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My first time there was Monday July, 11th. I was hoping and thought this would be my go to place. I got a Mani and Pedicure and paid $65. 2 days later my index finger on my right hand started chipping because I wash my dishes. I still have hang nails on both hands. The fourth day my middle finger on my right hand started chipping. I will not be returning. I should have read the reviews first.
I asked for short square nails. I’ve been there twice, both times the nail tech didn’t add acrylic over all of my nail; they do that on purpose to save product and money. They leave space between the cuticles and nail. They will tell you one sit one place and move you several times. They think blk people will accept anything, as long as they collect their money. I went to another salon in the suburbs, received better service and quality nails for a cheaper price. The red nail were from Nail Tech salon the pink nails are from a salon the suburbs, I asked for the exact same thing short square nails; both pictures taken the same day my nails were done. I’m sure you’ll see the difference. Go to the suburbs or book with a black person online. They except black ppl especially those close to Detroit accept anything while
My third time coming and I can say I like how they do their work . Especially this last visit . They didn’t know but I was in a time crunch and table #6 was so fast accurate and gentle . Especially when it comes to shaping . Sometimes it feels like they are burning my side skin and we’re a bit rough for a square shape prior . Definitely will be asking for her next time :) if I’m correct they didn’t charge me to take the nails that were still on off .
I like coming here. They are quick and efficient. Say what you want and don't sit there not saying anything. If something is not to your liking, they will fix it. They do Eyebrows and Lashes. Make sure you stick to the nail tech you like.
I'm so disappointed in this location I figured with me being there at 8:30 when they opened they would be on top of their game. unfortunately I tried to talk to The nail tech while he was doing my nails but he was not interested in talking. Then while I was there a lady came in to complain about the thickness of her. I sat there and watched the employees roll their eyes because this customer was complaining. I also got my eyebrows waxed which I was not impressed with the technician at all. The whole time she was waxing my eyebrows she was screaming at the other workers I'm assuming that the lady complaining was probably her customer. So as I pulled away I look in the mirror and I still have wax on my face from the eyebrow waxing. Then I look at my nails and I understand why the lady was complaining there is no consistency with the thickness of my nails. So needless to say I will not be back. Also I've had acrylic nails put on multiple times and they did not even have a sink for me to wash my hands in. I recommend that they pay more attention to the customers that they have in there than the customers that are complaining. normally it takes about 45 minutes to 50 minutes to get a full set on and I was out in 25 minutes including having my eyebrows waxed. Funny thing is though they just open so there was not a rush of people that they had to get to behind me.
I love Mi-mi and Jazmine!! Overall very good service
I just about want to cry. My nails are horrible, now I gotta get them redone or fix it myself. I explained that I didn't like my nails and the guy argued with me and then proceeded to continue to tell me the price. As if he just wanted me to hurry up and pay. I glad I kept my cool, simply paid and left. Look as these pics p????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I got a pedi done the guy who did scrap my foot so bad I was bleeding every where they handle the situation but why let somebody do pedicures if he didn’t know wat he was doing after that day I didn’t c him nomore

Quick Facts About Nail Tech

Nail Tech place, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses.
One strength mentioned by a customer is that the salon is quick and efficient. They appreciate how the nail technicians work efficiently and complete services in a timely manner. This indicates that Nail Tech place values their customers' time and tries to provide a speedy service. Another positive aspect mentioned is that they offer additional services such as eyebrows and lashes, which can be convenient for customers who want to get multiple services done at one place.
However, despite these strengths, there are several weaknesses that customers have mentioned. One recurring complaint is the poor quality of the nails. Multiple customers have mentioned issues such as chipping and nails not lasting for more than a few days. This suggests that the nail technicians may not be skilled enough to provide long-lasting and durable nail services. This is a significant concern as customers expect their manicures and pedicures to last for at least a week or two without any issues.
Another weakness highlighted by a customer is the lack of attention and care given by some of the nail technicians. They mentioned that the technicians intentionally leave space between the cuticles and nails to save product and money. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and a focus on cutting costs rather than providing the best possible service to customers. Additionally, there is a complaint about a lack of consistency in the thickness of the nails, which further suggests a lack of attention to detail and quality control.
Customer service also appears to be a weakness at Nail Tech place. There are reports of employees rolling their eyes and showing indifference towards customer complaints. This is a major issue as good customer service is essential in creating a positive experience for customers. Additionally, there is a complaint about the technician waxing the eyebrows while screaming at other workers. This shows unprofessional behavior and a lack of focus on providing a calm and comfortable environment for customers.
Hygiene is another concern raised by a customer who mentioned that there was no sink available for handwashing after getting acrylic nails done. This is a major oversight as proper hygiene practices, especially during a pandemic, are crucial for a nail salon. Providing a sink for handwashing shows a commitment to cleanliness and customer safety.
Despite these weaknesses, a few customers mentioned specific nail technicians who provided good service. This indicates that there may be some skilled technicians at Nail Tech place, but consistency seems to be an issue. It is important for a salon to ensure that all their technicians are trained and skilled to provide high-quality services consistently.
In conclusion, Nail Tech place has several weaknesses that need to be addressed. The poor quality of the nails, lack of attention to detail, inconsistent service, and unprofessional behavior are significant concerns. Despite quick service and offering additional services, these weaknesses may deter customers from returning to the salon. It is crucial for Nail Tech place to address these weaknesses and improve their services and customer experience to be a go-to place for customers seeking nail services.

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