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Vista Ridge Village

2325 S Stemmons Fwy, Lewisville, TX 75067 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM


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  • In-store shopping
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

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These little cuties are at the dollar tree. I ran around town visiting the stores and bought like 20 of them. Seasonal of course and SO CUTE! The dollar tree went up 25% and now has a “plus” aisle but that’s ok. Worth $5 and great for “pop bus”!!!
As a Lewisville Resident, this shopping center always makes me feel welcome. Nice stores to shop including Total Wine, Burlington, Barnes & Noble, and much more. There is also nice food places to eat at as well.
Where hopes and dreams go to die. It went downhill after it became the "Jesus" mall. That approach didn't work out well for them. Religion and capitalism dont mix.
The best part of the mall is the Asian market. Always stocked!
It was clean and well kept. There were only two places open in the food court. We had the pizza from the pizzeria in the food court and it was amazing! There are a few boutiques but I think the clearance Dillard's is why many people visit this place. It was just ok.
Michaels, Hobby Lobby, 5 Below and Panda are our shop stops here! Even when Hobby Lobby is closed on Sunday, there's Michaels! From shoes, to clothes to food...many needs can be met here!
Lots of parking, very close to everything. Easy entry/exit onto 35 and a ton of eating options. There is usually very little foot traffic but because of the popularity of the area there is normally heavy traffic, be careful.
Besides there being 3 very similar businesses in one area (Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Joanns) this is a fun shopping center
Shrimp cocktail one of the best I've had.
Clam chowder was good
Catfish lacked flavor along with hush puppies.
People were nice.
You get the "oh no" feel walking in but at leat the food taste clean.

Quick Facts About Vista Ridge Village

Vista Ridge Village place is a shopping center located in Lewisville, Texas. It has a mix of positive and negative comments from visitors, which provide insights into its strengths and weaknesses.
One strength of Vista Ridge Village place is the variety of stores available for shopping. Commenters mentioned popular stores such as Total Wine, Burlington, Barnes & Noble, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, 5 Below, and Joanns. These stores cater to a wide range of interests, from books to arts and crafts supplies, providing a diverse shopping experience.
Another strength mentioned by a commenter is the welcoming atmosphere of the shopping center. They mentioned feeling welcome as a Lewisville resident, indicating that the shopping center creates a sense of community and inclusiveness. This positive experience can contribute to repeat visits and customer loyalty.
The cleanliness and maintenance of the shopping center was also praised in a comment. A clean and well-kept environment can enhance the shopping experience and create a positive impression of the shopping center. This can attract more visitors and encourage them to spend more time exploring the different stores.
The presence of an Asian market was highlighted as the best part of the shopping center by a commenter. This indicates that the center provides unique offerings that may not be available in other nearby areas. The stocked inventory of the Asian market suggests that it is well-maintained and caters to the needs of its customers.
Parking availability and accessibility were mentioned as strengths of Vista Ridge Village place. Having lots of parking spaces and easy entry/exit onto a major freeway (Highway 35) can make it convenient for shoppers to visit the center. However, heavy traffic was also mentioned, which can be a downside and cause inconvenience for visitors.
Although there were positive aspects mentioned, there were also some weaknesses indicated in the comments. One comment referred to the shopping center as the "Jesus" mall and expressed negative sentiment toward the approach of mixing religion and capitalism. This suggests that the religious theme of the shopping center may have had a negative impact on its reputation and appeal to certain visitors.
Limited options in the food court also represented a weakness according to a comment. Having only two places open in the food court can limit dining choices and may not cater to everyone's preferences. However, the quality of the pizza from the pizzeria in the food court was praised, indicating that the available options can still provide a positive experience for some.
Another weakness mentioned by a commenter was the lack of flavor in the catfish and hush puppies from one of the food establishments. This suggests that the food offerings may vary in terms of quality and taste, which can be a drawback for visitors seeking a satisfying dining experience.
In summary, Vista Ridge Village place has strengths such as a variety of stores, a welcoming atmosphere, cleanliness, parking availability, and a unique Asian market. However, weaknesses include the negative perception associated with a religious theme, limited options in the food court, and inconsistency in the quality of food offerings. These strengths and weaknesses can influence visitors' perceptions and overall satisfaction with their shopping experience at Vista Ridge Village place.

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