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My last visit they popped off my acrylic nails with another fake nail instead of filing and doing a soak off. This causes a lot of damage to the nail bed. It hurt pretty badly and I told the tech it was causing pain. I thought with the new ownership they would take more time with client's instead of pushing people in and out so fast they don’t have time for soak offs. If you go in please advocate for yourself, your nails grow back but some damage can cause pain for days after like mine did. My last pedicure with them they used what looked like a cheese grader on feet during a pedicure. I was truly concerned because I can’t imagine it’s sanitary to reuse items like that on multiple people with something like that. I’m used to salons using singe use items for mani & pedis. Especially foot buffers and toe separators. I loved how my nails turned out but I was truly disappointed by how much unnecessary pain my nails went thru to get them and the lack of sanitation on pedicures. I won’t be coming back again.
This place has gone downhill since Tony and Tina Left… unless you get in with someone in chairs 2-4 your nails will be trash. It’s a beauty school now. Everyone is new and the guys minus an older gentleman are just not foot. One even got upset at me because he didn’t know how to do a fill. I have used this business over 2 years and the last 4 months have been constant disappointment. The nails are NEVER the right shape nor are they prepped or filled properly I had a nail lift a week later…. Before when rose and Tina and other girls… I could have one set for 3 fills and never have anything lift. To think I paid $57 for a fill that looks like I did it and I can’t do nails! Save your money and go someone else. They are using cheaper product and brand new people yet still making you pay full price. I won’t be returning… not even to have them fix the lifted nail. I have 16 points saved up and you only get 1 point per visit.. so I was there a lot. But I can’t anymore. Hard to see in the pics but nails are not smooth… the look wrinkled but that’s because the girl didn’t know how to use the tool properly. Just stop going there or tell them you want someone in chair 2,3 or 4!! Anything higher and you will be disappointed!
I normally don't write reviews but in this case I am. Tried this nail salon and I should have saved my money. I wanted a Easter bunny ( very simple) on my ring fingers. The lady said she could do it.....boy was she wrong. I ended up with a white blob instead. Nail tech got upset with me when I told her just take it off because it doesn't look anything like a bunny. I paid my 42.00 and left. My nails have bumps and air bubbles in them and about 6 fingers are not fully painted on the sides. Very dis-satisfied. Save your time and money and go somewhere else!!
They do a beautiful work ????. My daughter and I both got our nails done for 150 tip included, Can't forget the tip y'all????. I am a heavy typist and these nails have held up beautifully, approx 4weeks def gotta go back to get them redone. If your looking for a great place to get your nails done you found it????????
They do amazing work!
The red & white set was my first visit around Nov 19th. & the green was Dec 9th. The green set is by far my favorite ever! So detailed and Christmas just like I wanted!
horrible experience tech looked at the picture i wanted sat me down & acted like she knew what she was doing. the results of my nails came out to be too thick & design i wanted was not it, im expressing my concerns & all they can say was she did the best she could then proceed to tell me as i waiting my total was 52 & then i give them $100 & don’t get the right change back for the lady to turn around & say it is now 62 like what? first time coming here & i won’t be back this is why shops are losing to independent nail techs because they don’t care to cater to customers. just get in & get out. horrible horrible!!
I have been driving 45 mins since Dec. 2017 to come here to get my nails done because there’s no place that does a better job. Pretty busy often but always quick service. My go to for manicures is Tina but I can also recommend Paul & Eda. Pedicures are also lovely and really anyone is good for this but Nancy makes me laugh. Look no further, this is the place to go.
Horrible! I took my daughter in for her 7th birthday to get her nails done. I asked for a POLISH CHANGE. The lady was very rude to my daughter, scraped her skin, and didn't take off all of the polish she had on her nails when she came in so she still has teal color showing through her pink she just got. She also refused to do any kind of design (small featherlike design just running up the side of the nail she's had done at other salons). My daughter sat very still for her and didn't do a single thing to rub her wet polish but the woman was still very impatient and her tone and body language was offensive. We did not ask for gel but apparently the tech chose to use it and charge us for it. She charged us $25. $25 for a horrible POLISH CHANGE! Most of her nails aren't even covered with polish Never again!
I never leave reviews, let alone bad ones, so I am upset enough with their service to do so.

Quick Facts About Pueblo Nails and Spa

Pueblo Nails and Spa appears to have both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Here is an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses:
1. Beautiful work: One comment highlights that Pueblo Nails and Spa does a "beautiful work" and that the nails held up for four weeks. This suggests that they have skilled technicians who can create visually appealing nails.
2. Quick service: According to one review, the salon offers quick service, which could be beneficial for individuals who are looking for a time-efficient experience.
3. Skilled technicians: Several comments mention specific technicians by name and recommend their services, indicating that there are talented individuals working at the salon.
4. Detailed designs: One customer commends the detail and quality of the Christmas-themed nail designs, suggesting that Pueblo Nails and Spa has the ability to create intricate and personalized designs.
1. Lack of sanitation: One customer expressed concerns about the lack of sanitation practices, particularly the reuse of tools like foot buffers and toe separators. This raises questions about the overall cleanliness and hygiene standards of the salon.
2. Inexperienced staff: Multiple comments mention a decline in the quality of service since the departure of certain staff members. Customers state that the current staff lacks skills, knowledge, and experience, particularly when it comes to filling nails and recreating desired designs.
3. Painful and damaging procedures: One customer had a negative experience where acrylic nails were forcefully popped off with another fake nail, causing damage to the nail bed. This suggests that the salon may prioritize speed over the well-being and comfort of their clients.
4. Poor customer service: The comments include complaints about the rude and impatient behavior of staff members. One customer mentioned that their daughter received a poor quality polish change and had a negative interaction with a technician.
5. High prices for subpar results: A customer expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of their nails, stating that the nails were not smooth and had a wrinkled appearance. They also mentioned that they paid $57 for a fill that looked like they did it themselves. This suggests that the salon charges high prices but fails to deliver satisfactory results.
In conclusion, while Pueblo Nails and Spa has the strengths of producing beautiful work, quick service, and skilled technicians, they have significant weaknesses that include a lack of sanitation, inexperienced staff, painful procedures, poor customer service, and high prices for subpar results. These weaknesses may be concerning for potential customers looking for a reliable and satisfactory nail salon experience.

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