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Q Nails & Spa

+1 708-777-1673
2726 S Harlem Ave, Riverside, IL 60546 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:30 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Very nice place! Waiting area had magazines and water, was attended pretty quick by a lovely young lady named Jolie. I wanted a redo on a bad nail job from another place and she did an amazing job :) she took her time and made sure I was comfortable/not in pain. Will be returning.
It’s the perfection for me! Every time!
I found this salon from my google search and I read reviews here..I always do a little research when trying new salons. So many of the reviews mentioned one specific nail technician named “Ricky” and others about the atmosphere being calm and generally quiet and relaxing. I went in. I was seated at a table with a tech quickly. I described how I was there to fix another salon’s disaster lol! He was very receptive and made sure we both were understanding about what our plan was. Somewhere in the process I asked what his name is and he said “Ricky”. You could imagine my surprise to be sat with the same person I read great reviews about! And now I am a regular here!
This is my latest set by Ricky! For the month of October I’ve got some Halloween ideas and he just NAILS it! Lol every time!
By the way, I also want to mention that so far, every single person there has been kind and welcoming!
I love this place. It’s conveniently located and I never have difficulty getting in for appointments. I’ve been visiting now about once a month for going on 6 months now and I’ve been serviced by Tracy each time. My full sets are always PERFECT and the shaping is superb. She’s such an attentive technician and she actually takes the time to listen and follow through with exactly what it is that I ask for. They never disappoint. Highly recommend!
I really liked it here, everyone was very nice and for the most part everything is through appointment so there's not much waiting time. I had a very broken thumb nail and the technician was super careful & considerate, I didn't catch her name but she was at table 9. Some of my nails had chipped a tiny bit and I walked in a couple days later in the morning and they were able to take care of me right away. I'd definitely go to them again!
Update 12.17.22! Jolie did it again! She's so amazing!! She's sweet and she works fast. & she's always so willing to do the nail design exactly how I want it, even if I change my mind or ask her to add different things, she's always very accommodating.
I went to this shop on a referral. My first set was amazing. Every visit since has continued to diminish: polish not being placed on the entire nail, toe polish coming off in a single sheet on several toes 2 days after, appointments not being logged when calling in to make appointment and then being told they are too busy to take you at your scheduled time, choosing a true red glitter polish and leaving with a wine Bordeaux color only to be told “it looks better on you”
The crew never disappoints. Jolie usually does my nails and they always turn out great!
My usual nail salon recently unexpectedly closed and I was at a loss as to where to go. I found Q nails and was pleasantly surprised. They were accommodating and liked the service. I will go back!
I waited for 15minutes for someone to service me. A white lady walked in after mine 15 minutes of waiting. A tech greeted her and gave her nail color options to choose from. The tech started on her nails. None gave me any colors to choose from. I initiated choosing colors myself. I politely walked out of the place. This is not a matter of race but....
I don't know how else to see it. None stopped me on the way out to explain. I had been the only one waiting for service prior to her. The young lady didn't have an appointment. That was very out of order.

Quick Facts About Q Nails & Spa

Q Nails & Spa appears to have several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, customers appreciate the nice and welcoming atmosphere of the salon. The waiting area is equipped with magazines and water, providing a comfortable environment for customers. Additionally, the staff members are described as kind, accommodating, and attentive, making customers feel valued and appreciated. The quick service is also mentioned positively, with customers being attended to promptly upon arrival.
The expertise and skill of the nail technicians are highly praised. Customers specifically mention technicians named Jolie, Ricky, and Tracy, who consistently deliver excellent results. These technicians are commended for their ability to fix previous nail disasters and for their attention to detail in creating beautiful nails. The shaping and design work by the technicians are highly regarded, and they are described as understanding and responsive to customer preferences.
Another strength of Q Nails & Spa is its convenient location and easy appointment scheduling. Customers appreciate the availability of appointments and the ability to schedule them easily. This indicates that the salon is efficient in managing its schedule and meeting customer demand.
On the other hand, there are some weaknesses mentioned in one of the comments. One customer expressed disappointment with the declining quality of their visits to the salon. Issues included incomplete nail polish application, early chipping of toe polish, and difficulties with appointment scheduling. This comment suggests that the salon may have inconsistencies in its service quality and appointment management, which could be areas for improvement.
Additionally, there is a comment that indicates a potential issue with racial bias in the salon. The customer felt neglected and treated unfairly when a white customer was served before them, despite arriving earlier and waiting for 15 minutes. While it is important to acknowledge that this comment represents only one individual's experience, it suggests that there may be a need for the salon to address any potential discrimination and ensure fair treatment of all customers.
In summary, Q Nails & Spa has several notable strengths, including a welcoming atmosphere, skilled and attentive technicians, convenient location, and easy appointment scheduling. However, the salon may benefit from addressing potential inconsistencies in service quality and appointment management, as well as ensuring fair treatment and equal service to all customers.

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