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Nails 4you & Day Spa

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9038 Hungary Spring Rd, Henrico, VA 23228 United States of America
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I like this location. The nail technician Steve is really good. Can't wait to go back. Still loving my nails
I'm very disappointed with a situation concerning a gift certificate . I give them to my mom for Christmas every year. She has been going through chemo treatments and had lost her nails. They were starting to grow back. Almost to the stage where she could get them done. The certificates have an expiration date of Dec 31 2022 Her's was about to expire. She went in and spoke with the owner earlier that month. Explaining the situation He initially refused to extend ithe date at all. He finally agreed to extending it to Feb 2023.
Gift certificates and cards do not actually have an expiration date in most states Virginia has a suggested 5 yr limit. I personally went to the owner and explained the law to him. Being a business owner myself, I know expiration dates are a mute point and don't even put them on my gift certificates.
My mom went back into the hospital a few days ago. She knew she wouldn't be able to use the certificate. She gave it to her daughter in law , who was with her when she spoke with the owner. So he knew who she was as well . On Jan 4th she went to to use the certificate. Owner refused to honor it 4 days past " date". He went back on his word. I had given her one for Christmas this year... I would actually like to return it for a refund .
On my first visit, 2 days later, the gel began chipping, I notified. Nails 4u, they were very kind to removed all the gel, then reapplied a fresh full gel set❤️❤️✝️✝️!! So kind of Nails 2u, I would highly recommend.
The lady did a good job; however, the prices are a bit steep. Charged for everything and have no prices listed anywhere. They have a brochure yet a disclaimer stating the prices are have not been updated.
My secret my sister recommended this place and now I will recommend this place and returnthey did an outstanding job the service was on point the cleanliness the checking for the corona filling out the form defever it was very safe environment
Never go there ever if you doing your eyebrows. So disappointed. They shouldn’t do eyebrows because they do so horrible. Waste of money and to yourself
Stated she could not do my pedicure for a reason I did not understand. Manicure was awful. Will have to go elsewhere and spend Xtra money to get a manicure and pedicure. What a waste of money and time. Will never go back
This location is large and well staffed enough to accept walk-ins even on a busy day. However, I’ve gotten services done here before that were fine, but my recent dip powder manicure was both mediocre and unsanitary. The dip was applied too far down the nail so that it dried over my cuticle and is peeling up less than 2 weeks later. My nails were shaped poorly and cut short despite asking for them to be kept long. The worst part was that my manicurist cut my finger and continued to dip my actively
bleeding finger back into the small bowl of powder which she eventually poured back into the communal container of dip powder. This would have been a 3 star review if not for that unhygienic move.

Quick Facts About Nails 4you & Day Spa

Nails 4you & Day Spa has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Let's analyze them in detail.
Strengths: 1. Skilled Nail Technician: According to a comment, the nail technician named Steve is highly praised for his skills. This indicates that the salon has talented staff members who can provide quality service.
2. Location: One customer mentioned liking the location of Nails 4you & Day Spa. This implies that the salon is conveniently located, making it easily accessible for customers.
3. Accommodating: When a customer experienced chipping gel nails shortly after their first visit, the salon was responsive and offered to fix the issue by removing and reapplying the gel set. This shows that Nails 4you & Day Spa is willing to rectify any problems encountered by their customers.
4. Hygiene Measures: A comment mentioned that the salon checks for COVID-19 symptoms and maintains cleanliness. This indicates that Nails 4you & Day Spa prioritizes the safety and well-being of their customers by implementing necessary hygiene measures.
Weaknesses: 1. Customer Service and Gift Certificate Issue: A customer expressed disappointment with the owner's handling of a gift certificate situation. The owner initially refused to extend the expiration date, which is not in compliance with Virginia state law. Furthermore, when the customer's relative attempted to use the certificate a few days past the extended date, the owner refused to honor it. This highlights poor customer service and a lack of flexibility in dealing with customer concerns.
2. Lack of Price Transparency: Another comment mentions that Nails 4you & Day Spa does not display their prices and has an outdated price list. This lack of transparency can lead to customer dissatisfaction and confusion, especially when they are not aware of the charges for the services they are receiving.
3. Inconsistent Service Quality: A customer mentioned that they received a bad manicure and were unable to have a pedicure done for an unclear reason. This indicates that there might be inconsistencies in the quality of services provided by Nails 4you & Day Spa. Inconsistencies can lead to customers having to seek services from other establishments, resulting in loss of potential revenue and reputation for the salon.
4. Unhygienic Practices: One customer reported unsanitary practices during their dip powder manicure. The manicurist cut the customer's finger and continued dipping it into the powder despite it bleeding. This unhygienic act raises concerns about the cleanliness and adherence to proper hygiene practices within the salon.
In conclusion, Nails 4you & Day Spa has strengths in terms of skilled technicians, location, and their response to customer concerns. However, they also have weaknesses related to inconsistent service quality, poor customer service, lack of price transparency, and unhygienic practices. These weaknesses can negatively impact customer satisfaction and the salon's reputation, highlighting areas for improvement.

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