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Paris Nails & Spa

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200 Dixie Hwy, Chicago Heights, IL 60411 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Paris Nails & Spa

Paris Nails & Spa, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses. It is important to consider and analyze these experiences to get a comprehensive understanding of the salon.
One of the strengths mentioned is the attention to detail when it comes to nail trimming. This is appreciated by customers, particularly those with specific preferences like the commenter's husband. Additionally, the salon is commended for being helpful to customers with physical limitations, such as having a brace on the left foot. This shows that the staff is accommodating and understanding of individual needs.
The salon also receives praise for providing pleasant experiences to many customers. The commenter mentioned bringing their aunt, showcasing their confidence in the salon's quality. The friendly and courteous behavior of the staff, particularly mentioning Lily as being attentive, indicates a positive customer service experience.
However, there are several weaknesses mentioned by the commenters that cannot be overlooked. One significant issue is the additional 3.9% charge for using a card. This unexpected fee can be frustrating and might discourage customers from returning. Transparency in pricing is crucial to maintain trust and satisfaction among customers.
Another major weakness mentioned is the perceived racial bias exhibited by the salon's workers. The commenter shares their disappointment with rude and unfriendly service, feeling prejudged due to being African American. Such behavior is unprofessional and can greatly impact a customer's overall experience. The incident at the end, where the staff asked for a tip in an unprofessional manner, further showcases the lack of professionalism and customer care.
In terms of service quality, some commenters express dissatisfaction. One customer mentions being rushed during the manicure service, which led to a sloppy job. Rushing a service suggests a lack of attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Similarly, another customer highlights the issue of inconsistent pricing. The salon seemed to change the prices based on the person, which is not fair or transparent to the customers. In both cases, the lack of attention to detail and transparency affects the overall service quality.
There are also complaints about the skill level of the nail technicians. The commenter mentions leaving the salon with nails that did not match their desired shape and design. This indicates a lack of expertise or attention to fulfilling customer requests. Additionally, another commenter notes that the technician left polish or clear coat on the cuticles, which shows a lack of thoroughness in the work performed.
In conclusion, Paris Nails & Spa has some strengths, including attention to detail with nail trimming, and positive customer service experiences mentioned by some customers. However, the salon faces several weaknesses, including unexpected additional charges, perceived racial bias, rushed services, inconsistent pricing, and subpar technical skills. These weaknesses need to be addressed to improve the overall customer experience.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Hubby and I go both to have a pedicure and I also get the no chip nails. He likes that they'd detailed with getting his nails trim the way he likes. Always helpful since I have a brace on my left foot. It can be challenging but very appreciated. To our surprise they charge a 3.9% fee if using your card ????
Usually come here and have a very pleasant experience, I brought my aunt here because I’m use to a great experience and it was HORRIBLE. The owner wasn’t in so the workers seemed ruder than usual. Rushed on our services , was very unfriendly and I usually don’t pull the race card but I felt prejudge because we are African American. At the end of the service the lady asked my aunt “you need change back, you aren’t gonna leave a tip?” Which was unprofessional to me. The change was only $5 which my aunt was going to tip her $13 but since she insisted on less that is what she got. Very very rude today. I work hard for my money and felt like I completely wasted and my off day was wasted. Very disappointed.
I needed a manicure and I saw this nail salon while taking care of some errands and walked in and was taken care of and I am very pleased with my nails. The ladies were very courteous and friendly. Lily was very attentive.
This place is okay, the nail tech rushed me to choose a color and did a pretty sloppy job for a manicure. There were barely any customers in there on a Saturday afternoon so I don’t know why I was rushed I was probably in there 15 minutes
If I could give this place 0 stars I would!!! They change their prices based on who they are seeing. I called this place and asked them beforehand the prices and they told me 45 for a gel set. I came to the actual salon and they told me that it will be 60 dollars. The very disappointing thing that was done was when the nail lady came fully behind me when I’m looking at my bank account to zelle the salon the money. She was literally all up in my phone trying to see the money that I sent. When I gave her a tip from a already high nail bill she just went off in her naive language. She was very ungrateful for her tip and very greedy like many of the workers there. A lot of their workers are the same exact way. They are very entitled to the tips and are very ungrateful. Never going here again.
Somehow I always get the same person and everytime she asks me for a tip , and somehow my full set nails price change 3-5 times where instead of charging me for 56.. she settled on 60. Remind you it was 61 original when they claimed they were charging me for 3colors . Once she realized she hurt me and after I decided on one color (56$ ) she went back and said my price was 60 cuz she had to “fix” name. And somehow her doing thre colors turned out to be a “favor “ I can’t bro paid 90 for a basic full set and pedi . They rip you off and ate thirsty for tips . No this is not my first bad experience
The tech left a little bit of polish/clear coat on my cuticles but otherwise okay job.
WORST NAILS IVE EVER GOTTEN. i first asked for a oval shape and got whatever this is. I came in with a inspo pic of clear nails with a design and ended out coming with terrible white nails. I would definitely would not recommend coming here ever. Worst nail experience i had. Now i have to go to a new salon to get them reshaped for what i originally wanted.

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