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Snowflakes Dessert Bar Rochdale

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5 The Walk, Rochdale OL16 1EP United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Snowflakes Dessert Bar in Rochdale has received a number of negative comments, highlighting various weaknesses of the establishment. These weaknesses include poor delivery practices, incorrect orders, rude and unprofessional staff, subpar food quality, slow service, and lack of customer satisfaction. However, it is also important to note that there are some comments that mention the taste of certain items being satisfactory.
One of the major weaknesses mentioned in the comments is the delivery service. One customer complained about the delivery driver throwing the order at them through the car window, which suggests a lack of care and professionalism. Additionally, another customer mentioned that the food arrived in a messy state, as if it had been thrown around in the bag. These comments indicate a lack of attention to detail and quality control in the delivery process.
Food quality is another weakness highlighted in the comments. Various customers mentioned that the kebab meat was of poor quality, with one customer describing it as "awful" and "weird looking." The shish was also criticized for being rubbery. Another customer mentioned that the chips were like cardboard, suggesting that they were reheated. Overall, these comments indicate a lack of attention to the quality of the food being served.
In terms of customer service, the comments reveal a number of weaknesses. One customer mentioned that they received the wrong milkshake multiple times, and when they complained, the staff member was rude and unapologetic. Another customer mentioned that when they complained about receiving a strawberry slush instead of a raspberry one, the restaurant lied and called them crazy. These instances of rude and unprofessional behavior towards customers indicate a lack of respect and consideration for customer satisfaction.
Another weakness highlighted in the comments is the slow service. One customer mentioned that it took nearly 2 hours for their order to arrive, and another mentioned that it took 2 hours for 2 scoops of ice cream and 2 cakes. These delays, without any apology or compensation, indicate a lack of efficiency and attentiveness to customer needs.
Furthermore, there were comments about the size and quality of the items received. One customer mentioned that the largest pick and mix they ordered was not much bigger than the smallest slush, suggesting that the portion sizes may not be accurately represented. Another customer mentioned that the sweets included in the pick and mix were disappointing and consisted only of Haribo hearts and eggs. These comments indicate that the establishment may not provide good value for the price paid.
Despite these weaknesses, there were a few comments mentioning that certain items, such as milkshakes and puddings, were enjoyable. One customer mentioned that the cakes and burgers they ordered were okay. These comments suggest that there may be some areas where Snowflakes Dessert Bar excels, but they are overshadowed by the multiple weaknesses mentioned in the comments.
In conclusion, based on the comments provided, Snowflakes Dessert Bar in Rochdale has several weaknesses that contribute to a negative customer experience. These weaknesses include poor delivery practices, incorrect orders, rude staff, subpar food quality, slow service, and a lack of customer satisfaction. It is important for the establishment to address these weaknesses and make improvements in order to provide a better overall experience for their customers.

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Delivery driver practically threw the order at me through the car window and food was an absolute mess as if it had been thrown around in the bag. Delivery time was ok.
Definitely the worst kebab I have ever ordered. The mint sauce was mayonnaise. Everything about the meat was awful, the donner was weird looking and there was only about 6 peices, the shish was rubbery AF. I took photos of how disgusting it looked. I wasted over £30 on this disgusting food, I wish I would have ordered a maccies. NEVER again will I order from here!!! Save your money and go elsewhere. I ordered on JustEat and have requested a full refund.
Sent wrong milkshake yet again this time when rang rude lady said she made the milkshake herself and its definitely the right one. It definitely wasnt she then took the phone off the hook so we couldnt ring back so went down to the place she then tried to make the milkshake again with the wrong ingredients yet again what a complete joke what if someone was allergic to what she was using useless and very disappointing you can not be doing this to customers
If i could give 0 stars i would. Do not order from here. Abysmal service. Ordered a raspberry slush and they sent a strawberry one by mistake, which the person it was for is highly allergic to. When i called the restaurant to complain they called me crazy and lied to us saying it was not strawberry. They were also incredibly rude and unprofessional.
Giving one star as I couldn't not give any!!! Food is absolutely disgusting, ordered a large slush and they sent me a small when I rang and asked he confirmed that he had made a mistake and told me it was only 4oz difference so it will be be ok! Very rude, the chips were like cardboard as if they were 're heated and my cheeseburger was saturated in tomato ketchup and mayonnaise when I specifically asked for mayo with the smallest bit of soggy lettuce I've ever seen!!!!! The bun was soggy there was that much sauce on it!!! Staff there need to learn some decent customer service as he was very rude on the phone definitely wouldn't recommend them and will not be eating from here again!!!!!!! Didn't even get what I paid for and it was awful. He didn't even offer to replace my food.
Ordered the biggest pick&mix they do and it isn’t much bigger than the smallest slush I ordered, shocking sweets. Literally haribos hearts and eggs waste of money.
It arrived on time.
It’s definitely over priced here. I would not come here again although the cake and burger we ordered was ok.
The milkshakes and puddings are nice dont get me wrong but the service is atrocious! Taken 2 hours to come for 2 scoops of ice cream and 2 cakes!! 2 hours! No apology, no compensation for the lateness or money back. Would not recommend they let you down every single time and use the same excuse of "the restaurant is busier than usual"
Order took nearly 2 hours to arrive. Custard was cold. Ice cream was melted and all over the bag. Cakes were stale. Hands down worst takeaway I have ever had. Will never order again.

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