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Buyers Flea Market

+1 773-227-1889
4545 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60651 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Interessant! Preiswerte Lebensmittel! Von Nibbes bis zu guten Handwerk Produkten und Technik.
Literally a little bit of everything. You'll need cash $2 to enter, parking line looks long but moves quickly. When you're done browsing for nothing but finding everything hit up the FOOD COURT. Authentic and amazing Mexican food. Can't go wrong with pozole and tacos.
I love this place. I didn't know they rebuilt it after the fire. You must try it, they have parking on the roof. I wouldn't get there too early as some of the vendors won't be open. I think 9 am is a good time to arrive. Enjoy
Been going here since I was a kid and even though it's been remodeled it still feels the same. Now I bring my kids and they enjoy it as well.
Great place to shop
Super Cell Services - One of the only reasons I come here for all my electronics and cell phone needs. (Best phone shop in all of flea market)
You have a lot options to buy different stuff.
It was busy and the parking lot took at least 7 minutes to find a parking spot. The inside was extremely clean everyone was nice and joyful. I found everything I needed and also their was a line where their where just many car parts from bumpers to radio heads. ⚠️If you are from 15-25 their are many and plenty of fine man walking around that are single come get a man⚠️all jokes....unless.????????
My goodness this place was nice so much stuff to see. Admission was 50cent parking was on top. I was looking for music on usb drive because my car doesn't come with a cd player and there were a few booths that sold them 2 for $25. Did have an issue with one a few song were distorted and wouldn't play i suggest you skim through them before you buy. I will definitely revist location.

Quick Facts About Buyers Flea Market

Buyers Flea Market is a popular and diverse marketplace that offers a wide range of products, including affordable groceries, artisan crafts, and technology. Here are the strengths and weaknesses of the market based on the comments:
1. Affordable prices: Buyers Flea Market is praised for offering cost-effective products, including cheap groceries and reasonably priced handcrafted items. This makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious shoppers.
2. Varied selection: The market is known to have a little bit of everything, attracting shoppers with different needs and interests. From food products to electronics, there are plenty of options to choose from, making it a one-stop-shop for various items.
3. Delicious food court: Commenters highly recommend the food court at Buyers Flea Market, particularly the authentic and amazing Mexican food. This adds value to the shopping experience, as customers can take a break and enjoy a tasty meal while browsing.
4. Parking convenience: Buyers Flea Market offers parking on the roof, allowing shoppers to have easy access to the market. Despite some comments about a potentially long parking line, it is noted that it moves quickly, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience for visitors.
5. Nostalgic atmosphere: Some customers mentioned the familiarity and nostalgia associated with the market, stating that they have been visiting it since their childhood and now bring their own children. This indicates a sense of continuity and loyalty among shoppers, contributing to a positive and welcoming environment.
6. Super Cell Services: One commenter highlights Super Cell Services as the best phone shop in the entire flea market. This suggests that Buyers Flea Market hosts specialized vendors who offer excellent services in their respective fields, attracting customers with specific needs.
1. Crowded parking lot: While the parking line moves quickly, some visitors have mentioned that it can take up to seven minutes to find a parking spot. This implies that parking may be a challenge during busy periods, potentially leading to frustrations for customers.
2. Early opening time for vendors: A comment suggests that some vendors may not open until 9 am. This could be a slight inconvenience for shoppers who prefer to arrive and start browsing earlier in the day.
3. Quality control of products: One customer reported an issue with a USB drive purchased at the market, stating that some songs were distorted and wouldn't play. This suggests that there may be a lack of quality control mechanisms in place, requiring customers to carefully inspect products before purchasing to avoid potential disappointments.
In conclusion, Buyers Flea Market is a diverse and affordable marketplace that offers a varied selection of products. While it is highly praised for its affordable prices, delicious food court, and parking convenience, it does have potential weaknesses such as crowded parking, early opening times for some vendors, and possible quality control issues with certain products. Overall, it seems to be a popular and enjoyable shopping destination for customers of different ages and interests.

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