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Neighbours Food Bar

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90 Regent Rd, Morecambe LA3 1AE United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Staff polite, never had food poisoning usually pretty quick with delivery's! Order from here probably twice a month! Defiantly the best special curry Prawn toast & plain chow mein in morecambe! Salt and pepper chicken pretty nice to!..
Always excellent service when ordering from here. From taking your order through to delivery, they're always happy and greet you with a smile . The menu is great with loads to choose from and , it's always cooked fresh. Delivery is quick , taking around 20 to 25mins on average and your food is always piping hot . Neighbours is my main go to for a takeaway , you will be hard pressed to find better .
We ordered on the 10/12/2022 and as I’m a vegetarian I ordered the sweet and sour mixed vegetables and I found pieces of meat which made me sick. The first woman I spoke to was lovely and handled my complaint well. The second woman was very rude to me and hung up the phone. Then 10 mins later the delivery man delivered my new sweet and sour mixed vegetable and he was very passive aggressive.
Safe to say I will be ordering from here again.
The chow mein is good but when it comes to the chicken curry, it's full of peas and mushrooms.
If I wanted peas and mushrooms I would have asked for them and every other Chinese takeaway I've got food from doesn't have any peas in a curry.
Peas are normally added in fish and chips but doesn't belong in a Chinese curry.
The beef and chicken in the blackbean sauce is far too salty as well but the vegetables are really nice.
Absolutely disgusting customer service. They brought the wrong food then argued it, then put the phone down. Whats worse is i have used it loads, I order the same thing everytime and I know that the dish they sent is not what normally comes.They have just lost custom because I will not go back and my family will be told not to use them.
Who knows what that is in the picture because even the person that cooked it does know. Prawn toast rock hard aswell.....disgusting place ????????
By miles the best Chinese takeaway in Morecambe, if not beyond. We have ordered from them regularly for a few years now, the food is consistently BANGING, the delivery time is always really reasonable, the service is quick in shop too. Salt & pepper selection is second to none, the crispy chilli beef, sweet and sour chicken, duck in plum sauce, house specials, everything I have ever ordered from there was cooked to perfection???? they always throw in some freebies too.
Best Chinese in Morecambe beautiful food always fresh and pipping hot mmmmmmmmm..
I come on holiday twice a year to morcambe and I visit neighbours food bar as it's the best Chinese takeaway in the whole of Morecambe and they do the best salt n chilli munchie box ever and the staff are very friendly and I look forward to my visit in July again as I will be craving there munchie box until then ❤️ it and highly recommend this Chinese takeaway ????

Quick Facts About Neighbours Food Bar

Neighbours Food Bar is a Chinese takeaway in Morecambe that has received a range of positive and negative feedback from customers. To understand the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment, it is important to consider the comments provided.
One of the strengths mentioned by multiple customers is the polite and friendly staff. They have consistently been greeted with a smile and have experienced excellent service when placing orders. This positive customer service creates a welcoming environment and can contribute to customer loyalty.
Another strength highlighted is the quick delivery service. Many customers have reported that their food arrives within 20 to 25 minutes on average, and it is always piping hot. This prompt and efficient delivery can enhance the overall customer experience and satisfaction.
The menu at Neighbours Food Bar is also considered a strength. Customers appreciate the wide variety of options available, stating that there is a lot to choose from. Additionally, the food is always cooked fresh, which is another positive aspect of the establishment.
Several customers have specifically mentioned that they enjoy the special curry, prawn toast, and plain chow mein, considering them to be the best in Morecambe. This positive feedback indicates that the quality and taste of these dishes are exceptional and contribute to the reputation of Neighbours Food Bar.
However, there are also some weaknesses that have been highlighted by customers. One customer, who is a vegetarian, discovered pieces of meat in their sweet and sour mixed vegetables dish, which made them sick. Although the initial complaint handling was handled well by the first woman the customer spoke to, the second woman was rude and hung up the phone. This poor customer service can leave a negative impression on customers and may discourage them from returning.
Another weakness mentioned by a customer is the presence of peas and mushrooms in the chicken curry. They believe that peas and mushrooms do not belong in a Chinese curry and have not experienced this addition in other Chinese takeaways. This inconsistency in the dish may lead to customer dissatisfaction and can impact the overall quality of the food.
Disgusting customer service is another weakness mentioned by a customer. They received the wrong food and when they raised the issue, the staff argued with them and then abruptly ended the call. This type of behavior can greatly affect customer trust and loyalty, resulting in negative word-of-mouth.
One customer also expressed disappointment with the quality of the prawn toast, describing it as rock hard. Inconsistent food quality can be an issue for Neighbours Food Bar and can lead to customer dissatisfaction.
Despite these weaknesses, Neighbours Food Bar has many loyal customers who consider it the best Chinese takeaway in Morecambe. They praise the consistently delicious food, reasonable delivery times, and quick service. Additionally, some customers appreciate the variety offered by the establishment and their willingness to throw in freebies with orders.
In conclusion, the strengths of Neighbours Food Bar include polite staff, quick delivery, a wide menu selection, and dishes that are considered the best in Morecambe by many customers. However, there are weaknesses in terms of food inconsistencies, poor customer service, and occasional quality issues. These weaknesses can have a detrimental effect on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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