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Sweetwater Flea Market

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121 Co. Road 308, Sweetwater, TN 37874 United States of America
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Been visiting in the last month. Daughter Savannah with grandma and me ..... Going gone out of business. Had lots of people merchandise. Jesus free books ???? etc. Kids children adults products tshirts more.... 2023
I love this place been going since I was a child my buddy Kyle who use to run the game store around there died and it broke my heart the flea market is sadly closing for good on March 26th 2023 so if y'all are thinking of going then this weekend is your last chance although I went earlier this week and most booths are gone
Went to the Sweetwater flea market on Sunday. It has free admission and parking which is close to the entrance. It was very hot that day and there was no air conditioning inside. It was hot as the underside of the devils foot in there. While we were there the power went out in half the facility. The concession stand was affected and you couldn't buy anything to drink. I'd say about half the booths were empty when we went. It has the usual flea market stuff. Socks, t shirts, knives, Trump flags, CBD, and your run of the mill Chinese junk. It did however have a coin booth with silver bullion which is why I went. My step daughter loved the play area as well. It was alright to go once, but keep your expectations low. I would go again but only to get some silver at the coin booth. For me that was worth the trip.
I'm only giving this a five star review for the memories this place has made for me over the years now that it's shutting down for good. Honestly, the place has really been going downhill in the past five or six years, so it doesn't really come as a surprise as to why it's closing down; there's hardly any vendors and over half the booths are long empty.
I used to go there two to three times a month with my grandparents, and it was always a trip that I looked forward to. There were numerous trading card vendors, collectibles, and the bookstore that used to be in the center aisle always had something to read. This was the main place that fueled all my hobbies growing up. I completed my Pokemon card collection using vendors here, I played Yugioh tournaments with friends here, and two of my beloved dogs were even purchased here. I have fond memories of passing by the "Beats um All" guy who was there every single weekend, buying whatever trading cards I was into at the time from several of the vendors, and every leather belt that I've ever owned came from the belt guys by the main office.
It's been a fun 30 years of visiting, and I'm kinda sad to see it go, but given its decline over the past, I suppose that it's time to let it go. However, it will leave me with some very fond memories. Even with the decline over the past several years, it was well worth it. Even when I went for what will likely be the very last time today, I still found something to buy, as I always have every time I've went. And for that, I would like to thank the owners of the Sweetwater Flea Market for the many, many fond memories that I will cherish of this place, as well as the friendships that I've made with many of the vendors, some of which have long since gone. And to that, I say farewell to the Sweetwater Flea Market, and thank you for the many wonderful memories.
Less than half of the booths were occupied. It was very cold in the building. The only thing that made the trip worth while was the fresh funnel cakes. We will not be going back, we will going to the Sevierville flea market from now on. Very disappointing. ????
Not sure what has happened here, it could have been the pandemic, but this flea market has really went down hill. Hardly any vendors, place was almost empty, hardly any customers. New blood needs to come in and set up booths.
Sad to see that they're closing down and last day is the 26th of this month! Many memories was made here when I was a kid, from the magician with the monkey skeleton that had wings to Mrs. Toto that sold knives! Thank you everyone who worked their booths that made every weekend awesome for everyone from anywhere in the US!
Kind of empty. But what's there is pretty diverse. People are friendly.

Quick Facts About Sweetwater Flea Market

Strengths of Sweetwater Flea Market:
1. Variety of merchandise: According to multiple comments, the Sweetwater Flea Market has a diverse range of products including t-shirts, knives, Trump flags, CBD, trading cards, collectibles, books, and more. This wide range of merchandise provides options for different customers and interests.
2. Memories and nostalgic value: Many commenters mention the fond memories they have of visiting the market in their childhood and the experiences they shared with loved ones. The flea market has a sentimental value for these individuals, who appreciate the memories it has created for them.
3. Play area for children: One commenter mentions that their stepdaughter loved the play area in the market. This indicates that the market caters to families by providing entertainment options for children, making it a family-friendly destination.
4. Coin booth with silver bullion: One commenter specifically mentions a coin booth with silver bullion as a highlight of the market. This suggests that Sweetwater Flea Market offers unique and valuable items that may attract certain collectors or individuals interested in precious metals.
5. Free admission and parking: Another positive aspect of the market is the free admission and parking. This eliminates any financial barrier for potential visitors, making it more accessible and appealing to a wider range of customers.
Weaknesses of Sweetwater Flea Market:
1. Decline in vendors and booths: Several commenters express disappointment over the declining number of vendors and empty booths at the market. This indicates that Sweetwater Flea Market has suffered from a decrease in participation from both sellers and buyers. The lack of variety and choice resulting from this decline may deter potential customers.
2. Lack of air conditioning: One commenter mentions that there was no air conditioning inside the facility, and it was uncomfortably hot during their visit. This could impact the overall shopping experience, especially during warmer months, potentially driving away customers who seek a more comfortable environment.
3. Power outage and affected concession stand: Another commenter mentions experiencing a power outage during their visit, which affected the concession stand's ability to sell drinks. This additional inconvenience may have a negative impact on the overall customer experience and satisfaction.
4. Negative comparison to other flea markets: One commenter explicitly states that they will not be returning to Sweetwater Flea Market and will instead go to the Sevierville flea market. This comparison suggests that the Sweetwater market may be falling behind in terms of offerings, ambiance, or overall customer experience in comparison to other similar establishments.
5. Empty and cold atmosphere: Multiple commenters mention the emptiness and coldness of the market. A lack of occupied booths and a chilly environment may contribute to an uninviting and uninspiring atmosphere for potential visitors.
In conclusion, the Sweetwater Flea Market has strengths such as the variety of merchandise, nostalgic value, a play area for children, and unique offerings like a coin booth with silver bullion. However, the market faces weaknesses including a decline in vendors and booths, the lack of air conditioning, a power outage affecting concession stand operations, negative comparisons to other flea markets, and an empty and cold atmosphere. These weaknesses may impact the overall customer experience and contribute to the market's decline.

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