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Nicholls Park

+1 801-546-0861
1105 Nicholls Rd, Fruit Heights, UT 84037 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 10:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Good for kids

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Beautiful park. It is like walking in a tunnel of trees with astounding leaves. I love my earth time there. The loop is about 2 miles. A perfect exercise loop with lots of friendly people.
I went to visit this park/trail after reading the reviews and seeing the pictures! I am staying in the area for a few months, so I wanted to go and explore! It is a wonderful area and the trail is extremely well maintained!
Listening to the creek, the frogs, the sights and smells of nature were all just great! The serenity, the peacefulness, and pure quiet is so welcoming and inviting! It is great for all skill level, old or young! Great for families and the kiddos! They will love and the playground! I did see several people walking their dogs on leashes and I did not run into or step on any doggie droppings haha!
Enjoy! It is worth it!!
Happy trails ~ Marie
4 stars since it didn't have much of a variety for my toddler, it also didn't have much of a walking track for parents. I love the parks that also allow parents to get some movement in (tennis courts, basketball, etc.). My favorite one is in Layton, I'll have to update my post and look back to see the name of it, but it served all ages.
My 9 year old did give it a 5 stars though, I just didn't love that I didn't have quick access to get up to the main part of the park to retrieve my son if needs be.
Fantastic park! It is loads of fun for older kids (6-8), and very safe and fun for toddlers. Not only is the park always clean whenever we visit, but there are picnic tables and benches. The only drawback is there is not a lot of shade.
This a wonderful park for families! The playground is castle themed and is super fun! There is a creek and walking path down in the ravine, which is beautiful and great to explore.
Beautiful park. Went there to get some pics done with my kids and I. Beautiful scenery and a great place to get fall pics. The paths for walking were also Beautiful. Will definitely be back.
The newly done playground is so fun. It has swings, climbing toys, tunnels, and the new Castle is made from plastic instead of wood like the old one, so it seems like it will last a lot longer. The visibility greatly improved with this upgrade, and they set it forget back from the road and parking lot, so you don't have to stress about kids running into the street. It's a lot bigger, and the kids absolutely love it. There's the main section then a little boat for smaller kids, so there's something for everyone! The trees were left around the park, so there's nice shade to set out a blanket or some chairs, and there is a pavilion further down from the park. The walking trail in back is beautiful and fun for the whole family.
Awesome place to relax and be surrounded by nature yet in the middle of town. Highly recommended for the whole family. The paths are wide and clear for walking, jogging and biking. Kids love exploring everywhere. Restrooms are available as well as a playground.

Quick Facts About Nicholls Park

Nicholls Park Place is a beautiful park with many strengths. The most noticeable strength is its natural beauty. Visitors describe the park as a tunnel of trees with astounding leaves, creating a picturesque and serene environment. The park offers a loop that is about 2 miles long, making it a perfect exercise loop for fitness enthusiasts. It is also mentioned that the park is well-maintained, highlighting the efforts put into preserving its beauty.
Another strength of Nicholls Park Place is its family-friendly atmosphere. The park is described as great for all skill levels, catering to both old and young visitors. Families with children will particularly enjoy the playground, which is castle-themed and fun for toddlers and older kids alike. The playground is clean and safe, with swings, climbing toys, and tunnels.
The park also offers amenities such as picnic tables and benches, providing visitors with spaces to rest and enjoy the surroundings. Additionally, there is a creek and a walking path down in the ravine, allowing visitors to explore and appreciate nature further.
One of the significant strengths of Nicholls Park Place is its accessibility and convenience. Visitors praise the park for being in the middle of town, making it easily accessible to residents and tourists alike. The park has wide and clear paths for walking, jogging, and biking, catering to different preferences and activities. It is mentioned that kids love exploring everywhere in the park, which adds to its appeal for families.
Another advantage of Nicholls Park Place is the recent upgrades to its playground. The new Castle, made from plastic instead of wood, is seen as a lasting improvement that enhances visibility and safety for children. The playground now offers a variety of activities for different ages, including a separate area for smaller kids. This upgrade has made the park more enjoyable for families, increasing its attractiveness as a recreational space.
While Nicholls Park Place has many strengths, there are also a few weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One visitor mentions that the park does not have much variety for toddlers, which can be a drawback for families with very young children. Additionally, there is not a lot of shade in the park, which might be uncomfortable on hot and sunny days.
Another critique is the lack of additional amenities for parents, such as tennis courts or basketball courts. This can be a disadvantage for parents who want to engage in physical activity while supervising their children. However, it is important to note that the park's strengths, such as the well-maintained trail and the beautiful scenery, still make it an enjoyable place for parents to visit.
In conclusion, Nicholls Park Place offers many strengths that make it an attractive destination for visitors. Its natural beauty, well-maintained trails, and family-friendly atmosphere contribute to its appeal. The recent upgrades to the playground and the park's accessibility further enhance its strengths. While there are a few weaknesses mentioned, such as the lack of variety for toddlers and limited shade, these do not diminish the overall positive experiences shared by visitors. Nicholls Park Place is a recommended spot for families, fitness enthusiasts, and nature lovers looking for a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor experience.

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