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Treborth Garden Centre

+44 1248 371001
Coedlys/Treborth Rd, Bangor LL57 2RZ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM


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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I love this place noy been in November before. So I was looking forward to seeing the Christmas displays
Typical old school garden and diy centre
Good cafe with roast available.
Great variety of goods and products, be that for gardening, DIY or general household... The only thing that lets them down is that the majority of staff lack the basics in customer service, and pay little attention to looking after their customers. But of course there are a few who will engage with you and assist with and queries that you have. (Those with the gardening experience)
Awful experience here today - never have I ever been made to feel so small! I bought 4 bags of chipping stones from here less than 2 weeks ago, and one of the members of staff put the stones in my boot. Due to being in hospital for a week, I hadn't looked at the stones in the boot. Checked them yesterday, and they were the wrong stones, so I took them back today and just asked for a simple swap for the stones I had actually paid for. Some supervisor came over and insisted on having a receipt, to which I told her I don't have a receipt, I only want the correct stones instead of the wrong ones they had given me. She went on to say that everyone should keep their receipts, and without that, she cannot swap them UNLESS I pay the difference, because the stones have gone up in price in the last week! I had to pay more money, just to get the stones I had already bought, less than 2 weeks ago! No apology for giving me the wrong stones or the hassle of having to bring them back. The supervisor's attitude was absolutely disgusting, very argumentative and she made me feel like a criminal! I've never had such awful customer service and won't be returning here again!
I actually wouldn't even give one star.
Staff in the cafe are rude and ignorant. Whilst at the counter waiting to place our orders, staff completely turned their backs to us. Had their own conversation, completely aware that customers were waiting to place an order.
We went elsewhere.
Fantastic cafe. Had a very tasty lunch. Cheese, onion and pineapple toastie and a portion of chips. Hot chocolate with whipped cream. Divine! Will be back and would certainly recommend.
Treborth Garden Centre, Bangor has to be my favourite garden centre in North Wales. The products and plants are really lovely, and the prices are just right. I have bought many plants and trees from this garden centre over the years, and want to thank the staff for making my garden look really great! Thank-you! :)
I was served at the till today by a lovely assistant who was friendly, who smiled and greeted me by saying hello, which hasn’t always been the case in the past. I did notice some new faces working there and they seemed pleasant too so I will definitely be visiting again soon.

Quick Facts About Treborth Garden Centre

Treborth Garden Centre has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. In terms of strengths, the garden centre offers a great variety of goods and products for gardening, DIY, and general household needs. This is appreciated by customers who value having a wide selection to choose from. Additionally, the café at the garden centre is highly praised, with comments about the good food and enjoyable dining experience. This can be a key factor in attracting customers and enhancing their overall visit.
Furthermore, the garden centre is commended for its beautiful Christmas displays, which attract customers during the holiday season. This shows that they put effort into creating a visually appealing environment for customers to enjoy. Additionally, the garden centre has loyal customers who appreciate the quality of the products and plants they offer, as well as the reasonable prices.
However, there are weaknesses mentioned that need to be addressed by Treborth Garden Centre. One major concern is the lack of customer service skills displayed by the majority of the staff. Customers feel that the staff does not pay enough attention to their needs and lacks basic customer service etiquettes. This can be a significant problem as it directly affects customers' experience and satisfaction. It is crucial for the garden centre to invest in training their staff to improve their customer service skills.
Another weakness highlighted is an incident of poor customer service. A customer was made to feel small and insulted when trying to exchange a product for the correct one. The staff member displayed a confrontational attitude and did not handle the situation properly. This incident not only resulted in negative customer experience but also led to the customer vowing not to return.
Additionally, there is a complaint about rude and ignorant staff in the café. Customers felt ignored as the staff had their own conversation instead of attending to customers waiting to place an order. This demonstrates a lack of professionalism and customer-oriented approach, which can deter customers from returning.
It is important for Treborth Garden Centre to address these weaknesses to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. They should prioritize customer service training for their staff, emphasizing the importance of attentiveness, friendliness, and professionalism. By improving customer service skills, they can enhance the overall experience for customers and potentially increase customer retention.
Moreover, it is essential for the garden centre to address the issue of rude staff in the café. Staff training can help to improve the behavior and attitude of the café staff, ensuring that customers are treated with respect and receive prompt service.
In conclusion, Treborth Garden Centre has strengths such as a wide variety of products, a great café, and loyal customer base. However, weaknesses in the form of lacking customer service skills and rude staff have been identified. By prioritizing staff training and improving customer service, Treborth Garden Centre can overcome these weaknesses and provide a positive and enjoyable experience for their customers.

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