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Taqueria La Placita

+1 301-277-4477
5020 Edmonston Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20781 United States of America
Open Today: 05:00 AM - 10:00 PM


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  • Mask required
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Some of the best tacos I've had on the east coast.
Lots of flavor and a nice little spice cart for you to add more. Barbacoa here is amazing! Will be back!!
The tacos were good and the service was friendly. The price for one taco ($4) was a bit high in my opinion, but it was tasty. Would definitely return if in the area but probably wouldn’t make a special trip.
Gluten-free friendly as the shells were all corn.
He ido a este lugar muchas veces y me gustan los tacos , en realidad son muy buenos, también los elotes preparados, pero hay cosas q no están bien , las personas q toman las órdenes no son nada amables , otra cosa es q el piso varias veces está lleno de grasa , peligrosamente resbaloso , también los baños están descuidados, no los mantienen limpios
This is as authentic as it gets when it comes to tacos. My friend and I stopped by on a busy weekday. There was a light out the door. Parking was luckily easy to find even with the lot being entirely filled. We ordered the barbacoa, carnitas, pastor, carne asada, cachete, chorizo and lengua. Wow flavors here are on point. Meats were seasoned well, tender and juicy. The way they pack it as well its so efficient. Stuffed in some aluminum foil. When I got home 15 minutes after they were still piping hot. I personally loved the lengua, carnitas, pastor and cachete the most. They packed the most flavor. If you want to indulge and don't mind the calories then go with the pork ones. I'm glad my friend recommended this place as I will definitely be coming back. Expect quick service, authentic Mexican tacos and delicious flavors. Don't be turned away by the long lines this is now my favorite taco spot in the area!
En este lugar era buena la comida precio y atención pero la señora gordita q todos conocemos se pasa de ladrona si salen $9.18 centavos ella cobra $10 a la fuerza y pagas con tarjeta te cobra un dólar de más por cada $10 q gastes y no es justo el dinero no se lo regalan a uno también los y sabor de comida ya son una basura ((Que Dios me perdone por q me enseñaron q la comida es sagrada una torta así por $14 no es válido hay dejo unas fotos una basura de torta)))
This is maybe one of the places where you can get the most Authentic Mexican Tacos, my kids and I love eating here, and they also have antojitos, esquites, frutas picadas, biejitas, if you're looking for a little piece of Mexico this is definitely the place.
Incredible tacos!
What stood out to me a was how perfectly each of the meats was cooked, none of them were dry or chewy. The two house made salsas were incredible, flavorful with just the right amount of spice.
Sortido- perfectly cooked pork, chopped together into a melange of flavor and texture, served with a sprinkle of cilantro, paired perfectly with the salsa verde.
Pastor - All about the seasonings, ribbons of heavily spiced pork, absent were the sugary pineapple chucks somewhat ubiquitous in Al Pastor, and all the better for it! This was some of the best Pastor I’ve ever had, elevated just a little more by the picante salsa roja ????
Lengua - delicate flavor with a melt-on-your-tongue texture. A personal favorite.
Suadero - suave beef, cooked to perfection and seasoned lightly, paired well with salted onions and spicy red salsa.
Barbacoa - savory lamb with a rich molé. It had a discernible lamb flavor that might put some people off but if you enjoy lamb it’s worth getting two.
Chorizo - soo flavorful, a well executed classic.
Carnitas - still tender and moist, with perfectly crispy edges!
I would absolutely eat here again, and would probably drive considerable distances to get these tacos.
One of few things I miss about Cali is the street tacos. This is legitimately the best tacos I've had on the east coast. I just drove 30 minutes to get them and I'll probably do it again in a few days. It's fresh. High quality. Delicious. Price is slightly high but it's worth it for me. The portions are generous.

Quick Facts About Taqueria La Placita

Taqueria La Placita has received mixed reviews from customers. While some have praised the authenticity and delicious flavors of the tacos, others have raised concerns about the price, service, cleanliness, and questionable practices of the staff. In order to thoroughly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Taqueria La Placita, let's break down the comments provided.
Starting with the positive aspects, several comments highlight the deliciousness and authenticity of the tacos. Customers mention that the meats are perfectly cooked, tender, and flavorful. They appreciate the variety of meats available, such as barbacoa, carnitas, pastor, lengua, chorizo, and more. The tacos are packed with flavor and are praised for being authentic Mexican tacos. One customer specifically mentions the barbacoa as amazing and worth trying. Another positive aspect mentioned is that the shells are gluten-free, made entirely from corn, which makes the restaurant friendly for those with gluten sensitivities.
In terms of convenience, a customer mentions that the tacos stay hot even after a 15-minute drive home, as they are packed tightly in aluminum foil. This suggests that Taqueria La Placita provides efficient service and takes measures to ensure that customers can enjoy the food while it is still fresh and hot.
However, negative aspects also come to light in some of the comments. One customer mentions that the prices are a bit high, particularly for just one taco. Another comment raises concerns about the lack of cleanliness in the restaurant, stating that the floor is often slippery due to grease and the bathrooms are not well-maintained. This suggests a potential weakness in the restaurant's cleanliness and maintenance standards, which could be off-putting to some customers.
Additionally, a customer mentions that the staff taking orders are not friendly, while another comment accuses a specific staff member of overcharging customers or adding unauthorized fees when paying with a card. These negative aspects related to service and staff behavior might impact the overall customer experience and could be seen as weaknesses of Taqueria La Placita.
In summary, the strengths of Taqueria La Placita include flavorful and authentic tacos, gluten-free options, and efficient service. On the other hand, weaknesses include relatively high prices for some customers, cleanliness and maintenance issues, and concerns regarding staff behavior. While the positive aspects are highlighted more frequently in the comments, it is important for Taqueria La Placita to address the weaknesses in order to provide the best possible experience for their customers.

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