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Peel Hey Place, based on the provided comments, appears to have several strengths and weaknesses. Let's analyze them in detail.
Strengths: 1. Customer Service: Numerous comments highlight the exceptional customer service at Peel Hey Place. The staff is described as friendly, helpful, and attentive, prioritizing the customer's needs and desires. They are willing to go the extra mile to ensure a positive experience, as seen in their efforts to make the wedding reception special and accommodate specific requests for celebrations. 2. New Ownership: The new owner of Peel Hey Place is commended for allowing the staff to flourish and implement new ideas to improve the property. This suggests that the new management is open to innovation and actively supports the staff's growth and development. 3. Pleasant Atmosphere: Multiple comments praise the cozy and lovely atmosphere at Peel Hey Place. The warm ambiance contributes to a pleasant experience, making guests feel comfortable and welcome. 4. High-Quality Food: Guests consistently mention the excellent food served at Peel Hey Place. The breakfast, full English breakfast, and afternoon tea receive particular praise. The comment about the veggie breakfast being delicious indicates that the establishment caters to dietary requirements and offers diverse menu options. 5. Clean and Comfortable Rooms: Several comments highlight the cleanliness, comfort, and size of the rooms at Peel Hey Place. The positive experience ensures a pleasant stay for guests, making them feel at home. 6. Dog-Friendly: One comment specifically mentions that Peel Hey Place is dog-friendly, offering a warm welcome to guests with pets. This could be a significant advantage for dog owners looking for accommodation that accommodates their furry friends.
Weaknesses: 1. Lack of Communication: One comment expresses dissatisfaction with the lack of communication from Peel Hey Place, particularly during the wedding planning process. This suggests a weakness in their response time and follow-up, which could be improved to provide a more seamless experience for guests. 2. Previous Complaints: A comment about the hosts on a TV show implies that the hosts were rude and full of themselves. Additionally, there is an allegation that the rooms were dirty. While this could be an isolated incident or a subjective opinion, it is essential for the management to address and resolve these complaints to maintain a positive reputation. 3. Inconsistent Service: One guest had a disappointing experience during a planned afternoon tea, where the staff seemed unprepared and unaware of their reservation. The lack of organization and preparedness led to the guests ultimately leaving and feeling let down. This highlights a potential weakness in consistency and operational efficiency that should be addressed.
Conclusion: Peel Hey Place has notable strengths, including exceptional customer service, a welcoming atmosphere, high-quality food, clean and comfortable rooms, and a dog-friendly policy. However, there are some weaknesses, such as occasional lack of communication, previous complaints about hosts, and instances of inconsistent service. Addressing these weaknesses would further enhance the overall customer experience and reputation of Peel Hey Place.

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Wir sind hier schon sehr oft gewesen und haben auch schon einmal mit der halben Familie übernachtet, nachdem wir hier unsere Hochzeit gefeiert haben. Als wir deswegen hier angefragt haben, nahm man sich viel Zeit für uns und machte nicht den Eindruck, es ginge nur ums Geld. Hier steht der Kunde im Mittelpunkt, was er sich wünscht und wie es verwirklicht werden kann. Inzwischen waren wir hier auch zu speziellen Aktionen, Mittagessen, Tea time, Geburtstagsfeier. Immer freundlich, nette Gespräche, super Service. Der neue Inhaber kümmert sich super und lässt das Personal am Wachsen dieses schönen Hotels tolle Ideen verwirklichen. Seit 2012 waren wir häufig hier und es hat uns noch niemals etwas nicht gefallen. Das Hotel wird immer schöner und das Team dahinter ist absoluter Wahnsinn. Weiter so! ????
We have been here so often already and are never disappointed. We had our wedding reception here, for which planning the staff took it's time for us and didn't show any interest just in money. They are helpful and try but just succeed to let your wishes for any kind of celebration come true. The new owner is giving the staff lots of free hand to make the place even better. The atmosphere is just lovely and warm, the food is excellent, the place is improving since we've been here in 2012. Keep going! ????
