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Saraga International Grocery

+1 614-447-8588
1265 Morse Rd, Columbus, OH 43229 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 09:30 PM


Service options
  • Curbside pickup
  • Drive-through
  • In-store pickup
  • In-store shopping
Health & safety
  • Safety dividers at checkout
  • Great produce
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Quick visit
  • NFC mobile payments

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

If I gave less than five stars before that means I visited the store at the end of the day where fresh fruits and vegetables were not restocked and not as fresh as in the morning. Lately I tried the start of the day shopping and it was the best shopping experience I have ever had. Everything was fresh and appealing. So I recommend you go early by 9 am.
I have to say it’s kind of pricey but I admit the prices are up in all the stores in USA.
Excellent international grocery store. They have an incredible selection of hard to find vegetables and fruits, including some I have never seen before, like Bengali squash. They also have a really good selection of fish and meat. The frozen food section has lots of frozen dim sum and lots of other stuff I didn't have time to explore. The aisles are organized by area of the globe, which makes it easy to find specialty items. The yogurt section is great, too. This is my new favorite grocery store in Columbus.
I come from a multicultural background. So, finding my roots was important. I tend to eat a lot of African and Asian dishes. Shopping at Saraga has everything that I need when I create those kinds of savory dishes
Pictured below is an homemade cuisine that I made
1. Ramen (Buckwheat noodles) with beef and chicken.
2. Glass noodles with sesame oil, seaweed with fried egg
3. Cabbage dumplings
Good size store. There’s two small restaurants inside, Korean and Mexican.
Good selections of fruits and vegetables. Lots of frozen and dry food.
Great meat option. Theres even an Halal meat selection.
Busy parking lot. Rude customer, lack of respect for each other. Breaks my heart. Busy inside. I felt overwhelmed, ended up not purchasing anything. Cleanliness is not a priority.
Fun place. Lot of options for your international food needs. Prices are fair. The produce is well stocked and seems fresh. The meat and seafood counters are fine depending on when you go. The store could be updated a bit. I'll be back.
Pro: giant variety of all kinds of groceries.
Con: tricky prices in fish section. Here is an example - fresh catfish sale sign was displayed with 3.99$ per pound. Only after you purchase the fish, you realize that fresh catfish from tank is a different price and it is smaller tag on the bottom. :)
This place looked dingy and cluttered, wasn't really impressed with selection of products and most vegetables looked like they had started to decline in appearance. Fish choice selection was adequate but would never buy fish here since most of their live fish was in tanks along with more than half that were dead and floating. (Quite a turn off) First time i was here and probably the only time.
Saraga has an INCREDIBLE selection of food from all over the world! They have fantastic prices… Some of the best prices I’ve seen on camel milk especially!

Quick Facts About Saraga International Grocery

Strengths: 1. Wide variety of hard-to-find vegetables and fruits: One comment mentions that Saraga International Grocery has an incredible selection of hard-to-find vegetables and fruits, including some that the customer had never seen before. This indicates that the store is able to cater to the needs of customers looking for specific ingredients for international cuisines.
2. Organized aisles: Another comment mentions that the aisles at Saraga International Grocery are organized by area of the globe, making it easy to find specialty items. This organizational system can be a strength as it allows customers to navigate the store efficiently and find what they are looking for without much hassle.
3. Selection of meat and fish: Several comments highlight the great meat options at Saraga International Grocery, including a specific mention of a Halal meat selection. This indicates that the store caters to customers with diverse dietary preferences and needs.
4. Multicultural offerings: One comment notes that the customer, who comes from a multicultural background, is able to find everything they need to create savory dishes from different cuisines at Saraga International Grocery. This suggests that the store has a wide range of products that cater to different cultural and culinary preferences.
5. Offers international food restaurants: One comment mentions that there are two small restaurants inside Saraga International Grocery, serving Korean and Mexican cuisine. This indicates that the store provides additional convenience to customers by offering dining options within its premises.
6. Fair prices: Multiple comments mention that the prices at Saraga International Grocery are fair, despite one comment noting that prices have increased in all stores in the USA. This suggests that customers find the prices reasonable, which could attract more budget-conscious shoppers.
7. Fresh produce: One comment mentions that the produce at Saraga International Grocery is well-stocked and seems fresh. This indicates that the store prioritizes offering quality and fresh produce to its customers.
Weaknesses: 1. Pricing inconsistencies: One comment mentions a specific example where the price displayed for fresh catfish was misleading, leading to confusion and potentially higher costs for the customer. This suggests that the store may have pricing inconsistencies that could annoy customers and affect their overall shopping experience.
2. Cluttered appearance: One comment describes Saraga International Grocery as looking dingy and cluttered. This could be a potential weakness as it may deter customers who prefer a neat and organized shopping environment.
3. Parking and overcrowding: One comment mentions a busy parking lot and a feeling of being overwhelmed while shopping due to the busy atmosphere inside the store. This could be a weakness, as a crowded and chaotic shopping environment may discourage customers and affect their overall experience.
4. Lack of cleanliness: One comment mentions that cleanliness is not a priority at Saraga International Grocery. This could be a significant weakness, as cleanliness is an important factor for many customers when choosing a grocery store.
5. Declining appearance of vegetables: One comment notes that most vegetables at Saraga International Grocery looked like they had started to decline in appearance. This suggests that the store may struggle with maintaining the freshness and quality of its produce, which could impact customer satisfaction.
6. Negative customer interactions: One comment mentions encountering rude customers and a lack of respect among shoppers at Saraga International Grocery. This may create a negative shopping environment and impact the overall experience of customers.
7. Outdated store: One comment suggests that the store could benefit from updates, indicating that the physical appearance of Saraga International Grocery may not be up to customers' expectations. This could potentially deter customers looking for a modern and well-maintained shopping environment.
In conclusion, Saraga International Grocery has strengths in its wide variety of hard-to-find vegetables and fruits, organized aisles, selection of meat and fish, multicultural offerings, availability of international food restaurants, fair prices, and fresh produce. However, the store faces weaknesses such as pricing inconsistencies, a cluttered appearance, parking and overcrowding issues, lack of cleanliness, declining appearance of vegetables, negative customer interactions, and an outdated store. Addressing these weaknesses can help improve the overall shopping experience at Saraga International Grocery.

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