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MacDade Mall

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2600 MacDade Boulevard, Holmes, PA 19043 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Not what it was in it's heyday. Hard to believe this was PA's first mall. It's opening was so important that Richard Nixon came to the celebration. This really shows the effects of the industries that left the area had on the area's economy. All in all the stores are great.
What can I say it's the MacDade Mall it is forever changing and forever the same acme, Ross, Marshalls, Burger King, Sonic, and a few others including a shoe store called McLaughlin the acme in this mall has the best grilled and fried chicken if you go there after 3 d'deli night manager will be there most of the and they call him the chicken man the guy who makes great fried and grilled he's also a delight put a smile on my face
Acme is great , Ross some time have very good main brands iteam and Marshall is allways out of product but other stores are just useless Kmart is gone too
Citizens bank gives people pleasing service where it counts! Better promos than TD bank. Highly experienced bankers to steer you to better financial options. Sensible, in your best interest financial advisors to anchor you into solid gains for a steady wealth bracket...???? Bravo!????????
Foods OK. Lately they’ve been extra cheap. I ordered a meal for three people and there was one napkin in the bag. When I asked for more they gave me a bit of a rebuff before giving me one more napkin. So I stated again… THREE people. And then I really got a frustrated employee making sure that I knew I was frustrating them.
Also. Expect to wait in line for 20-30 minutes.
Im Always in the strip mall great shopping center either game stop nail salloon or super market etc etc safe atmosphere plenty of parking.
Visited Acme situated at end of mall, anchor store. Parking is de ent.
I go to the nailery in the mall. Ambiance nail spa. Ask for Max. He's the best ????

Quick Facts About MacDade Mall

In its heyday, MacDade Mall was an important part of the community and even attracted national attention with the visit from Richard Nixon during its opening. However, the mall has since declined due to the impact of industries leaving the area and the subsequent effects on the local economy. Despite these challenges, the mall still has some strengths and weaknesses.
One of the strengths of MacDade Mall is its variety of stores. The commenter mentions a range of stores including Acme, Ross, Marshalls, Burger King, Sonic, and a shoe store called McLaughlin. This diverse selection of retailers provides shoppers with options for clothing, groceries, fast food, and more. The presence of these well-known brands can also attract customers who are familiar with them and trust their quality.
Another strength highlighted by a different commenter is the service provided by Citizens Bank. They praise the bank for offering better promotions than TD Bank and having highly experienced bankers who can guide customers towards better financial options. This indicates that some of the services within the mall, such as banking, are of high quality and provide value to customers.
However, there are also weaknesses in MacDade Mall that need to be addressed. The decline of the mall is mentioned by the first commenter, who states that "it's not what it was in its heyday." This suggests that the mall has struggled to maintain its success and relevance over time. The commenter attributes this decline to the industries that left the area, indicating that MacDade Mall's success is closely tied to the economic conditions of the surrounding region.
Another weakness pointed out is the inconsistent availability of products in stores such as Ross and Marshall's. While Ross sometimes has good brands, the commenter notes that Marshall's is often out of products. This can be frustrating for shoppers who visit these stores in the hopes of finding specific items, only to be disappointed by the lack of selection. It suggests that the mall needs to work on maintaining better inventory levels and ensuring that stores are adequately stocked.
Additionally, the food options at MacDade Mall have received mixed reviews. One commenter mentions that the food is okay, but lately has been extra cheap. This raises concerns about the quality and value of the food offerings within the mall. Another commenter expresses frustration with the service at a food establishment in the mall, citing a lack of napkins and long wait times. These comments highlight the need for improvement in terms of the food quality, customer service, and overall dining experience at MacDade Mall.
In terms of ambiance and safety, the mall receives positive remarks. A commenter mentions that it is a safe atmosphere with plenty of parking, which is important for shoppers who want a secure and convenient experience. They also mention specific businesses in the mall, such as GameStop, a nail salon, and a supermarket, indicating that there is a good mix of stores available.
Overall, it is clear that MacDade Mall has its strengths and weaknesses. While it may have lost some of its former glory, it still offers a variety of stores and services to cater to the needs of the community. However, improvements are needed in areas such as inventory management and food quality to enhance the overall shopping experience. Additionally, continued efforts to attract new businesses and adapt to changing consumer preferences will be crucial for the future success of MacDade Mall.

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