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Varsity Burgers

+1 714-956-2772
600 W Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92805 United States of America
Open Today: 06:00 AM - 10:00 PM


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Hamburger char flavor on point. Bread soft and pillowy. Fries seasoned well. Sandwich large , not stingy with their fries. Onion rings a bit strong not the sweet onion I prefer. A must try.
Great independent Hamburger restaurant! Burgers were cooked fresh made to order by courteous staff! Didn't have to wait long for my burger at all came with all the toppings and was reasonably priced. I would love to visit here again and try more items on the menu. I only found out about this place because I went to see St Boniface church and this was almost across the street from it. I would recommend them to anyone who does not want to go to a burger chain like Carl's Jr or Jack in the box. Very good hamburger for the money I'll be back if I'm ever in Anaheim again.
Every time, I am in town. Varsity Burgers is the one restaurant that I never missed . I value a excellent restaurant using the following matrics . Value , taste , friendliness , speed and appreciates. Varsity Burgers meets all my expectations. The owner of the restaurant,Juan , is so friendly and welcoming . He always smiles and welcome every guest. He always make sure the orders correct . The environment is just so down to earth . Speaking of the value and taste . What could I see for dinner chicken quesadillas that it costs $8.84 including the taxes . Amazingly , the chicken quesadillas is very flavourful , fresh , cheesey and tasty . The quantities of the chicken and cheese are so full that every bit of ,it is full of tasty chicken and cheese. The restaurant is super busy yet my order is fast paced and get my orders less than 10 minutes. So .what could I ask more for such beautiful restaurants that has class , and quality . You can dine in ,take out or drive through . Well, can you see the cheesy chicken yet ?
This would definitely not be my idea of a fish taco.. More like a lettuce and tomato taco with chopped up fish sticks. Was cold would not order that item again
Best onion rings EVER!
Came after work for dinner and got the cheese burger combo with a side of onion rings. Their burgers are huge, delicious and filling. Their fries are fresh cut and not frozen and you can definitely taste it and the onion rings are large, crunchy and delightful. Highly recommend and will be coming back!
Staff is great they're always pretty busy, so it may be a bit of a wait for your food, but it's really good. I recommend their breakfast burrito. Every time I go, I always see the owner there, and it's nice to see how much effort him and his staff put towards their work :).
Love this place. Some of the friendliest drive through staff, never make mistakes in orders. Can't explain it but if we have people over and need take out, it's more often than not varsity. Great burgers and sandwiches, awesome fries. Breakfast is killer too
Buen lugar para probar comida Americana como hamburguesas con comida mexicana como burritos.

Quick Facts About Varsity Burgers

Strengths of Varsity Burgers Place:
1. Hamburger char flavor: Many customers have praised Varsity Burgers for the delicious char flavor of their hamburgers. This indicates that their burgers are cooked to perfection, resulting in a flavorful and satisfying taste.
2. Soft and pillowy bread: The comments mention that the bread used in their burgers is soft and pillowy, suggesting that it adds to the overall texture and enjoyment of the meal.
3. Seasoned fries: Customers have praised the well-seasoned fries, indicating that they are flavorful and enjoyable. This adds an extra element to the meal and makes it more satisfying.
4. Large sandwich portions: Varsity Burgers is commended for their generous sandwich portions. Customers appreciate the fact that they are not stingy with their fries, indicating that they provide ample portions of food.
5. Fresh and made-to-order: The independent restaurant is praised for cooking their burgers fresh and made-to-order. This indicates that customers can expect freshly cooked meals, adding to the overall quality and taste.
6. Courteous staff: Customers mention that the staff at Varsity Burgers are courteous and friendly. This positive interaction with customers adds to the overall dining experience and makes customers feel valued and appreciated.
7. Reasonably priced: Customers mention that Varsity Burgers offers good value for the money. This indicates that their prices are reasonable and affordable, making it an attractive option for those looking for a quality meal without breaking the bank.
8. Convenient location: The comment highlights the restaurant's location near a popular church, making it easily accessible for visitors to the area. This adds to the convenience and appeal of Varsity Burgers.
9. Variety on the menu: The comment mentions that there are more items on the menu that the customer would like to try. This indicates that Varsity Burgers offers a variety of options, catering to different tastes and preferences.
Weaknesses of Varsity Burgers Place:
1. Strong onion rings: One customer mentions that the onion rings at Varsity Burgers are a bit strong and not the sweet onion variety they prefer. This indicates that the taste of the onion rings may not appeal to everyone.
2. Lackluster fish tacos: One customer expresses disappointment with the fish tacos, stating that they were more like lettuce and tomato tacos with chopped up fish sticks. They also mention that the tacos were cold. This indicates that the quality and taste of the fish tacos may not meet expectations.
3. Potential wait times: The comment mentions that the restaurant can be busy, resulting in a wait for food. This suggests that there may be potential wait times during peak hours, which could be a drawback for those looking for a quick meal.
In conclusion, Varsity Burgers Place has several strengths, such as their delicious burger flavor, soft bread, well-seasoned fries, generous portions, fresh and made-to-order meals, courteous staff, reasonable prices, convenient location, and variety on the menu. However, there are also a few weaknesses to consider, such as the strong onion rings, lackluster fish tacos, and potential wait times during busy periods. Overall, Varsity Burgers Place offers a positive dining experience with its strengths outweighing its weaknesses.

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