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MD Beauty Salon Eyebrow Threading

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1031 WP Ball Blvd, Sanford, FL 32771 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Let me start by saying this review is long overdue. If you're looking for THE BEST eyebrow threaders look no further! The ladies at MD Beauty Salon are PHENOMENAL. They work magic,my eyebrows grow in all different directions & they work their magic everytime leaving my eyebrows looking flawless. I receive many compliments after I am done visiting the ladies at MD Beauty Salon. They're kind, knowledgeable & such a pleasure to be around with & talk to. The salon is always immaculately clean, they take their time with each strand of hair to make sure you have the best shape & length. Seriously y'all go visit these ladies next time you need your facial hair removed.
LOVE that I have discovered my go-to eyebrow threadar ! So worth waiting, They are fast but thorough, and did an amazing job threading my eyebrow after I let them grow out for a few months !
There are friendly and kind. will definitely be back ! thanks ❤️
These ladies consistently do an excellent job threading my eyebrows. I have since moved over an hour away and I still come here regularly to get my eyebrows threaded because they’re the best. I highly recommend them.
always does my eyebrows great, priyanka is my personal favorite but the whole family does great!!❤️❤️ such a welcome every time i go and never disappoints . prices change every once and a while but i will never go somewhere else!! :)
I got my eyebrows threaded. They did an amazing job. Made me feel very welcoming! Will definitely recommend to my friends.
Great experience during every visit. Padmini and her daughters do an amazing job! I’m so happy I decided to get my Microblading done here. I love how my eyebrows look now. No more having to fill them or draw them which saves me a ton of time. Padmini did an incredible job, she is very kind, patient, and made me feel very well taken care of. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to get amazing looking eyebrows with reasonable prices.
I absolutely love this place ????. Went here for the first time about 3 years ago after having another salon completely destroy my brows cause they clearly don't understand the "just clean and shape" part but Pri understood the assignment. With time, patience and dedication we were able to achieve the shape that I wanted. I also love the energy in this place. Y'all already know you got a customer for life here ????
I was SO happy and relieved to FINALLY find a threading salon I can 1000% trust. I've been having my eyebrows threaded since I was a young girl in New Jersey. I have not found any other place in Orlando - these women are experts in their craft. Whether you are threading for the first time or whether you have been for years, look no further. They are professional, fast, hip to the trends and dedicated. Thanks MD beauty salon <3

Quick Facts About MD Beauty Salon Eyebrow Threading

MD Beauty Salon Eyebrow Threading place seems to have several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, customers consistently praise the salon for their exceptional threading skills. The comments mention that the salon's eyebrow threaders are "PHENOMENAL," "amazing," and "excellent." This indicates that the salon has a high level of expertise and precision when it comes to shaping and threading eyebrows. Customers are satisfied with the results, with several mentioning that they receive compliments on their eyebrows after visiting MD Beauty Salon.
Another strength of MD Beauty Salon is their customer service. Customers describe the staff as being kind, friendly, and welcoming. They mention that the atmosphere in the salon is positive and that the employees make them feel comfortable during their visit. This is important as it contributes to a pleasant customer experience and helps build trust and loyalty.
Additionally, the cleanliness of the salon is praised by the commenters. The salon is described as "immaculately clean," indicating that the owners prioritize maintaining a hygienic environment. Cleanliness is crucial in a salon, particularly when it comes to services like eyebrow threading, as it involves contact with sensitive areas of the face.
MD Beauty Salon also seems to have a diverse range of talented eyebrow threaders. Commenters mention specific employees by name, stating that they have their personal favorites. This suggests that the salon has a team of skilled threaders who are able to consistently deliver satisfactory results. The fact that customers mention different staff members indicates that quality service is not solely dependent on one individual, but rather a collective effort within the salon.
Furthermore, the salon offers other services such as microblading, which customers are pleased with. The comments mention that the microblading results are amazing and that it saves customers time by not having to fill or draw their eyebrows. This demonstrates that MD Beauty Salon is capable of providing a variety of services with satisfactory results.
In terms of weaknesses, there are very few mentioned in the comments. One comment mentions that the prices at the salon can change occasionally. While this may not necessarily be a major weakness, fluctuating prices could potentially be a source of inconvenience or confusion for customers. It would be beneficial for the salon to ensure that their pricing remains consistent and transparent to avoid any customer dissatisfaction or misunderstandings.
In conclusion, MD Beauty Salon Eyebrow Threading place appears to have several strengths based on the comments provided. These include their exceptional threading skills, friendly customer service, cleanliness, diverse and talented staff, and additional services such as microblading. With a focus on maintaining consistent pricing, MD Beauty Salon has the potential to continue providing high-quality eyebrow threading services and satisfying their customers.


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