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Red Persimmon Nail Salon

+1 951-672-2747
28039 Scott Rd Suite E, Murrieta, CA 92563 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Quick Facts About Red Persimmon Nail Salon

Red Persimmon Nail Salon has received a mix of positive and negative reviews, which provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the salon.
Starting with the strengths, one commenter mentioned that the salon was super busy but still managed to accommodate them. This indicates that the salon is popular and in demand, which could be seen as a positive attribute. Additionally, another comment mentioned that the nails came out exactly how they wanted them, indicating that the salon is skilled at fulfilling customer requests and providing satisfactory results. Furthermore, the mention of calming music and the ability to read a book on a phone during the nail service suggests that the salon creates a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for customers. This can contribute to a positive overall experience and encourage customers to return.
Another strength mentioned is the excellence of the salon. Multiple commenters gave the salon a five-star rating and highly recommended it. This demonstrates that there are customers who are extremely satisfied with the services provided by Red Persimmon Nail Salon. Additionally, one commenter shared that they had tried multiple other salons before finding Red Persimmon and highly recommended it. This suggests that the salon stands out from its competitors and offers superior services.
Another strength mentioned is the talent of specific employees. One commenter mentioned that they followed a particular nail technician from another shop because they trust her to do a good job. This indicates that the salon has skilled and talented employees who can attract and retain loyal customers. Additionally, the commenter mentioned that the nail technician always has a great attitude, puts extra effort into new designs, and provides a positive experience. These attributes can contribute to customer satisfaction and create a positive reputation for the salon.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one commenter had a horrible experience at Red Persimmon Nail Salon. They mentioned that the service was overpriced, they had to explain their desires multiple times, and the staff was not friendly. This is a significant weakness as it indicates a lack of customer service and dissatisfaction with the pricing. High prices combined with poor customer service can lead to negative word-of-mouth and deter potential customers from visiting the salon.
Another weakness mentioned is the salon's inability to fulfill specific requests. One commenter mentioned that they had a hard time finding or did not have the colors the customer wanted, resulting in the customer settling for a different color that they did not like. This suggests that the salon may have a limited color selection or a potential issue with communication between staff and customers. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction and frustration.
One commenter also mentioned that the shop is in need of repairs, with falling apart pedicure chairs and a worn and discolored floor. This indicates a lack of maintenance and attention to the physical appearance of the salon. A run-down and unappealing environment can negatively impact the overall customer experience and create a negative impression of the salon.
In conclusion, Red Persimmon Nail Salon has strengths such as accommodating busy schedules, providing satisfactory results, a relaxing atmosphere, excellence in services, talented employees, and loyal customers. However, they also have weaknesses such as high prices, poor customer service, inability to fulfill specific requests, and a need for repairs. These strengths and weaknesses should be taken into account when evaluating the overall quality and experience at Red Persimmon Nail Salon.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

It was super busy but they got me in. My nails came out exactly how I wanted them. The salon has calming music on. I was able to read a book on my phone while he worked on my nails, it's was a nice relaxing experience
Excellent salon 5 stars all the way. Highly recommend
January 16th.. another GREAT experience! Had a gel mani and facial wax. Lee is Fantastic! I tried 3 different salons be4 I found Red persimmons. High recommend!
Horrible experience! Wayyyy overpriced and had to explain multiple times what I wanted. My fill was $70, which is crazy! Not friendly at all. 1st and last time I will be going there!
The only place I trust to do my nails. Mindy does a great job! I followed her from another shop. It's about a 30 minute drive now but she's worth it because there's no good shops where I live. I love that she always has a great attitude when doing my nails. She also puts the extra effort into doing new designs on my nails everytime I visit????
P.s Always go during the week or in the mornings on weekends ????????
I came here yesterday last night to get a fill manicure, i like my nails very simple, i use two colors usually a glitter and a solid, the two colors i picked the lady had a hard time finding them or they didnt have it i guess, so i decided to make it eaiser for her so i picked a different color instead and just one color. The color she put on my nails wasnt even close to what i wanted but i didnt say anything i then asked for one simple rhinestone on one finger each hand and they dont even match! Very unhappy i still tipped her she was very kind but im very disappointed i disnt get what i wanted at all!
I just love this place they do an excellent job on my nails
I go here to have Kayla do my nails because she’s the best. The people that work here are great. My only complaint is that the shop itself is in need of repairs. The pedicure chairs are all falling apart and the floor is worn and discolored. Not very appealing.
Very detailed took a really long time but the quality was so amazing ❤️ Definitely my forever spot!

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended


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