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Queen Nails

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2832 Stirling Rd d, Hollywood, FL 33020 United States of America
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Very friendly staff! Made sure I was fit in before they closed(I had just walked in with no appointment made ahead). I told them I didn't have to much time and i got both services done in only an hour and a half.. and that was a full spa pedicure and brand new set with design, at separate times! They worked very quickly but still kept the relaxation and quality that i enjoyed.
They have Great pricing and do beautiful work. Lisa and Tina Made my hands and feet feel new again. I Wish I lived here because this would be my#1 go to salon.
This is my absolute last time ever coming here. No one in there knows how to do nails. I literally just left, I had to continue telling the tech where she missed polish, where she filed wrong. I went there for ombré. I showed them the pic FIRST! The ombré were so ugly I told them to take it off and just make them all the same color. Still ugly. She did not even file well, there are lumps throughout my nails. This place robs you, don’t go here!
This place great!! The owner was so nice and patient. Christmas eve I came late, but she waited for me because I called her. My nails were super cute for Christmas.
Lisa is Amazing whenever I do my nails here they last for 4-6 weeks somtimes longer! The photo of my nails is after 5 weeks and they are still fresh! Lisa is the best I come far everytime just for her to do my eye brow my nails and my eyelashes amazing . So worth it!
Lisa is amazingly talented! I have been in coming here for 7 yrs ! I always walk out a new woman ! Jessica and Tina are both amazing at what they do !! Then you have Stanley whom just cracks jokes all the time making the environment very relaxed yet funny !! I love my nail techs ❤️❤️❤️
They overcharge to do pedicure. Not too many options to choose from regarding color. Really frustrating communicating with someone trying to correct my toenails. Once translated, correction still not made, not returning, "no one don't have time for that
Fresh off our 1st Cruise and we were 5 hours early to our Hotel so of course our room wasn't ready....lol....I decided to take baby girl over to the nail shop because we never had the time to get them done before we left so this was a perfect way to kill a few hours and literally by the time we were done our room was ready.....there were 2 people ahead of us getting the works and they had just opened up so know workers were really there yet but I honestly didn't mind because like I said it was helping us wait for our room....hell check out time wasn't until 11 or 12....this was 9:30 in the morning....got to chat it up with a Floridian who put me up on a few places while we were waiting and had an awesome good time just laughing and taking.....so whenever I'm back in Fort Lauderdale I'm definitely going back to see them and my baby felt like a Princess because they had an Anna or Elsa kids pedicure chair so we were able to sit right next to each other getting our toes done....
Lisa is a blast! Friendly staff! Jessica is beautiful! Excellent job! Trisha my girlfriend Loves this place!

Quick Facts About Queen Nails

Queen Nails Place has several strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
Strengths: 1. Friendly staff: The comment mentions that the staff at Queen Nails Place is very friendly, creating a welcoming and positive atmosphere for customers.
2. Accommodating: The salon made an effort to fit in a customer without an appointment, showing their willingness to accommodate customers even with time constraints.
3. Quick service without compromising quality: Despite being able to complete both a spa pedicure and a brand new set with design within an hour and a half, the comment states that the salon maintained the relaxation and quality of the services.
4. Great pricing: Customers appreciate the reasonable pricing at Queen Nails Place, indicating that the salon offers affordable services.
5. Skilled nail technicians: The comments mention specific nail technicians, such as Lisa, Tina, and Jessica, who are praised for their talent, with one comment stating that the nails done by Lisa lasted for 4-6 weeks or longer.
6. Positive environment: The comment mentions that the staff, including Stanley, creates a relaxed and humorous environment, making the salon a pleasant place to visit.
7. Child-friendly: Queen Nails Place offers a kids pedicure chair with characters like Anna or Elsa, providing a fun experience for children getting their nails done.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent nail services: One comment expresses dissatisfaction with the quality of the nail services, including missed polish, improper filing, and lumpy nails. This suggests inconsistency in the skills of the technicians.
2. Limited color options: Another comment mentions frustration regarding a lack of color options for the pedicure, limiting customer choices.
3. Communication issues: A customer expresses frustration with communication difficulties when trying to correct their toenail treatment. This suggests a potential language barrier or ineffective communication within the salon.
4. Overcharging: One comment indicates that the salon may overcharge for pedicures, suggesting potential issues with pricing transparency.
In conclusion, Queen Nails Place has strengths in terms of friendly and accommodating staff, quick service without compromising quality, great pricing, skilled technicians, a positive environment, and child-friendly services. However, there are weaknesses in terms of inconsistent nail services, limited color options, communication issues, and potential overcharging. Despite these weaknesses, the salon seems to have a loyal customer base who appreciate the skills and positive experiences provided by certain technicians.

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