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New Diamond Chinese Takeaway

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34 S Oak St, Burton-on-Trent DE14 3PH United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About New Diamond Chinese Takeaway

New Diamond Chinese Takeaway place has received a mixture of positive and negative comments, which can help evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. Here is a breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided:
Strengths: 1. Ease of pre-ordering: One customer mentioned that it is convenient to pre-order by phone. This suggests that the takeaway has a system in place to facilitate this and makes the ordering process convenient for customers. 2. Polite customer service: Another customer appreciated the polite manner of the staff members who answered the phone. Good customer service can enhance the overall experience and leave a positive impression on customers. 3. Positive reviews: New Diamond Chinese Takeaway place has received positive reviews from some customers, leading them to believe that this is the best Chinese takeaway they have tried. Consistent positive reviews indicate that the takeaway has been successful in satisfying customers and providing a high-quality dining experience. 4. Hot and good-quality food: Several customers have praised the takeaway for consistently providing hot and tasty food. This suggests that New Diamond takes care to ensure that the food is well-prepared and maintains its quality during delivery.
Weaknesses: 1. Incorrect order and poor quality food: One customer mentioned that their order was not what they had requested, and the meal received was of poor quality. The customer complained about the lack of sauce, dry chicken, and dry rice. This indicates a potential weakness in the kitchen's attention to detail and the overall quality control of the food. 2. Hair found in the food: A customer reported finding a hair in their meal, which implies a lack of cleanliness and attention to detail in the kitchen. This incident raises concerns about hygiene standards and food safety practices. 3. Dry and chewy chicken: Although one customer acknowledged that chewy chicken is a common issue in Chinese takeaways, this particular complaint suggests that the quality of the chicken in the chow mein dish is inconsistent and needs improvement. 4. Delayed and cold delivery: One customer shared a negative experience with delivery, mentioning a significantly longer wait time than initially communicated and cold food upon arrival. This indicates a lack of effective delivery management and quality control during transportation.
In conclusion, New Diamond Chinese Takeaway place has several strengths, including the convenience of pre-ordering, polite customer service, positive reviews, and the ability to consistently provide hot and good-quality food. However, the weaknesses identified include incorrect orders, poor food quality, hair in the food, inconsistent chicken quality, and delays in delivery leading to cold food. These areas need improvement to ensure a more positive overall dining experience for customers.

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My grandson fetched me a takeaway meal from there about 2 hours ago. The meal was not what I ordered. King prawn and chicken (which I have had previously and usually comes in a sauce with vegetables) and a portion of fried rice. THe meal was awful. 3 prawns, and strips of very dry chicken and no sauce. The rice was also extremely dry. Will not order from there again.
We have tried many Chinese takeaways over the years and this one is the best.
It's nice that you can ring and pre order and it usually arrives close to 5pm then.
The people that answer the phone are always very polite.
Occasionally the chicken in the chow mein is a little chewy but we have had that from every Chinese I am just being honest.
First time to try this take out, and first mouthful of sweet sour Cantonese style chicken attached to a two inch grey hair , second meal ordered tasted exactly the same with a few cashew nuts sprinkled on top . Won’t be reordering .
Tried here as the reviews were good, food was TERRIBLE!! All Meat dry like rubber. Salt and chilli box had no salt and chilli, complete waste of money as most of it has gone in the bin. The dogs enjoyed the duck.
Poor can't come to Horninglow for regular customer who just needs a decent feed. I even said I'd pay delivery because jade house is well dodgy now
We started using New Diamond after out usual Chinese changed hands.
Always lovely hot food - never had a bad meal.
The Crispy Lemon Chicken is lovely!!
Friendly staff
Extremely tasty Chinese tonight for me the misses and son
Salt and chilli box
Very bad service I was told 30/45 min wait time..food turned up nearly 2 hours later the food was cold. Avoid they have no costumer service avoid avoid

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