their customer satisfaction policies and ensuring that all customers feel valued and heard regardless of their choice of nail polish.
In conclusion, Star Nails & Spa has several strengths that have been highlighted in customer comments. These strengths include friendly and welcoming staff, skilled and attentive nail technicians, consistently high-quality outcomes, and a comfortable atmosphere. These strengths contribute to positive and satisfactory experiences for customers, building trust and loyalty. However, there is potential room for improvement in terms of customer satisfaction policies, as indicated by one negative comment. Overall, Star Nails & Spa appears to be a well-regarded nail salon with satisfied customers who appreciate the salon's strengths.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

me and my besties new fav place to go ! we couldn’t be more obsessed!! very friendly people , and an amazing outcome on your nails every time .
The BEST nail salon in Mcalester by far! All the employees were so nice and their attention to detail is impeccable. The atmosphere is very welcoming and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much getting my nails done as I did here! The guy that did my nails was amazing! My nails are even and not too chunky or too thin and perfectly ombréd. If you need a good Mani or Pedi THIS IS THE PLACE ????
This WAS my go-to nail salon. Came in for a pedi today. Asked about having a tulip put on one toe. I was told no by the owner! It had to be easier because I wasn’t using gel polish…what? I have never been told I had to have gel polish to have a flower drawn on my nails! I guess they aren’t into customer satisfaction so I’m no longer into Star nails…????????
Absolutely the best place in town. They do Such am amazing job. I would give them 10 stars if i could. Great job guys! They do pedis that will make you customers for life not to mention the full sets. And you actually feel so welcome and comfy.
New recent nails...I love them and the nail tech was friendly
She did absolutely amazing! Definitely recommend!! Definitely won't be going anywhere else!!
I was in town for a visit and needed my nails done. They fit my daughter and I both in. They did a wonderful job. If I lived in town, this would be my regular nail shop.
First time going to this salon, I wanted orange/black ombré nails and have never gotten ombré nails before, and they said they had never done those colors together before either and were intrigued lol. (I wanted them that color for a motorcycle rally I am going to and that’s Harley colors) They were very helpful by showing me multiple shades on acrylic nails of how it would blend and look before doing it on the acrylics on my hands so I could decide. I didn’t expect getting glitter but after they showed me one with it, that’s what I wanted! They were very patient and nice. Definitely recommend!

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