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Ole Corral

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831 Pennsylvania Ave, Hartshorne, OK 74547 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Ole Corral

Ole Corral place is a small town diner located in a small town, which may make it easy to miss for those passing through. However, it is worth giving it a try as it offers American fare with a southern plains style. The interior decor reflects the local Oklahoma culture with cows, crucifixes, and American flags. It also has some unique southern touches, such as a "Sweet Tea" sign and a "Support Your Local Farmer" picture.
The portion sizes of the food at Ole Corral place are on par or slightly larger than other diners and cafes of similar sizes. The prices, however, are relatively lower compared to big city restaurants. For example, a Double Cheeseburger costs $7.95, which is expected to be double at other establishments. The food is reportedly delicious, with the reviewer mentioning that it was big enough to feed a hungry ranch hand. The reviewer also chose to add tater tots for an additional $2.00. Overall, the prices seem reasonable for the quantity and quality of food received.
One standout aspect of Ole Corral place is the extremely friendly service provided by the staff. The staff members are described as being too happy and attentive, going above and beyond to provide a pleasant dining experience. The reviewer had their coffee refilled three times without even asking and their food was prepared and delivered promptly. Despite being familiar with their regular customers, the staff was still kind and pleasant to strangers. This level of service can make customers feel welcomed and appreciated.
It is important to note that Ole Corral place is a small town diner, so customers should not expect fancy furnishings or high-end silverware. However, it does serve the staples that everyone enjoys, and according to one reviewer, does them very well. The catfish, pork chops, and chicken fried chicken are particularly recommended. The chicken is described as perfect and juicy, while the catfish is referred to as awesome. The thin-cut pork chops are praised for being flavorful and not overcooked. Along with the great food, the service from the waitress is also mentioned as being on point, with the table kept clean and drinks consistently refilled.
While the majority of the reviews for Ole Corral place are positive, there are a few minor criticisms. One reviewer mentions that the prices were high, spending $15.88 for a double cheeseburger with fries and a tea. They also left a $2 tip for the waitress, bringing their total to $20. This price was considered outrageous by the reviewer, leading them to say they would not spend that much on lunch again. Another reviewer mentions that the servers were slow to respond initially due to being occupied with visiting with locals. However, they still enjoyed the food, indicating that any delay in service was not a major issue.
In terms of the overall atmosphere, Ole Corral place is described as a small town gem. It has a cute and friendly vibe, with clean surroundings. The staff members are friendly and welcoming, making customers feel comfortable. The restaurant also seems to be a local favorite, with the mechanic recommending it to customers whose car broke down in the town.
In conclusion, Ole Corral place has several strengths, including its delicious food, reasonable prices, and extremely friendly service. It offers typical American fare with southern plains flair and satisfies customers with its generous portions. While there are some minor drawbacks, such as high prices for certain items and occasional slow service, the overall positive reviews and welcoming atmosphere make it a great option for those visiting the small town. Ole Corral place is a small town gem that should not be missed.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

A small town diner that you might otherwise miss while passing through town, yet deserves an opportunity to treat you to some American fare, southern plains style.
I stopped in here on a Saturday afternoon in early February and found it not too busy. It has that simple look and feel meant to invite locals, not necessarily out-of-towners like me. The interior decor has the usual Oklahoma mixture of cows, crucifixes, and American flags, but there are some definite southern touches like the, "Sweet Tea" sign, and the "Support Your Local Farmer" picture.
Food portion seemed on par or slightly larger with most diners and cafes of this size, but prices seemed a touch on the lower size. I had the Double Cheeseburger, which I found to be big, enough to feed a hungry ranch hand and put him to sleep. Priced at $7.95, you'd expect to pay double that at many big city restaurants. It only came with potato chips, but I added tater-tots for another $2.00. Along with a cup of coffee, I left that place paying $12.98 when sales tax was added.
But perhaps most note-worthy was the extremely friendly service. These people are just way too happy here. My coffee was refilled three times without asking, and my food was prepared and delivered without hesitation. The staff here seems to know all their customers based on how they ask them how things are going, yet were still very kind and pleasant with a stranger like me.
Don't expect fancy here, and don't expect high end silverware and furnishing. It's still just a small town diner. Come here for the slightly bigger portions, the lower prices, and friendly service.
Most small towns have a little restaurant that serves the staples everyone likes. This one, however, does them very well. We got the catfish, pork chops, and chicken fried chicken. The chicken was perfect and juicy. The catfish was awesome, and the thin cut pork chops were flavorful and not over cooked.
The waitress was on point. Kept the table pre-bussed and drinks full.
This place is a small town gem.
I had a double cheeseburger with fries and a tea. Food was good, price was outrageous at $15.88 plus $2 tip for the sweet waitress. BUT NEVER AGAIN WILL I SPEND $20 on lunch!!!!
Nice place but the servers were slow to initially respond due to it being a small town and they were visiting with locals. Food was pretty good though!
Great country cooking! Loads of food for a great price.
'-edit-' still didn't try the pie but it looks so good.
Great food and service, very clean.
Our car happened to break down in this cute little town. While it was being repaired the mechanic told us about this restaurant that had good food. He was right. We had breakfast and it was all amazing. The staff was very friendly. Should you be passing through this little town stop and the k them out.
Very cute and friendly people.

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