After booking our wedding at Peel Hey we were really worried as we had no communication from them, including no reply to our emails. In the end we decided we’d just have to go ahead with the day and hope for the best. What a surprise on the day, as the best was what we got! There had been a turnover of staff the week before, and the new staff are fantastic. We’d particularly like to thank Mike for the way he looked after us and our guests, and his attention to every detail. The way the room was decorated for the ceremony was exactly what we wanted, (but hadn’t been able to discuss with the previous staff), and we believe this was thanks to Mike. The food was lovely, and all the people who served it were professional and friendly. Thank you so much for making our day so special in the short amount of time you had been in your roles at Peel Hey.
I would never stay here,, after watching the hosts on 4in bed they were rude and full of themselves. There rooms were dirty.
Afternoon tea with fizz
What can I say other than extremely disappointing. I emailed peel hey to book a afternoon tea for 6 and was in correspondence with a lady called Anna.
I wa told they only had 3pm available on the date I requested ( 4th December) I’m thinking they must be very busy.
I accepted the 3pm slot they had for myself and 5 friends who were all looking forward to a catch up after not seeing each other for so long. Emails went to and fro for a few weeks confirming various things as one of our group is gluten free, all quite professional.
I telephoned the morning before just to make sure everything was still ok to go ahead and to confirm sandwich filling and drinks. (Once again this was done with the same lady Anna) who told me everything was fine and booked. I then sent and email regarding our gluten free as I had forgotten to mention it on the phone but they were aware of it as it had been sent in email earlier when booking.
Well that’s were the professionalism ends. We arrived at 3pm on said day the place was in darkness so we went around to the front door to be greeted by a man in a coat just leaving, he asked were we checking in . We said we were there for afternoon tea to which he said oh ok come in. He asked us to follow him in switching lights on as we went along the way. We where shown to the conservatory and told we could sit anywhere. It was cold as no heating on, no Christmas tree up decorations or music.
We pulled 2 tables together that were not set up for anything and sat down.
The man who was leaving when we arrived then appeared buttoning up his chefs whites and asked did we want a drink as it was cold we all requested a hot drink as we were still waiting on 3 of our party to arrive.
At this point we knew that they clearly where not expecting us. When the chef returned with our hot drinks we asked him if they we were expected to which his reply was NO. I told him I had confirmed the day before with Anna and he said he had spoken with her and she had not mentioned anything to him.
We ended up telling him not to bother as nothing was ready for us and we would move on elsewhere , he did apologise but it was obviously not his fault.
We then all had to book taxis to go on somewhere else so so disappointed.
Beautiful house, very friendly owner and friendly helpful staff. We had twin room (5 stars) great size, comfort and decor. Still getting up and going again following covid shut down, so no evening meal but suggestions given for good places to try. Amazing full English breakfast. Would stay again.
We had our 10th Wedding Anniversary Blessing at Peel Hey on Saturday 2nd 0ctober.
I would like to thank all the team for working so hard to make our event so beautiful.
A special thank you has to go to Mike for his knowledge and the little touches that he bought to the table so to speak. Nothing was to much trouble, his professionalism was exceptional. Many of our guests commented on his persona and all round work ethic.
The catering and waiting on staff where amazing. Thank you all
Karen & Griff xx
We decided to return for afternoon tea to celebrate our Anniversary as we were married here four years ago. What a disappointment! We were crammed into the conservatory, so close to other people, that private conversation was difficult. The waiter had little or no personality and was even more disagreeable when my hubby asked for another cup as he has trouble with his hands plus the one on the table was disgustingly dirty he came back with three others plonked them on the table and asked my husband to choose one!!!!
It was as if they couldn’t be bothered and couldn’t wait for us to go! We definitely won’t be back!!!!!!
Really lovely dog friendly place! We had a very warm welcome, beautiful clean comfortable room with excellent tea and coffee selection and kettle. Lovely ensuite too. The veggie breakfast was delicious and everyone so helpful and friendly. Will definitely return!

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