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Pauls Excellent Nails

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1 Leys Ave, Letchworth Garden City SG6 3EA United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Today I came for full nails, pedicure and eyebrow wax and tint and was blown away!!! The staff where lovely and they did an AMAZING JOB!! So happy with the service I received (before and after pic of the eyebrows) I would recommend coming here to anyone 10/10 well done Paul’s nails ???????? ???????? ❤️
The absolute worst nails I have had. Extremely rough pulling of my arms and hands. Very rushed job cut me multiple times very painful and bled. I had Infills, they chopped off soo much. Uneven didn’t even ask the shape I wanted and painted soo poorly I was lost for words. They charged me £30 and had the cheek to ask if I wanted a loyalty card.
With so many options to choose from I decided to pick this nail salon, however very quickly regretted it. The service was poor, the technician pulled the skin around my cuticles and actually cut me, which was sore for a couple of days. The finish of the nails is poor with sloppy over-spill. No care was taken and certainly not worth a £30 hatch it job.
In this climate I would consider spending your money elsewhere where it doesn't feel like you're on a production line.
I will not be returning.
(For reference, my ring finger and middle finger for quality of manicure)
I got my nails done today. I havent had acrylics in a long time. I bite my nails so the male technician had to work with that and did a good job. I found the salon to be capable and efficient. Very quick and was able to fit me in without pre booked appointment. I liked the results. I dont know how long they will last due to how short my nails are which the technitian warned me of. I would recommend and did to a friend who regularly gets her nails done.
Would not go back! They cut my cuticles way too far back to the point I was bleeding, then they put acetone (!!) on the cuts which stung like hell. By the end of the appointment I was still bleeding (as shown in pictures) - I’m in a lot of pain & worried I may get an infection. I used to work in beauty therapy myself and I can tell you tools are supposed to be sanitised between clients (ideally sterilised in barbicide solution) but they don’t clean the tools at all between clients. Which is dangerous and can spread infections and bacteria. Avoid and do yourself a favour - go to Glamour Nails instead - much better service and they don’t leave you bleeding! What’s more, I still had to pay full price for this! Avoid!
I went to this salon as I was short on time and couldn’t get to my other one and I was very disappointed. Paul was not very friendly at all and I tried to make conversation about the colours and I just got ignored. I felt very uncomfortable because he just wasn’t very welcoming. He was a bit rough with the nail tools and caught my skin a few times. I had gel on my natural nail and it was patchy and uneven and when I asked him to change it he kinda argued with me a little bit and said 3 coats was enough but clearly the polish wasn’t good. I had some residue of polish around my nails and he filed it off which was uncomfortable, normally when it’s wet my salon would remove with a tool. Let’s just say I’ve learnt my lesson and will not go there again. I’m not saying anything bad about there personality’s or judging them but they could definitely work on there customer service skills!
Poor service. My nails were done so quickly with no care.The technician was not gentle at all. Less than a week later my nails look terrible. I would never recommend anyone going there.
I have missed this place during lockdown. So very pleased they are open again. Lots of precautions at the shop to keep you safe.
Been coming here for years and had different styles , ombré , permanent colour , pedicures . I always get compliments on my nails .

Quick Facts About Pauls Excellent Nails

Paul's Excellent Nails Place, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses.
Starting with the strengths, one customer stated that they had an amazing experience with the staff and were impressed with the services they received, including full nails, pedicure, and eyebrow wax and tint. This positive review indicates that the salon has skilled technicians who are capable of delivering a satisfactory outcome. Additionally, the recommendation from this customer signifies that they had a pleasant overall experience at Paul's Excellent Nails Place.
Another customer appreciated the ability to be fit in without a pre-booked appointment and found the salon to be capable and efficient. The quick service and positive outcome indicate that the salon can handle customer demand effectively and provide satisfactory results even with short notice.
Furthermore, a long-time customer praised the variety of services provided at Paul's Excellent Nails Place, mentioning different styles such as ombré, permanent color, and pedicures. This demonstrates that the salon offers a wide range of options for customers to choose from, allowing them to cater to different preferences and meet various needs. The fact that this customer consistently receives compliments on their nails also suggests that the salon produces visually appealing results.
Despite these strengths, there are several weaknesses outlined in the comments. One customer had a terrible experience, describing the service as rushed, painful, and resulting in a poor outcome. They mentioned being cut multiple times, having uneven and poorly painted nails, and feeling unsatisfied with the service. This negative review highlights a lack of attention to detail and quality in the work provided by the technicians.
Another dissatisfied customer also experienced cuts during the service and complained about the lack of tool sanitization between clients. They felt that this posed a potential risk of infection and expressed disappointment in having to pay full price despite the poor service received. This complaint suggests a lack of proper hygiene practices in the salon, which could be off-putting for potential customers who prioritize cleanliness and safety.
Another customer mentioned feeling uncomfortable due to the unfriendly and unwelcoming attitude of one of the technicians. Additionally, they mentioned that the technician was rough with the nail tools and argued when asked to fix a patchy and uneven application of gel polish. This negative interaction reflects a lack of customer service skills and the inability to meet customer expectations and preferences.
Lastly, a customer expressed disappointment with the speed and lack of care in the service they received, mentioning that their nails looked terrible less than a week later. This complaint indicates a lack of durability and long-lasting results from the salon, which may discourage customers from returning.
In conclusion, Paul's Excellent Nails Place has strengths in terms of skilled technicians, the ability to handle short-notice appointments effectively, and a variety of services offered. However, the salon has several weaknesses, including a lack of attention to detail, poor hygiene practices, unfriendly customer service, and unsatisfactory results that do not last. Addressing these weaknesses would be crucial for the salon to improve customer satisfaction and build a positive reputation.

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