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Riviera Flame and grill

+44 151 666 2929
Birkenhead CH41 2QS United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Visited here with my Hubby whilst staying in Birkenhead a few weeks ago.
The food was so lovely and we had cocktails from the happy hour menu which were delicious.
The service was okay but could have been better. The young staff members didn't check back to see how our meals were.
Apart from that, we had a good experience.
Booked in 2 weeks ago for a table for my mother's 80th . . .which was booked for 5pm on the 4th January . . .we have been calling since 4.30 no answer . .still yeting to call at 5.15 . . .had to then go look for somewhere else to eat for a family meal . Not happy at all x
We have been here on a few occasions the food is spot on the staff are very attentive and it's very clean
Great Food, lovely atmosphere with friendly staff, a must
Never again, my wife ordered a lamb shank, after digging through the stew that had been poured over it, the centre was stone cold. Was asked if we would like it heated back up or pick something else, to which my wife refused, then charged us for her meal, and when asked to see the manager was told they had just left, typical ????????????
Delicious food, great service ????
We never ate our meals due to the disgusting food served. Everything taste the same. The chicken was the worst quality I have ever tasted. We got a children's spaghetti Bolognese and it tasted and smelt like it had gone off, and the pasta was soggy. We then had to buy another meal for our son which he did not eat. The most that got consumed was 3 fajita wraps, the cocktails were also disgusting, sugar, sugar, sugar. Not worth a visit at all would not visit again and will be advising people to go elsewhere. Our bill came to £70 an it was the worst £70 ever spent. I am not a fussy eater but that was disgraceful.
Enjoyed a really good, well cooked steak with a very nice mushroom sauce. Will come again without doubt.

Quick Facts About Riviera Flame and grill

Riviera Flame and Grill Place, located in Birkenhead, has received mixed reviews from customers. While some customers have praised the food and service, others have had negative experiences. In this analysis, we will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the restaurant based on the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, several customers have mentioned that the food at Riviera Flame and Grill Place is delicious. They have enjoyed well-cooked steaks and complimented the flavor and taste of the dishes. The positive feedback on the food indicates that the restaurant has a talented kitchen staff who can deliver high-quality meals to customers.
The restaurant also receives praise for its atmosphere and friendly staff. Customers have described the ambiance as lovely and enjoyed the overall dining experience. The presence of attentive and friendly staff enhances the dining experience and creates a welcoming environment for patrons. This indicates that the restaurant has created a positive atmosphere for its customers.
Another strength that has been highlighted is the cleanliness of Riviera Flame and Grill Place. Customers have mentioned that the restaurant is very clean, which is an important factor for many diners. A clean and hygienic environment can contribute to a positive dining experience and ensure customer satisfaction.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one recurring complaint is regarding the service. While some customers have mentioned that the staff is friendly and attentive, others have felt that the service could have been better. In particular, one customer mentioned that the young staff members did not check back to see how their meals were. This suggests a lack of attention to customer needs and could be improved upon.
A major weakness that has been highlighted by a customer is the difficulty in making a reservation and the lack of response from the restaurant. The customer stated that they had booked a table for a special occasion but were unable to reach the restaurant by phone. This resulted in the customer having to find an alternative place to eat, which caused disappointment and inconvenience. This indicates a possible issue with the restaurant's communication and organization, as they failed to handle the reservation effectively.
Another weakness that has been mentioned by a customer is the poor handling of a complaint regarding cold food. The customer stated that their wife's lamb shank was served cold and when they raised the issue, the restaurant only offered to heat the meal or choose another dish. The customer's wife refused and yet they were still charged for the meal. The lack of resolution to the complaint and the absence of a manager to address the issue showcases poor customer service and could lead to dissatisfaction among customers.
Furthermore, one customer had a negative dining experience due to the quality of the food. They mentioned that everything tasted the same and the chicken was of the worst quality they had ever tasted. They also complained about a child's meal being inedible and having to purchase another meal. This indicates a lack of consistency and poor quality control in the kitchen. Such incidents can greatly impact the reputation of the restaurant and deter potential customers from visiting.
In conclusion, Riviera Flame and Grill Place has strengths in terms of its delicious food, friendly staff, and clean environment. However, weaknesses are evident in areas such as service, reservation handling, and food quality. These issues need to be addressed in order to provide a consistent and satisfactory dining experience for customers. Improvements in these areas could greatly enhance the reputation and success of the restaurant.

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