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Gateway Market Center

+1 770-980-8180
7751-8229 9th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33702 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

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Lieblings Plaza.Man findet alles auf einem Platz.Publix,TJ und und und.
It's a normal target. I'm giving it 4 stars because I would like to see a more competitive selection of products, I'd also like to see better cutlery. However, I've heard they're having trouble moving that type of inventory right now due to the recession. My wife could not find any clothes she wanted to buy, I didn't find anything too great either. I would like to see target sell higher quality leather. Top grain with thick stitching and Italian brass. Sounds expensive but I get that online for $10-$15. I would also like to see them incorporate higher quality footwear. Smaller brands are a great idea.
I visited during Christmas weekend
The parking lot is a bit to navigate. This is a very busy location. So please pay attention. The store was clean and well stocked. Target also had plenty of registers open. Thos was a positive experience.
Why is it that no Target ever has a clean bathroom? Like ever. Any Target I visit. And why is this not more talked about lol? Toy know it is a majority female visited establishment and I know I am not the only who who tries (and isn't always successful) at AVOIDING the Target bathrooms. And it's not just this location...
Compared to other targets it's a 4 star. Compared to other department stores in the same category it's 5 stars. If target were the same size as Walmart it would be 3 sss....tars
They had a variety of things in there that are just great it's almost like one stop shopping.
I love love target the dollar spot I didn't see a dollar spot this time very pretty home decor some things are a little pricey but overall I like the store
Packed as always. But the girl standing by self checkout today was trying everything she could to speed up the line. She personally took my purchase on a hand held device.

Quick Facts About Gateway Market Center

Gateway Market Center place, located in Lieblings Plaza, is a popular destination for shoppers due to the convenience of having multiple stores in one place. One of the notable strengths of this market is the presence of Publix, TJ, and other stores, making it a one-stop shopping destination. However, there are also mentions of weaknesses that can be highlighted and discussed further.
One customer rates the market as 4 stars due to the lack of a competitive selection of products and the need for better cutlery. It is speculated that the recession has impacted the inventory and assortment available. This weakness suggests that the market might not cater to a wide range of customer preferences and needs, limiting their shopping options.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of clothing options for both men and women. This customer's wife was unable to find any clothes she wanted to purchase, and the customer himself did not find anything great either. This indicates that the market might not have a diverse range of clothing brands or styles to cater to different tastes and preferences.
The customer also expresses a desire for higher quality leather products and footwear. They mention top grain leather with thick stitching and Italian brass, which they claim to find online for a fraction of the price. This suggests that the market might not offer high-end or luxury options for shoppers looking for premium products in these categories.
One positive comment is about the store's cleanliness and well-stocked inventory. The customer mentions that Target, one of the stores in Gateway Market Center, had plenty of registers open and provided a positive shopping experience. This indicates that the market does a good job of maintaining cleanliness and keeping their products well-stocked, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience for customers.
However, a recurring weakness mentioned in the comments is the cleanliness of the restrooms in Target stores. This customer, like many others, points out that no Target store seems to have clean bathrooms, raising concerns and questions about the store's hygiene standards. This weakness suggests that the market might need to improve its restroom maintenance and cleanliness to provide a better overall shopping experience for customers.
Another strength mentioned is the variety of items available in the market. It is described as "almost like one-stop shopping," indicating that customers can find a wide range of products in one place, reducing the need to visit multiple stores. This strength suggests that the market does a good job of offering a diverse selection of items to cater to different customer needs.
One customer expresses their love for Target, specifically mentioning the dollar spot and the attractive home decor available. However, they note that some items can be pricey overall. This implies that while the market offers affordable options, there might be room for improvement in terms of pricing to cater to more budget-conscious customers.
Lastly, a positive comment is made about an employee's efforts to speed up the checkout process. The customer commends the employee for personally taking their purchase on a handheld device, indicating a proactive approach taken by staff to improve the customer experience.
In conclusion, Gateway Market Center place in Lieblings Plaza has several strengths, including the convenience of having multiple stores in one place, a well-stocked inventory, and efforts to improve the checkout process. However, there are also weaknesses, such as a lack of competitive product selection, limited clothing options, and cleanliness issues with Target bathrooms. Overall, the market could benefit from addressing these weaknesses to enhance the shopping experience for customers.

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