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Sheng Long

+358 8 3121688
Hallituskatu 3190100 Oulu Finland
Open Today: 10:30 AM - 09:00 PM


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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Lunch menu was really tasty. I had vegetables in sauce, rice, salad, and a drink. A lot better than expected.
Not good as I expected, it’s a bit greasy, and the beef is not tender. I picked spicy beef, it’s not spicy but with too much soy sauce. Staff service is good, price is not as friendly as other similar Chinese buffet.
Naudanliha erittäin jänteistä ja jäi varmaan puolet lihoista syömättä. Kastikkeessa maistui pelkästään soijakastike (tosi suolaista).
Kung po -kana hyvää, mutta riisi on selvästikin uudelleen tarjoiltua mössöä. Huonoin riisi ikinä ????
Tasty KungPo chicken, but the rise was the worst ever. I think it was served again ????
Cilihärkä oli pettymys, ei makua ja voin sanoa pitkästä aikaa huono !
Asiakaspalvelu pelaa ja ruoka oli hyvää, Suosittelen lämpimästi kokeilemaan.
On kyllä melkoinen paikka. Ruoka on..noh..vatsa meni sekaisin ennen kuin ehti ravintolasta ulos.Seuraavan kerran linja-autoasemalla. Eli varaa aikaa "tyhjennyksille" jos käyt täällä. Niin mukava kuin olisi supportata pienyrittäjää mutta nyt ei pysty..
Valehtelematta Oulun paras kiinalainen. Hinta-laatu suhde kohdallaan ja nopea palvelu. Reilu Kymmenen vuoden aikana ei ole löytynyt tämän mestan voittanutta???? Jos tämä löytyisi woltista, tilaisin aina ja vaan täältä.

Quick Facts About Sheng Long

Sheng Long Place, a Chinese restaurant, has received mixed reviews based on the comments provided. This analysis will examine the strengths and weaknesses of the restaurant, considering factors such as food quality, service, pricing, and overall customer experience.
Starting with the strengths, one customer mentions that the lunch menu was tasty, exceeding their expectations. They specifically enjoyed the vegetables in sauce, rice, salad, and a drink. This positive feedback indicates that Sheng Long Place can deliver flavorful and satisfying meals, providing a pleasant dining experience for some customers. Another comment compliments the Kung Po chicken, appreciating the taste. This suggests that the restaurant has the ability to prepare certain dishes well, attracting patrons looking for this particular menu item.
The comments also highlight the quality of customer service. One reviewer expresses satisfaction with the staff service, indicating that the restaurant has attentive and helpful employees. This positive interaction with the staff can significantly enhance the overall dining experience, making customers feel welcomed and valued.
Furthermore, another positive aspect highlighted is the price-value ratio. One customer states that the restaurant offers a good price-quality balance. This suggests that Sheng Long Place may provide reasonable prices for the food items and services offered, making it an attractive option for those seeking affordable Chinese cuisine.
On the other hand, the weaknesses of Sheng Long Place are also apparent in the comments. One customer mentions that the beef dish was not tender and had too much soy sauce, thus affecting the overall taste and enjoyment of the meal. This criticism suggests that the restaurant may need to improve the quality and preparation of their meat dishes.
Another customer criticizes the quality of the rice, describing it as the worst ever and speculating that it may have been served again. This negative feedback indicates that there might be inconsistencies in the preparation and reheating process, leading to subpar rice quality. This issue can be a significant drawback for customers who value well-cooked and fresh rice as an essential component of their meal.
Additionally, one review expresses disappointment with the lack of flavor in the Cilihärkä (cilantro beef) dish, suggesting that the taste did not meet their expectations. This criticism indicates that the restaurant should focus on improving the flavor profiles of certain dishes to ensure customer satisfaction.
Furthermore, one reviewer had a negative experience related to the food causing stomach discomfort, later necessitating a restroom visit. This issue raises concerns about food hygiene and the overall cleanliness of the restaurant. Such incidents can be detrimental to the reputation of the establishment and should be addressed to prevent further discomfort for customers.
In terms of convenience, one comment suggests that Sheng Long Place should be available on delivery platforms like Wolt. This recommendation implies that the restaurant should consider expanding its delivery options to provide greater accessibility and convenience for customers who prefer food delivery services.
In conclusion, Sheng Long Place has its strengths and weaknesses. The strengths include the tasty lunch menu, positive customer service experiences, and a good price-value ratio. However, the weaknesses are evident in the greasy and poorly prepared beef, inconsistent rice quality, lack of flavor in certain dishes, and reported discomfort after consuming the food. Addressing these weaknesses would greatly improve the overall customer experience and reputation of the restaurant.

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