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Starbucks Coffee

+44 115 958 0871
1 S Parade, Nottingham NG1 2JS United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Great tea selection
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
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  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
  • Coffee
  • Prepared foods
  • Vegetarian options
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  • LGBTQ+ friendly
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Super leckeres Cafe!!!
The worst Starbucks I've ever been into.
All drinks served in take away cups when drinking in.
Crumbs, rubbish and empty cups everywhere. Filthy floors.
Toilets absolutely disgusting.
The only star I can give this is for the staff but they really need to take a look at their environment, it's a mess.
Would rather sit in the cold on a bench in the snow than visit this place again.
I have never been into a Starbucks this dirty in my life. It was absolutely filthy, crumbs and dirt all over the floor, the sugar station has never been cleaned, tables full of rubbish and empty drinks and benches full of crumbs and food the toilet is absolutely disgusting. I did mention this to a member of staff who offered to clean the area but like I explained to him he’d be there all day cleaning the place it needs a proper spring clean throughout ! Not really much of an excuse today as there was plenty of staff on I’m really not that busy inside.
Chairs and tables are dirty and sticky, floor needs a good mop up as well. The only reason why I am writing this review is because it is unfortunately not a firts time this is happening. I don't come back here that's for sure. I am expecting a much higher standard for that sort of money.
Got a medium Americano- not hot at all - just luke warm ????????????
Friendly staff and quick service. Ambiance is always a little off as it gets very busy very quick, but if you can find a nook to yourself then it's a relatively nice place to grab a coffee.
I Love Starbucks coffee ☕ and service is always great.
I normally have a take out but decided to drink in due to the weather being bad.
The seating area was very dirty and it had flies flying around us, which was a shame because I do like a good Starbucks.
Lovely place to sit and watch the world go by whilst wait for friends.
Clean and tidy, but had to may tables and chair near each other. Drinks was hot and Lovely and strong. Staff was friendly and happy .

Quick Facts About Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee, despite being a popular global chain, seems to have some notable strengths and weaknesses based on the provided comments. It is important to evaluate these aspects to understand the overall experience customers might have at Starbucks.
Starting with the strengths, one common positive aspect mentioned in the comments is the friendly and quick service provided by the staff. This is crucial in maintaining good customer relations and delivering an efficient experience. Additionally, the coffee itself is praised as being delicious and strong, which is a major factor for coffee enthusiasts. Many customers appreciate the taste and quality of Starbucks coffee, as well as the consistent level of service across different locations.
Furthermore, Starbucks is often considered a comfortable place to relax and enjoy a hot drink. Commenters mention that it can be a great spot to socialize and people-watch. This suggests that Starbucks has created an inviting ambiance that appeals to customers. The ability to provide a cozy atmosphere could be a significant strength for the chain, as it encourages customers to spend time and enjoy their beverages in-store.
On the other hand, there are several weaknesses mentioned in the comments that Starbucks needs to address. The most significant issue highlighted is the cleanliness of the stores. Multiple customers express their dissatisfaction with the overall hygiene, such as crumbs, rubbish, and empty cups scattered around the tables and floors. This criticism is reinforced by complaints about dirty chairs and sticky tables, indicating a lack of attention to cleanliness. The state of the toilets is also criticized as being "absolutely disgusting." This suggests that Starbucks may need to improve their cleaning procedures and ensure a high standard of cleanliness at all times.
Another weakness mentioned is the tendency of the staff to serve drinks in take-away cups, even when customers choose to drink inside the store. This practice can be seen as environmentally unfriendly and not aligned with the values of sustainability associated with Starbucks. It is important for the staff to pay attention to customers' preferences and provide an appropriate alternative to single-use cups for in-store consumption.
Furthermore, one customer reported a lack of hot coffee, receiving only a lukewarm Americano. Consistency in the temperature of the beverages is crucial to meet customers' expectations. It is essential for Starbucks to address issues like this to maintain their reputation for providing quality coffee.
In terms of seating arrangements, some comments point out that the tables and chairs are arranged too closely together. This can make it difficult for customers to find seating and hinder their overall comfort. It might be beneficial for Starbucks to consider better spacing of their furniture to allow for a more pleasant and relaxed experience for customers.
In summary, while Starbucks Coffee has strengths such as friendly staff, quick service, and delicious coffee, there are some notable weaknesses that they need to address. These include the cleanliness of stores, the inappropriate use of takeaway cups, issues with inconsistent beverage temperatures, and potentially uncomfortable seating arrangements. By addressing these weaknesses, Starbucks can enhance the overall customer experience and maintain their reputation as a popular coffee chain.

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