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The Evergreen Marketplace

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9100 S Western Ave, Evergreen Park, IL 60805 United States of America
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I like how the new Evergreen Plaza turn out. My only complaint is that there is no walkway for people who getting off the bus and walking to the stores. Like Five below, on the main Western street, I have to walk either through Advocate's drive through or to the side where the food chain is at and walk through the parking lot just to get to the store. Almost got hit twice by a car. Not everyone have access to a car.
I had several employees including security following me around in the store like I was a shoplifter. When I try to use the bathroom; they move my shopping cart to another location like I was never coming back. When I spoke to the Manager Hector; he said I should have gotten names. As he was talking another manager who name was Escobar & another employee were laughing the whole time. Been shopping with Menards for 14 years & this is an example of colorism & profiling based on race. I will shop online more for similar Menards products with Online companies more..
Meijer is a great grocery store and multi purpose store. They have a great line of foods and good sales
Always a pleasure going just wish the parking lot was connected toward Sam's Club way
1st of all very clean secondly the workers are very helpful but it's catered 2 women
I just love the marketplace it is so organized and I like all the stores there
Everything you might need is in this evergreen marketplace, love getting some deals, visited walmart, menards and sams, same day, it makes shopping fun or easy. The place is easy to locate, clean area
Absolutely love this place, I’m here every other day or weekend. It’s close to home and I don’t have to worry about drifters soliciting or begging.

Quick Facts About The Evergreen Marketplace

The Evergreen Marketplace has several strengths that make it a desirable place to shop. Firstly, many customers appreciate the cleanliness and organization of the marketplace. It is described as being very clean, and the workers are said to be helpful. These factors contribute to a pleasant shopping experience that customers enjoy.
Additionally, the Evergreen Marketplace offers a variety of stores that cater to different needs. Customers mention that they love having access to multiple stores in one location. This convenience saves time and effort, as customers can find everything they need without having to travel to multiple places. The presence of popular stores like Meijer, Walmart, Menards, and Sam's Club is mentioned as a positive aspect of the marketplace.
Customers also appreciate the availability of deals and discounts at the Evergreen Marketplace. Being able to find good sales and get good prices on various products is a big advantage for shoppers. This adds to the appeal of the marketplace and makes it an attractive destination for those looking for bargains.
Furthermore, the easy location of the Evergreen Marketplace is mentioned as a positive aspect. Customers find it easy to locate, which eliminates the frustration of trying to find the place. Being easily accessible and well-situated contributes to the convenience of shopping at the marketplace.
In contrast, there are some weaknesses or areas for improvement at the Evergreen Marketplace. One complaint raised by a customer is the lack of a walkway for people getting off the bus and walking to the stores. This presents a safety concern, as pedestrians have to navigate through the parking lot or walk through a drive-through to reach the stores. Improving pedestrian access should be a priority to ensure the safety and convenience of all customers, especially those without cars.
Another issue mentioned by a customer is the alleged profiling and discriminatory treatment experienced in Menards. They claim that they were followed around the store like a shoplifter and that their shopping cart was moved. The customer suggests that this treatment is related to their race and calls it an example of colorism and profiling. Addressing these concerns and ensuring fair treatment of all customers should be a priority for the management at Menards.
Furthermore, one customer mentions that the parking lot could be better connected towards Sam's Club. This suggests that there may be some inconvenience or difficulty in accessing some parts of the marketplace. Improving the parking lot layout and connectivity can enhance the overall shopping experience and convenience for customers.
Lastly, one comment suggests that the marketplace is catered mainly to women. While it is unclear in what way the marketplace is catered to women, it is important for any business to cater to a diverse range of customers and ensure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable.
In conclusion, the strengths of the Evergreen Marketplace include its cleanliness, helpful staff, variety of stores, availability of deals, and easy location. These factors contribute to a positive and convenient shopping experience. However, there are some weaknesses that should be addressed, such as the lack of a walkway for pedestrians, concerns of profiling and discrimination, parking lot connectivity issues, and potential gender bias. Addressing these weaknesses can further enhance the overall shopping experience and make the Evergreen Marketplace even more appealing to customers.

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