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4326 Harding Pike #103, Nashville, TN 37205 United States of America
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Serenity Nail Spa has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, several positive aspects of the spa were mentioned. One customer had a great experience and praised the nail technician for going out of his way to ensure the final result was perfect, even fixing minor imperfections. Additionally, the availability of a wide color selection was noted as a positive aspect, making it easy for customers to find their desired shade. Another plus point was the lack of wait time for walk-in customers, indicating efficient service and good management.
Moving on to the weaknesses, there were several comments highlighting areas of improvement for Serenity Nail Spa. One significant weakness was the issue of pricing discrepancies and poor communication. One customer mentioned being charged $86 for a service that was advertised as $45 on the website, leading to confusion and a negative interaction with the manager. This lack of transparency regarding pricing can create frustration and dissatisfaction among customers. Another customer highlighted the issue of cuticle care, stating that the nail technician did not properly soften the cuticles before working on them, resulting in bleeding and pain. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and customer comfort. The same customer also mentioned receiving an uneven French manicure, with blurry lines and rough edges, suggesting subpar skills from the technician and a rushed job.
Furthermore, comments regarding a disappointing pedicure experience were mentioned, with the environment described as messy and unprofessional, including water bottles and open coke cans lying around. The quality of the paint job, as well as the lack of foot care and massage, were also noted as negatives, indicating poor attention to detail and a lack of focus on customer satisfaction.
Other customers expressed their disappointment with the nail design and overall service. One customer shared their dissatisfaction with the color and design of their nails, as well as being blamed for having short nails that supposedly affected the outcome. This suggests a lack of accountability and responsibility from the nail technicians. Additionally, another customer pointed out a rude demeanor from the staff and described a painful experience, including being cut during the nail filing process and having very uneven nail lengths. This highlights a lack of professionalism and skill from the technicians.
Finally, a customer criticized the quality of the dip manicure and pedicure, stating that the technician was in a hurry and did not listen to their requests. They mentioned clumsy, uneven, and ugly nails, as well as excess product stuck on the skin, indicating poor application techniques and a lack of attention to detail.
In summary, Serenity Nail Spa has both strengths and weaknesses. While some customers had positive experiences, such as attentive nail technicians and a wide color selection, there were significant concerns regarding pricing discrepancies, poor communication, subpar skills, and lack of attention to detail. These weaknesses, including issues with cuticle care, uneven application, and a messy environment, should be addressed by the spa to improve customer satisfaction and enhance the overall experience.

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This was such a great experience. I hadn’t even seen the finished product and the gentleman doing my nails went out of his way to correct them. (They would have been the smallest imperfection, I probably wouldn’t even noticed, and he still fixed it). I got dip nails which was $45 and I added a 20% tip as a price reference. Thank you so much for the great nails.
They charged me 86 dollars for a short acrylic and tried to tell me that I asked for gel when I told them acrylic twice and the manager had an attitude when I kept asking questions about the price. The website said 45
Update: My cuticles were still hurting hours later, so we called the spa. We had to do a little back and forth with the owners, but after we sent the photos to them of my nails, they promised a refund for just my manicure (I didn't want my partner's tech to lose out on her tip, she was wonderful, absolutely earned it.) When I see the refund back in my account, I'll update my review further.
To preface: My partner had a wonderful regular buff and shine manicure, and when she called afterward when she saw the state my nails are in they offered a re-do, but we're just in town visiting family, and I don't want to go back in while that tech is there, so this rating is more of a cautionary tale: if you have shorter cuticles, apparently you need to tell them in advance your cuticles are "sensitive" because otherwise you might leave bleeding!
I've never had a more painful manicure in my life. I do have "sensitive" cuticles, I'm used to a little pain, and I just try not to look, but when she set my hands down and told me to wash them, I had 6 fingers bleeding! She didn't soften them at all first, I've never had this happen before. I was freaked out, but she seemed annoyed and said I should have told her before that I had sensitive cuticles, and she wouldn't have tried to clean them up if I had. So I just went and washed them. She poured something on them to try to stop the bleeding and it stung horribly, with no warning...
I didn't want to say anything and make the situation worse, so I downed my complimentary (nice) glass of wine and let her finish the manicure. I ended up with uneven French tips, with blurry lines, and uncapped so the ends are rough to the touch. I really didn't know what to do... I just paid and left. I wish I knew how to get my money back and make sure to leave the tip and price for my partner's tech...
Pros: no wait with walk-in, great color selection
Con: poor quality and not what I asked for. The guy doing my nails tried to convince me how beautiful they were but I did not get the design I wanted after he said it could be done (which I will take partial credit for that since I did not speak up). Once I left I noticed the poor filing of the back edges of the dip, smudged top coat, and poor quality that I know won’t last long. $70 for a terrible manicure and it was nothing more than a rushed job. Barely an enjoyable experience.
I’m sad to report this is probably the worst pedicure I’ve ever had. Messy space with water bottles and open coke cans strewn about. Lukewarm water. Clipped nails short and crooked, no filing, no foot care, next-to-no massage, terrible paint job. It was so disappointing for something that is meant to be a treat.
HOLY HORRIBLE. Don’t waste your time or money. I’ll let my photos do the talking for how TERRIBLE this place is … I asked for the photo with orange tips, I received the blue tip picture (that is the color I asked for). I hated it so I went back and was told they would fix it (that time I just got white to keep it simple, and that was the result)!! They were actually mad at ME when I said that I didn’t like them and tried to blame me for having short nails (underneath the acrylics? Because that effects how well you can paint…) I’m now at Luminous nail Bar where I’m confident they will fix my nails.
I was really rooting for this place because they have a great color selection but I was only extremely disappointed. I went in for a nail fill and to begin, the women was very rude. She then drilled down the top of my nails while cutting 3 of my fingers (one began bleeding). After, she cut my nails - and when I say my left hand vs right are complexly different lengths, it is instantly noticeable. One side is the length I wanted - almond shape, and the other side is literally cut down to my fingertips. She then CAKED on the acrylic power SO THICK all my nails have a giant hump on them.
I get were in Nashville so it's "Nashville prices" but we need some quality if you're making us drop $80 for nails. Never going back.
Worst dip mani EVER. The guy who did my mani and pedi was in a hurry and didn’t listen to anything I said or asked. My nails are clumsy, uneven and ugly. Still have black dip stuck to my skin. Don’t bother with this “salon.”’

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