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785 N Wickham Rd # 103, Melbourne, FL 32935 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Nails & More Salon

1. Excellent service: Multiple customers mentioned that the staff at Nails & More Salon provided great care and were thorough in their services. They specifically praised technicians like Mai and MJ for their attention to detail and the quality of their work.
2. Variety of services: Customers appreciated the range of services offered at the salon, including gel manicures, pedicures, and nail designs. They also mentioned that the salon offers options like dip powder nails and non-acrylic sets, providing customers with different choices based on their preferences.
3. Welcoming and friendly staff: Many customers commented on the warm and friendly atmosphere created by the staff at Nails & More Salon. They appreciated the welcoming nature of the whole team and felt comfortable during their visits.
4. Clean and beautiful environment: After undergoing renovations, the salon was described as light, clean, and beautiful. Customers mentioned that the updated look added to their overall experience and made them feel at ease.
5. Online booking convenience: The ability to book appointments online at any time was highlighted as a positive feature of the salon. This was particularly appreciated by customers with busy schedules, as it allowed them to easily schedule their visits.
6. Professional and caring technicians: Dharmi, a nail technician who was mentioned in one of the comments, was praised for consistently providing excellent service. Customers appreciated her skills, professionalism, and kindness.
7. Long-lasting results: Multiple customers mentioned that their manicures and pedicures lasted a long time after visiting the salon. This indicates that the quality of the services provided by Nails & More Salon is high and results in durable nails.
8. Attention to customer needs: The salon was commended for its attentiveness to customer needs, such as discussing sensitive skin and ensuring that the products used were beneficial. Technicians were also mentioned to be thorough in addressing issues like ingrown nails.
1. Inconsistent experiences after ownership change: One customer mentioned that after the salon was bought out under new ownership, they didn't have the same experience that they had enjoyed under the original owners. While this comment reflects an individual's experience, it suggests that there may have been some inconsistency in service quality during the transition period.
2. Limited payment options: One customer mentioned that it is advisable to bring cash to tip the technicians, as the salon may not accept tips on credit transactions. Although this may not be a significant issue, it can inconvenience customers who are not prepared to tip in cash.
In conclusion, Nails & More Salon demonstrates several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. These strengths include excellent service, a variety of services, a welcoming and friendly staff, a clean and beautiful environment, online booking convenience, professional and caring technicians, long-lasting results, and attention to customer needs. However, there have been some reports of inconsistent experiences after the ownership change and limitations in payment options. Overall, the salon seems to have more strengths than weaknesses, making it a favorable choice for customers seeking nail services.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Mai and MJ took such great care of me! MJ did my pedicure she was gentle and thorough. Mai always does my manicures and she nailed another fresh set of nails out of the park! I usually do the dip powder but this time I finally went with the LC gel and some nail designs for NYE. I love it!!! It’s better for your nails and will last a long time. The whole staff is always welcoming and friendly. Thank you Diva Nails and Spa! ????????????
I've been going to this salon since it was Nails and More under the original owners. I went back the first time they were bought out and didn't feel like I had the same experience and hadn't been back in a while. I went back last week after seeing the banner that they were open under new ownership and didn't realize they had been renovated as well. It's light, clean, and beautiful. I really felt at ease from the moment I stepped in. I was given a book for my Gel Manicure color selection, I got help picking the perfect shade of pink to go with the red glitter I ended up loving. I was a walk in and MJ took me on, she took her time making sure the shape of my nails was what I wanted, her polishing was meticulous and her glitter placement superb! She really took her time to make sure my nails were absolutely gorgeous for the events I had that weekend. I will be going back, I'm actually bringing some girlfriends in for a group pedicure soon.
One thing to note: Bring cash to tip your tech, I've seen many salons won't run tips on credit transactions and they are now one of those salons.
I came to Diva Nails because my usual nail tech was out of town for the rest of the week, but I'd already lost 3 nails and the others were beginning to crack and break. I definitely needed to get them redone and couldn't wait for my usual place to be available. Went on google and decided to look at the nearby shops, Diva Nails popped up as being the second highest rated for me, I looked at their gallery and saw that they did designs that are similar to what I like getting in the past. So that gave me hope! Ended up getting placed with a nice woman named Mia(hopefully I spelled your name correctly!) I came in with a simple design, a white milky looking design with gold foil underneath. Mia took the idea and went further with it. She was extremely kind in making sure I loved the shape as I was trying a new style of a more rounded tip. I usually go with coffin, but felt like a new shape. She made them a little skinnier and pointier for me but still rounded as I liked them to be thinner! She created a marble effect with the dip powder which I wasn't aware could be done, this was also my first time having dip powder nails done. They came out beautiful and extremely thin, it looks like they're just my natural nails and not acrylics or extensions. Super happy and I plan to come back.
I haven’t been this happy after a nail salon visit in a long time!!! The fact that you can book appointments online at anytime is great especially for someone with a busy schedule. Kim did my pedicure and she was absolutely AMAZING!!! We discuss my sensitive skin and she assured me that the products that they use are beneficial. She did not lie. Mai did my nails. I went with the non-acrylic and no dip set of nails. I cannot remember the name however, there was no smell and the process was just as quick if not faster. My nails look amazing and natural. I got a design and her attention to detail is phenomenal. This is most definitely my new nail spot!!!
This was the 1st time my man and I came here to get pedicures and to be honest this is the best nail salon I’ve been to in Melbourne/PB. MJ was fantastic and thorough with ingrown’s and definitely showed she cares about her customers, which the whole team does as they were all very personable. Love that they have packaged sanitized nail kits as well. Definitely going back as this is now my salon.
I have been Dharmi’s customer for a while now because she does nails perfectly EVERY time! Plus she is very kind and professional always. I look forward to seeing her every time. There is new management now and Mai the owner and her team have provided an absolute warm welcoming environment, the salon is lovely and they appreciate you as their customer. Best place in town for sure!!
Love this shop! I have been going for years, the nail techs are always so helpful and nice. The new owners are so lovely! They are putting so much into the renovations the place looks brand new! My nails ALWAYS look amazing when I leave!
I had them do my nails for my wedding a couple weeks ago, they did such a great job on mine and my coworkers nails/toes!! We work with animals so we didnt expect them to make it past the wedding and they have held up amazingly!! Everyone there is so nice and such a clean and beautiful salon! Thank you all so much!!

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