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Star Nails

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1706 W Main St UNIT 111, Battle Ground, WA 98604 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 06:00 PM


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Absolutely thrilled with my nails. Tiffany listened to what I wanted and gave great recommendations on what was the best option to keep my nails in good condition & keep them on longest. She was super fast! Usually it has taken a minimum of an hour other places I've been. She only took 30 minutes to do mine. And the quality did not suffer. They look and feel great! I will definitely be back in.
Tiffany talked me in to getting Dip Gel instead of dip power the first time I seen her. Truthfully I was apprehension and resistant at first, after a bit, I did decide to go for it.
I was having dip power done for months at a different shop. Paying $55.00 + every 2.5 weeks that was adding up to a lot. The dip power chipped easily and pealed off quickly on me. So by 2.5 weeks me nails looked terrible. My nails never strengthened or become any longer ( not even past the finger tips ) with the dip power. I have to admit, I do work hard, but I'm a domestic Goddess. Who of us that work, cooks, cleans, etc... are not hard on our nails.
Tiffany asked me to trust her and assured me, I would like the Dip Gel much better. Telling me how much money it would save me, how much longer it would last ( for me about 3.5 - 4 weeks), and my nails would become stronger ( less likely to chip, or peeling, like with the dip power) and grow longer.
Tiffany was totally Truthful, how right she was. I love the Dip Gel Tiffany has been doing them for 2.5 months now, my nails are beautiful. She is fast, super skilled, very professional and wonderful to chat with. I wish I had a before pick of my nails to show you the dramatic difference.
Tiffany is absolutely amazing! She knocked out 2 full set of nails in 1 hour! She is super fast and does an absolutely amazing job! Super friendly and amazing customer service. My 9 year old got her nails painted and loved it. We will definitely be back and i highly recommend this place!
Thank you ladies❤️
This was our first time at this salon. I brought my daughter who is fairly new to getting nails . Tiffany walked her through the process and I was very impressed! My daughter and I both enjoyed the experience. I will definitely go back there for myself as well!
Tiffany never disappoints! She is fast, she is efficient! She is ever so lovely and sweet! She really listens to what you want and isn’t satisfied until you are! I never want to go to anyone else for my nails! She is the whole package!
*Picture shown is the solar tips with #80 nail polish*
Tiffany is Amazing! She always does a great job. She is so quick! I love my nails every time. These last two times I have been in Tiffany has gone above and beyond to get my nails the way that I want done!!! Thank you Tiffany for always being great!
Tiffany did a terrific job on my acrylic nail fill. Her service was quick and the quality was outstanding. I would recommend this salon to anyone who wants quality nail job done.
Tiffany did a beautiful job with my nails. Finished super fast and very beautifully done within 20 mins. Everything about establishment is good!

Quick Facts About Star Nails

1. Fast service: Multiple customers praised Tiffany for her speed and efficiency. She was able to complete their nail services in a fraction of the time compared to other salons. This is a significant strength as it saves customers time and allows the salon to serve more clients.
2. Good recommendations: Tiffany was commended for providing excellent recommendations on the best options to keep customers' nails in good condition and make them last longer. This shows her expertise and knowledge in nail care, and customers appreciate her advice.
3. Quality work: Customers consistently mentioned that the quality of Tiffany's work was exceptional. Even with the speedy service, the nails looked and felt great. The fact that the quality did not suffer despite the quickness of the service is a testament to Tiffany's skill and attention to detail.
4. Cost-effective options: One customer mentioned that Tiffany convinced them to try Dip Gel instead of Dip Powder, stating that it would save them money in the long run. This suggests that Tiffany is conscious of her customers' budgets and offers cost-effective alternatives.
5. Customer satisfaction: Many comments expressed how satisfied customers were with their experience at Star Nails. They not only praised the quality of the nail service but also noted Tiffany's friendliness, professionalism, and willingness to ensure customer satisfaction.
6. Excellent for beginners: One customer brought their daughter, who was new to getting nails done, and praised Tiffany for walking her through the process. This indicates that Star Nails is a welcoming and nurturing environment for those who are new to nail services.
1. Limited variety of services: The comments provided do not explicitly mention the range of services offered at Star Nails. It is unclear whether they provide a wide selection of nail services or if they specialize in specific treatments. Without further information, it is difficult to determine if the salon has a weakness in this area.
2. Lack of before and after visual evidence: One customer mentioned that they wish they had a before picture of their nails to showcase the dramatic difference after going to Star Nails. While this is not necessarily a significant weakness, having visual evidence of the salon's work could be beneficial for potential customers who want to see the results before booking an appointment.
3. Lack of details on cleanliness and hygiene: The comments did not provide any insights into the cleanliness practices or hygiene standards at Star Nails. This could be a potential weakness if the salon does not prioritize cleanliness, as it is a crucial aspect of any nail salon.
4. Limited information about the establishment: Comments did not provide information about the salon's location, pricing, or hours of operation. These details are essential for potential customers who want to schedule an appointment or visit the salon.
5. Lack of diversity in customer demographics: The comments only highlight experiences of two customers, who were both females. This limited perspective does not provide a comprehensive view of the salon's ability to cater to a wide range of customers with different nail needs and preferences.
In conclusion, Star Nails has several strengths, including fast service, good recommendations, quality work, cost-effective options, high customer satisfaction, and a welcoming environment for beginners. However, there is limited information available about the variety of services, cleanliness standards, and relevant establishment details. Additionally, the customer feedback provided does not represent a diverse range of demographics.

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