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Marietta Trade Center

180 Cobb Pkwy SE, Marietta, GA 30060 United States of America
Open Today: 07:00 AM - 11:00 PM


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The bar is nice where you can have your own stir fry grilled up. But this places price was outrageous! ???? It's definitely not worth it. The carpets are so nasty. I'll never go agian.
Yo no entiendo porque te cobran tanto uñas meseras ni siquiera te atienden yo yo tenía varios platos sucios ni bebida más me ofrezcan un amigo se levantó y fue a dejar los platos dónde estaban ellas y mujer casi lo saca del lugar que él no tenía que Aser eso que era falta de educación oiga nomás eso???????????????????????? mejor como en la casa así se se tomó bebida ono
This place is rough in the day and even worse at night (homeless begging for money [at entrances and at your vehicle], people selling drugs, prostitutes offering sex favors in the parking lot in vehicles at the far side away from Walmart [in the Walmart parking lot]).
I was asked by a man recently released from the city/county jail for money from me. I told him I didn't have anything and left. After shopping around inside Walmart, I ran into two Cobb County Sheriff's. I talked about the released prisoner from earlier. They said that they release prisoners from the jail/prison in front of Walmart every few days to every week. How can you feel safe after hearing that?
Lock your doors and keep a close eye on your children. It's definitely not a safe shopping center to be at.
The Dollar Tree (within this shopping center) seriously needs to be renovated. Stained floors, old musty smell inside and not very clean. It's easy to find someone selling drugs/sexual favors around that area.
Next to tbis shopping center are several low income housing developments which invite lot's of trouble to this shopping center.
Be careful and stay safe!
Veri nice atmosphere I think is a new owners
Great service now they checking all fresh food and the kids only by adults supervision
I like it
Love there food. I come here for certain food. ????
The selection of food was plenty. The food was good for a buffet. There were no issues during my visit.
We eat here all the time. Theirs two of these that we know of. Food is always delicious and hot. Fresh. Not over sweetened.
I love the atmosphere it's very welcoming and family friendly they always have a Great variety of foods to eat I recommend to anybody

Quick Facts About Marietta Trade Center

The Marietta Trade Center has a mix of strengths and weaknesses, as indicated by the comments provided. First, let's discuss the strengths of the place.
One commenter mentioned that the bar at Marietta Trade Center is nice, where you can have your own stir fry grilled up. This suggests that there is a good variety of food options available, and the ability to customize your meal to your preferences. Additionally, another commenter stated that they loved the food at Marietta Trade Center and that they come here specifically for certain dishes. This indicates that the quality of the food is generally good and enjoyable.
Another positive aspect mentioned is the atmosphere. One commenter expressed that they love the atmosphere at Marietta Trade Center, finding it very welcoming and family-friendly. This suggests that the ambiance of the place is pleasant and inviting, making it a comfortable place to dine.
Furthermore, a comment mentioned that the staff now checks the freshness of the food and that the kids are only allowed to take food under adult supervision. This shows that there is a focus on food safety and ensuring that customers are provided with fresh and safe food options. This emphasis on quality control is a positive attribute.
Now let's move on to the weaknesses of Marietta Trade Center based on the comments.
One major issue highlighted by multiple commenters is the high price of the food. One commenter stated that the place's prices were outrageous and not worth it. This suggests that the affordability of the food at Marietta Trade Center may be a concern for some customers.
Additionally, several comments mentioned the uncleanliness of the place. One commenter specifically mentioned that the carpets were nasty, which raises concerns about the overall cleanliness and maintenance standards of the establishment. Another commenter noted that the Dollar Tree within the shopping center was in need of renovation and had stained floors and a musty smell. These comments indicate that cleanliness and upkeep may be areas of improvement for Marietta Trade Center.
Another major weakness highlighted in the comments is the safety concerns associated with the shopping center. One commenter mentioned encountering homeless people begging for money and individuals engaging in illegal activities such as selling drugs and offering sexual favors in the parking lot. This raises concerns about the security and safety of customers at Marietta Trade Center. Another commenter shared an incident involving a released prisoner asking for money, which could raise concerns about the surrounding area and the potential presence of recently released individuals from jail or prison. These safety concerns mentioned by multiple commenters suggest that the shopping center may not provide a safe environment for visitors.
In addition to the safety concerns, the presence of low-income housing developments near the shopping center was mentioned as an issue. This may contribute to the increased trouble and potentially negative atmosphere surrounding the area, as mentioned by one commenter. The proximity of these developments could have an impact on the overall perception and experience of Marietta Trade Center.
In conclusion, the strengths of Marietta Trade Center include a nice bar with customizable stir fry options, positive comments about the food quality and variety, a welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere, and a focus on food safety. However, the weaknesses highlighted include high prices, issues with cleanliness, and safety concerns related to the presence of illegal activities and the proximity of low-income housing developments. These comments provide insights into the strengths and weaknesses of Marietta Trade Center and offer areas that could be improved upon to enhance the overall customer experience.

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